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The Channel Four video has brought forth immense disrepute to Sri Lanka and her people. It has depicted Sri Lanka and its people as brutals. This is an unfortunate situation. There had been worldwide condemnation of Sri Lanka. Based on this video Governments have proclaimed their foreign policy on Sri Lanka (such as the UK and Australia).  Sri Lankan Government has vehemently maintained its stand that its forces did not commit such brutal, horrendous crimes and the video is unauthentic. We have shown  58 situations that very clearly show that the Channel Four video is not authentic (please see our previous media releases).

The most important finding we highlight is  that such a high quality video cannot be produced by using mobile camera videos. Experts have stated that the original videos have been edited to create the final video. It is highly probable that some of the original videos may also have been doctored. Then, many sceneries in the final video are stage managed (produced using Tamil actors etc). Again, please see the 58 deceptions that we identified in our previous write up.

Channel Four states it received the videos from a group of ex- Sri Lankan journalists now living in Europe. It is well known that they are an anti-Sri Lankan Government group. Then, this group states it received the videos from various sources such as the Tamil Diaspora and the trophy photos taken by the Sri Lankan Army.

Just like the ex- Sri Lankan journalist group, their alleged sources of the videos/photos are also extremely dubious. The world knows that majority of the Tamil Diaspora are working against the Sri Lankan Government. They are promoting the agenda of a terrorist organisation that has been the most brutal in the world. In such a situation, for the whole world to blindly believe in material provided by such a group and/or their allies is most dangerous , risky and foolish.

In addition to the 58 deceptions we pointed out before, just see the below pictures:

1.The above is Channel Four’s main promotional  slide. The scene very much seems a put-on job. The man lying closer to us is full of bandages all over his body, it is obvious his sole role is to expose all of his bandages well to the camera. He has got blood  in his cheek (a weird place to have the wound). They look like dye, not blood.  Then, the man who is seated and bent “”…” there is a nicely laid out patch of blood on his  bandage. Again the “ƒ”¹…”blood’ more looks like dye.

If by any chance, they are real the wounded people (highly unlikely) they could well be terrorists in civil clothes. In the last stages of the war, the terrorists did not wear uniforms, they dressed like civilians.

2. Shooting on the head from close range Above  is another video.  Therein the victims resemble Europeans/Mediterranean  “”…” white/olive  skin (please watch the whole video again). Could this be a job of electronic editing “”…” ie, they inserted the “ƒ”¹…”Sri Lankan soldier’ into an already existing previous image? However, the view of the majority is that it is a real scene where the Tamil Tigers had executed the Sri Lankan soldiers and now saying it was a job by the Sri Lankan military. The uniform worn by the soldier is not the typical Sri Lankan military uniform. Furthermore, he does not resemble that of a Sri Lankan soldier but a Tamil Tiger (please watch the whole video again). Note the long hair, Sri Lankan soldiers were not allowed to grow such long hair. This shows that there is controversy over the authenticity of this video. Furthermore, this video is of high quality. It was not produced by a mobile phone camera/s. Hence the international world to point blankly believe it as genuine and authentic, and to say it is a situation where the Sri Lankan military was killing Tamil Tigers, is not fair and just. Whatever the real situation  of the photo, the crux of the matter is that it is a highly dubious and bogus video. Hence the international world must investigate it thoroughly, before jumping into conclusions.

3. The photos below had lots of prominence during the war where the international media widely published it as a photo depicting the Sri Lankan military shelling the innocent Tamil civilians (women and children). The Sri Lankan Government was blamed for killing innocent civilians. Later it was revealed that the photo was a fake. It had been taken with Tamil actors to deceive the whole world . Some international media accepted it as a fake. It is alleged that some of the actors in this fake photo have appeared in the Channel Four video.

Finally, because they say a picture tells a thousand words


A photo that appeared in Western media and Tamil Net (LTTE website) in May 2009 to tell the world of “shelling of innocent Tamil civilians in the NFZ by Sri Lankan army”

 However, what was hidden from the world was revealed when the Sri Lankan army later found this in LTTE propaganda material.

The unedited photo shows that this was a staged LTTE propaganda stunt. Look at the smiling girl with a professional camera and the men who are not affected by the “shelling” in the background. This is how the LTTE used women and children to and act to fool the West. Obviously more than one camera was in operation.

 4. And, now have a look at the alleged shelling of the No Fire Zone by the Sri Lankan Air Force

On May 13, 2009, the BBC carried a news item, using satellite imagery, in a further attempt at misleading viewers  with images that claim to show an alleged aerial attack by the Sri Lanka Air Force. See pictures below.

 Above was posted on the BBC website to claim bombardment of the NFZ by the Sri Lankan government forces.  Though at a glance it looks like complete devastation, a closer look clearly shows that there is no damage to trees or permanent buildings (a couple circled in red). No signs of aerial attack or artillery fire.  The right side image only shows signs of a mass evacuation of the makeshift shelters of the hostages who were herded by the LTTE as a human shield.   If SLAF continued widespread bombarding how could the permanent buildings and trees were left intact? This is how the rump LTTE pushes the western media to dupe the world.

Thus, in such a situation, the most respectable thing for the Channel Four to do is to submit its  video for proper scrutinisation (ABC TV should ask Channel Four to adhere to this). True, the videos were cleared by the UN,  but there is a discrepancy in the analysis provided by their expert, Mr Grant Fredericks. According to Mr Fredericks optical zooms had been used in recording the scenes of the video.  But it is universally accepted that mobile cameras do not have optical zooms, maximum they have is digital zooms. Nokia 6620, which was the main phone that was allegedly used, definitely did not have optical zoom facility. This inconsistency itself is enough for the international community to  demand a full scale investigation of the Channel Four video, but they would not do it. Everyone wants to crucify Sri Lanka, of course for vested reasons. This is not fair and just.

If an impartial investigation is not conducted; where the Sri Lankan Government is also allowed to participate and observe, then Channel Four must provide genuine copies of the alleged mobile films to the Sri Lankan Government for the Sri Lankan Government’s own investigation (without them, how can they do such an investigation?). Channel Four may have to reveal their sources (if the matter proceeds to court they will have to do this anyway).  It is only by these ways that that an impartial investigation as to the authenticity of the videos can be conducted.

If Channel Four and ABC TV, do not do this, and the international community, especially the British Government,  would not demand them to do this, it is a clear case of Sri Lanka being denied of natural justice in relation to the most blatant accusations that have been made against it.

To satisfy the rules of natural justice, the Channel Four /ABC TV in the documentary should have given the Sri Lankan Government a chance to respond. They did not do this, instead carried out a totally one-sided story. This is a serious breach of the UK/Australian Media Guidelines (the current News of the World controversy shows us how flawed are the UK media ethics, the worst part of it is that Mr David Cameron is also implicated. Mr Cameron now has no moral authority to criticise Sri Lanka,  asserting that the Channel Four video is authentic, when it was his own former Communications Chief, Mr Andrew Coulson (now under arrest), who has allegedly masterminded the News of the World telephone hacking scandal.

Channel Four and the News of the World are only two examples that demonstrate the sheer hypocrisy of the West  –  they would allow their journalists to apportion blame on others, even allowing them to stoop to the gutter – innocent Sri Lanka on this occasion where Sri Lanka was not even given a chance to respond in the documentary;  they  would  not investigate such misconduct but praise them!  (we have shown 58 deceptions in the Channel Four/ABC TV documentary).  The two examples again show that there is so much bad “ƒ”¹…”rubbish’ that ought to be cleared in the Western backyards,  before  they pick on others, like Sri Lanka.

Since exceptionally serious allegations are made against Sri Lanka and its people, the right thing for Channel Four and ABC Four Corners to do especially when Sri Lanka and its people have made a huge cry that the video is unauthentic is to stop telecasting the video, say, at least for 60 days until the authenticity of the video is determined using one or both of the above means.

Mr David Cameron should show leadership in this regard (albeit belatedly); just like in the News of the World controversy, he must appoint a full scale enquiry into the Channel Four documentary. If the Channel Four was intentionally, recklessly or negligently  televising a fake documentary to the British public and the world at large, then it is a very serious situation. Like the News of the World, action then must  be taken against Channel Four.

If by any chance the videos are found to be authentic, at least partly,  there is no doubt that Sri Lanka will accept the findings and will do everything to catch the culprits and punish them  (it is highly unlikely that this is the case, it is obvious that most of the sub-videos in the main video are unauthentic “”…”  again, see the 58 deceptions in our previous write up).

If Channel Four and ABC Four Corners or the British  Government  would not agree to this, and continue to denigrate and defame the Sri Lankan people then the only alternative available to the Sri Lankan Government is to initiate legal action against Channel Four and ABC Four Corners, and those who uttered lies against Sri Lanka in the said videos. This will lead to Channel Four and  the ABC Four Corners having to pay  millions of dollars of compensation to Sri Lanka.

 Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra (Tel: 0435758833)


  1. gamunu6 Says:

    Very impressed with the work done by your group. It is time we stood up to counter false allegations, by evil doers who are now cornered even in their heavens. like Netherland & Scandinavian countries.

    Plz keep us informed of these developments as we all can subscibe to fare & balanced reporting & support of our motherland.

    Thanks so much for your input.~ Gamunu

  2. Vis8 Says:

    The British media has shown who they really are, with the phone-tapping scandal. Their politicians and media alike are just slaves to the likes of Rupert Murdoch: no moral values, and would do anything to make a quick buck. Channel4 and BBC have fallen to the bait (and money) offered by JDS with the fake video. Now ch4 is bluffing to hide its error, and appear to biding for time.

    The Sri Lankan Government MUST take these morons to court and make them issue a public apology, at the very least. This is a very necessary step to prevent such occourances (of fabricated material) being used to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka in the future.

  3. sanath sirisena Says:

    As an ex serviceman with 16 years of experience in the battle front, I find with deep sadness,the way the British media accusing the Sri Lankan government and the forces for carrying out brutal force against the tamils. In that , as a operational commanding officer in the front ,I must state here that me and my troops during or action against LTTE, took utmost care to look after and save the innocent Tamils from the menance of murderous LTTE. I have seen in my own eyes the killings of innocent civilians and some of my troops at Morawewa area by the LTTE. It was pathetic and unbearable to see how the innocent kids and families of young and old people were hacked to death.These people live as farmers and they did not have any clue as to what was going on in the country. At one stage the innocent Government Agent named late MR. Tony Anthonimuuttu a well educated,much respected PERSON was killed by the LTTE for working against them. I was working very hard with him for the purpose of providing the best possible care for all the civilians in the Batticaloa district. Thank my karma, I also managed to escape death traps twice in Batticaloa and I am so happy that I am able to give my views on this controversial issue on forces action against the LTTE. It was a very diffcult situation as the major problem was to identify the innocent from the terrorists for the reason being the LTTE acting as gurrrialls terrorising everyone in merciless way. I do not say that the forces acted without killing but all best possible actions were taken to protect the innocents whenever possible.

    My question is what will you do if a terrorist group like LTTE going on killing people. Well the answer is to fight back by use of force and there will be accidental deaths in this type of warfare.


    The inquiry must focus on whether the forces took the right action to get rid of terrorism and to be impartial on the inquires with aim of protecting from terrorits organizations and their acts of killing innocent people.

    All of us as responsible people must act fast against terrorism by way of training and educationin order to ensure that we maintain PEACE around the world THAT SHOULD BE OUR DREAM.

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