Tigers re-grouping abroad-French magazine
Posted on July 16th, 2011

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ASIES, a French current affairs magazine in its inaugural issue says the LTTE has set up new networks in Tamil Nadu, Canada and Europe and is in the process of re-grouping for another war.

The following is a translation of the ASIES piece made available to The Island by the External Affairs Ministry: The prodigal son of the North-Korean dictator and the tattooed members of the Chinese mafias are not the only ones to launder dirty money in the “great boiler” of the Macao and Hong Kong casinos. Members of the LTTE, the separatist organization of the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, also used that stratagem in order to buy weapons from Burma and Thailand, before being crushed in 2009 by the government. But have the Tigers been eliminated for good, after twenty-six years of a civil war which has allegedly killed between 80,000 and 100,000 people? Intelligence services of several countries affirm that the Tigers are reorganizing themselves. A section of the logistic services of the LTTE has remained intact. It has established new networks with the Diaspora in Tamil Nadu (India), Canada and Europe.

During summer 20 I 0 the Canadians intercepted, off the coasts of Vancouver, a boat carrying about five hundred Tamil refugees suspected of belonging to the LTTE. Cells of the Tigers are allegedly present in France, Great Britain, Norway and several Asian countries.

In 2009, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the leader of the international department of the L TIE, had been arrested in Thailand and extradited to Sri Lanka. Like nature, guerrillas donƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢t like emptiness: a new command comprised of eight members of the organization has recently made contact with emissaries of the Sri Lankan government, in order to propose the release of that charismatic leader in exchange for the transformation of the group into a political formation.

This way, the Tigers are hoping to increase their ranks with those who, among the 10,000 members arrested after their military defeat, are remaining faithful to their separatist ideals. The Sri Lankan leaders fear their might be a trap: the revival of the war in the north of the island, some day.

Like the preceding ones, that case is to be continued in Internal Affairs.

5 Responses to “Tigers re-grouping abroad-French magazine”

  1. thurai Says:

    Terrorism is like disease of the world. Sri Lanka also affected by Terrorism. Re-grouping of LTTE
    will never bring wealth to the Tamils anywhwere. First tamils must understand and unite themself
    to fight aginst Terrorism. This matter is in the hand of Tamil and Sinhala politicians. When they
    work together to stop the voice of the Tamil Diaspora aginst SriLanka the rest of the world
    will take action against Terrorism.

  2. Sri Rohana Says:

    Thurai is exactly correct. We have suffered more than 30 years from LTTE terrorism, which was an U.K, Indian RAW and Indira Gandhi’s creation. (In Mumbai they also started to taste what we have tasted more than 30 years.)
    13th Amendment, 13+, Merge North and East, Police Powers, Separate tamil districts for Nuwara Eliya and Badulla tamils etc are the hot topics of separatist tamil racists again. This is the first episode of the show.
    Sampanthan and Jayalalitha are on the strings and leading players of the RAW puppet show. LTTE racists formed another terrorist’s gang. Three-headed dragon, Priest Emanuelle Pillai, Rudrakumaran and Nediyavan lead Sinhala blood sucking vampire clique. Stage set up is done in Europe and U.S.and the cheer leaders are three daughters of Satan, UNHR’s tamil tribal racist Navinathan Pillai, UNO’s tamil tribal racist Radhika Kumaraswamy and tamil tribal expansionist Jaya Lalitha.
    India is shoulder to shoulder with U.K and U.S.A to destabilize Sri Lanka and pump oxygen to LTTE vampires. I cannot understand why U.S, U.K and India have so much grudge against 15 million Sinhala race? We haven’t done anything wrong to them. At the other end why they pet so much, world’s ruthless terrorist and criminal tamil gang?
    As long as interventionists encourage terrorism and destabilize Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka government cannot start their development plans in north and east. Terrorists can destroy every new infrastructure projects at any time. With out proper stability private sector also may not invest in those areas. Are we going back to 1980’s for the end results of U.S, U.K and Indian interventionism? It is a job of Hague kangaroo courts to take these neo imperialists leaders and punish them for the crimes against Sinhala nation.

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Thuai and Sri Rohana must understand the Sri Lanken Army defeated the Territorial army of INDIA. This army the article is focused on is not only funded by collectors in each country but also by INDIAN RAW. Don’t forget who put this INDIAN territorial army together? Answer: Indira Gandhi. Who was she; INDIAN PRIMEMINISTER. All the people referred in the article is sleeping now, but at the right time they will wake up. Example: Ananda Sangari not even a member of parliamant, says that the SL army mut be confined to their barracks. The development ministers now in Jaffna must not be allowed to talk to pleple in Jaffna and they must be brought back to Colombo. My question is why not bring a lode of TAMIL NADU TAMILS in to Jaffna and threaten the locals to vote for TNA MPs?

  4. thurai Says:

    Dear Kit Athul,

    Until LTTE developed the world network among Tamil Diaspora, India never cinsidered the danger of LTTE.
    Now LTTE is part of the world Terrorist network. India has no controll over LTTE now. But activities of
    moneylaundering and Terrorism by LTTE in india with cooperation of Indian politicians from South to north is possible. There is no reality in the speach of Tamil politicians of Tamilnadu or TNA. All like a cinema style

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    There is a genuine danger of this 11,000 “rehabilitated” terrorists joining with “rehabilitated” KP to rehabilitate the LTTE into a fighting force.

    There are 89,000 Tamil (mostly LTTE Mahaveer) war widows in the north-east alone. They MUST remain humiliated in the society. It gives a powerful signal to the others not to take up terrorism. If they do, this is what will happen to their family when the LTTE is no more.

    The most foolish thing the government can do is to look after them well which gives the signal to other poor Tamils in Vanni that EVEN the government looks after LTTE Mahaveers and that is the way to assure their families a comfortable way out.

    By treating Mahaveer widows as badly as we possibly could (they do the rest), we can send a signal to budding Tigers not to let down their families as what has happened to the Mahaveer widows. Giving into their demands is the most foolish thing to do. If the government thinks KP will do any good, it is so dumb. He is waiting in his wings; waiting for his time to come to relauch the war.

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