Rajiva Wijesinha @ BBC HardTalk
Posted on July 5th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

Hats Off to Dr. Rajiva Wijesingha on his performance on BBC HardTalk with Stephen Sackur tonight 5th July 2011.

BBC, as usual, trying to dig into old “gaveyards” to throw some boney muck around, when there are much better positive subjects on Sri Lanka to discuss. As Rajiva said, “Why cant USA, UK, EU give some credit to the Sri Lankan government on the way the government has rehabilitated the displaced (and  the Tamil Tiger Terrorists) during the past two years?”

Dr. Wijesinha defended Sri Lanka admirably well, “Giving Stephen Sackur, as Good as He Got!”

Presentation was very professional, Rajiva had done his homework and was not short of intelligent responses to Stephen Sackur’s interrogation.

His good “Singlish” Oxford accent was clear and his responses were “to the point” and was not deterred by the annoying habit of Sackur interruptions.

Once again, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made the right choice!

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9 Responses to “Rajiva Wijesinha @ BBC HardTalk”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Hard Talk Anchor asked every question assuming that what happened in Sri Lanka or Mulativu as a conventional war or it was a war between two parties that would respect human values. LTTE did not have any human values. LTTE used every dirty trick in the book. That included firing artillery shells from a place by near a make-shift hospital Because LTTE knew that SLA was using range finders to fire at those artillery sites. This is just one example. Because of that, SLA can make mistakes every time. Besides, there were so many stories that LTTE killed their own cadres and filmed those things. One such case is the massacaring of one bus full of injured female cadres. Another is killing all the injured cadres when they moved away from Giranike hospital.

    I think, it was important to remind the Hard Talk Anchor before anything.

    Whie flag case, sending child suicide bombers to the front, LTTE holding civilians as hostages or LTTE operating from the Safe Zones were some of the other examples.

  2. AnuD Says:

    I think a Queen’s counselor’s approach should be better in front of Hard Talk Anchor in comparison to that of an educated gentleman’s approach.

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Well done, Professor! These morally-bankrupt British ‘journalists’ deserve to be put in their place. Remains of the extorted funding for ‘eelam war-4 to take over Colombo’ have made its way into these (so-called) journalists’ pockets. Britain will learn soon enough, that by nurturing these terrorist “refugees” that they have welcomed terrorism into their country.

    When these Tamil ‘refugees’ start to feel a little ‘discriminated’ by the Brits and start blowing themselves up, then the ‘Great’ Britain will know that they have been taken for a ride.

    Thank God, Sri Lanka is safe from these megalomaniacs. And such efforts from all peace-loving Sri Lankans will keep Sri Lanka safe for good.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Prof. Wijesinghe has used all of his talents in the defence of his motherland for which we thank him. May there be many more people like Prof. RW who will use their talents for the betterment of all in Lanka !

  5. jimmy Says:

    There is no doubt Professor is a great debator

  6. jay-ran Says:

    Rajiv, U R great!!!
    At a very crucial point when Prof Rajiv QUESTIONED THE WHITE SKINNED PUNDIT “Sackur”, he was clue less and tried to silanse Rajiv in a very UNPROFESSIONAL WAY.

    With Rajiv, and also with Interlectuals like,Late Mr Kadirgamar, and I can recollect my memory how Late(Killed by ???) Mr Lalith Athulathmudal(Minister of Defence at that time)i, responded to the LTTE culprit with Western support having a WHITE WIFE was struggling to respond to a question raised by Lalith Athulathmudalai.


  7. Samson Says:

    How will his speech go down in the UK when Kumar Sangakkara on the same day told something different about the country?

    Who has more credibility in the UK?

    It is Kumar Sangakkara. How many international media has already quoted his speech? Loose lips sink ships!

  8. One Lanka Says:

    I think Prof.Wijesinghe did a reasonably good job. He has been involved in this issue for some years and seem to know the facts.Obviously in an interview of this manner no one could come up with all the facts in a limited time.However, he should have emphasized more on the recent findings on this video and the questionable authenticity.Obviously stephen Sackur seemed to believe all the propaganda against Sri Lankan government and the army and pretended he knew nothing about the significant role played by the SL army in protecting civilians.He made no comment and ignorged the fact about bloody sunday and David Milliband’s acceptance of playing for Tamil votes.
    It is like the weapons of mass distruction in Iraq.Despite all the evidence against it Britain and USA already made the conclusion before even investigating.One thing is clear,no matter how hard Sri Lanka come up with evidence these western countries are not going to change their ignorance and approach.They think they are the masters of human rights and never commited human rights violations.Just see what happened in Iraq, Afganisthan and now in Libia.They do not say a word about what is hapenning in Bahrain and Saudi as they are their allies.

  9. Gamaralage Says:

    This is a section of an article (full article can be found at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14063823) found on the BBC UK website hidden among other minor news. This is a perfect example of 2Do as I say, Not as I do”. Sri Lankans are fortunate to have a person like Prof.Wijesinghe who can put these things when the journalists and the selfish politicians from this country try to play the judge, jury and the prosecutor or to bully when itcome t issues of SL or other such smaller third world countries. The article below shows the stand of the UK on human rights in relation to their army when they are outside Europe.

    ……….court ruling that UK troops in Iraq were bound by human rights law should pave the way for a public inquiry, lawyers have said.

    Judges at the Strasbourg court said soldiers overseas were bound by the European Convention on Human Rights.

    The decision came after relatives of six Iraqis – who it is alleged were ill-treated by British troops – took the UK to court.

    The UK argues the convention does not apply to troops serving outside Europe.

    Four years ago, the House of Lords – now the UK Supreme Court – ruled there was no UK human rights jurisdiction surrounding the deaths or wrongful detention of six civilians.

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