LTTE Front Organizations to be held accountable for war crimes !
Posted on July 13th, 2011

One sri Lanka Peace Action Notification

LTTE front organizations around the world are putting pressure on western countries and various human rights organizations to take action against Sri Lanka over alleged “war crimes”. It is a well known fact that these were the same organizations that had been the lifeline to the LTTE during its three decades of terrorism.

Exploiting the liberties offered to them in the western countries these front organizations used many illegal and legal methods to raise funds for the internationally ban terrorist organization.

The terrorist activities by the LTTE include heinous crimes such as genocide, ethnic cleansing, bombing targeting civilians, suicide bombing, and child soldiering.

 There is ample evidence that the LTTE had a “baby brigade” of over 6000 child soldiers from 6-12 years old. Majority of these children were forcibly recruited after being kidnapped by the LTTE . There were hundreds of cases relating to such “child abductions” had been reported to the Norwegian peace brokers when they were monitoring the failed peace process during 2002- 2006.

 The Tamil diaspora supportive of LTTE were well aware of these crimes and willfully engaged in providing funds for the terrorist organization that destroyed almost two generations of Sri Lankan Tamils. Their motive of supporting the LTTE crimes was to safeguard their refugee status and other privileges they enjoy in the western countries at the expense of the lives of poor Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

 Sources in Sri Lanka reveal that the government is to request the United Kingdom to take up the issue of child combatants with the UK based LTTE front organization Global Tamil Forum- (GTF). The government’s position is that the LTTE front organizations that raised funds for the LTTE should be held accountable for the war crimes committed by the LTTE.

 According to the sources, the government handed over a UNICEF report, which dealt with post-war efforts to locate missing children in the Northern and Eastern Provinces to Dr. Liam Fox, MP, UK Secretary of State for Defence when he was on visit to Sri Lanka last week.

The UNICEF inquiry conducted in collaboration with the Northern Provincial Department of Probation and Child Care and Government Agent of Vavuniya has revealed that the majority of complaints received from Tamil speaking parents related to children forcibly recruited by the LTTE. Out of 676 complaints regarding missing children, about 64 per cent related to ex-LTTE child soldiers. UNICEF says it launched the project in Dec. 2009 in response to a spate of tracing requests received since the conclusion of the conflict in May 2009.

We request all Sri Lankans around the world who want to see their motherland’s hard earned peace and stability protected, to support this initiative of the government. You can communicate this message of truth to your senators, congressmen, parliamentarians, rights group, etc and make them understand about the true motive of the LTTE front organizations. Your honest effort towards this noble goal will help creation of a safe and prosperous Sri Lanka for the 19 million of your kith and kin living here

One sri Lanka Peace Action Notification 




One Sri Lanka Peace Watch


6 Responses to “LTTE Front Organizations to be held accountable for war crimes !”

  1. AnuD Says:

    This is the best idea.

    How about Adel Baalasingham too ?

  2. Vis8 Says:

    The so-called “global tamil forum” is being watched by the Canadian Authorities, FBI and others. KP knows the truth behind these ltte-apologists who are trying to buy western politicians with promised votes and terror money. These confused terror-supporters are going to get a surprise of their lives, soon, and won’t know what hit them. Also, we need to get the shady characters who are posing behind a website called “journalists” for democracy. Any info, pls. contact the nearest SL embassy. Thanks.

  3. thurai Says:

    In 2009, LTTE Front organisations tried to save LTTE. They purposely let killing innocent Tamils durig the war. They showed the pictures of dead bodies and blocked highways. Now they want to accuse Sri Lanka for the deaths during the war. Do they consider about unable persons,Widows, Childrena without parents among Tamil community in SriLanka? Until may 2009 they celeberated Maveerar Naal (War Heroesday) without tears from their eyes. Now they forgot Tamil who are suffering from untold difficulties after the war.

    They need the pictures of the dead tamils only. Why ? Accusing Srilanka Government , brainwashing,
    making illigalmoney and cooperating with world moneyylaundering and Terrorism.

  4. Suman Says:

    I remember few clear photographs of Adel Baalasingham distributing cyanide capsule among very young LTTE girls who completed combat training, was published few years ago on this page (if not on Asian Tribune). I wish someone would retrieve them.

  5. andylingam Says:

    Ref: Adel Baalasingham distributing cyanide capsule among very young LTTE girls

    Agreed , let any Sinhala putha live in london can file a case against her !

    that will stop GTF & BTF activity in London .

  6. Dayani Perera Says:

    Tamils are lobbying and organising various propagandas again Sri Lanka and Sinhalese people. How dare that they forgot the atrocities done by LTTE TAMIL TERRORISTS, who killed Sinhalese/tamil politicians who spoke against them, bombed the Sri Lanka central bank, trains, buses, planes, killed buddhist monks, innocent people from all walks of life to attain ‘EELAM”.

    LTTE TAMIL TERRORISTS were able come all the way from Jaffna at their wish, as they were helped by Tamil terrorist supporters in Colombo. But Sinhalese and other ethnic people living in Sri Lanka had to live in fear at all times, as bombs were blasting here and there and no one knew when death would come upon them. There is a large number of Tamils living in Colombo suburbs amidst Sinhalese people and no one is killing or illtreating them and they are working in the govrnment, private and business sectors.

    Recently tamils are increasing pressure on SL, because some countries doesn’t want to accept bogus tamil refugees, and some were repatriated by UK, Canada etc. and the other tamils are scared that they might have to face the same tune. For these bogus tamil refugees, it is like jumping the line, by playing the “Minority”, “Racism” and “Refugee” card to migrate to developed countries, where as the other genuine people have to go through proper immigration procedures before they could migrate to these countries. They look for loopholes, abuse the hospitalities offred to them by these countries, while tarnishing the image of SL and its peple for their own selfish and coverted reasons.

    Tamils are so cunning, they have gone to the extent of brain-washing foreign governments and their people by showing various videos, propagandas, as they only want sympathy for themselves and not for any other ethnic groups living in SL. If some of these govts/or people could see the article by Mr. Gnanapathy Moorthy, a Tamil man who has written to LANKAWEB about the ruthless TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS, it would enlighten some who act blindly, without knowing proper details of what really happened in SL.

    Not only Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims, Malays, Euro Asians and all other minorities living in SL suffered, lost lives, limbs and their kin too. Stop showing and talking about only one side of the story as there are always two sides to a story. !!

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