A Golden Opportunity for Northerners to Shed Racist Politics and Embrace Development
Posted on July 22nd, 2011

Dilrook Kannangara

Although the remaining Local Government elections are a minor event in the election calendar compared the General Elections, it is a good opportunity to shed racist politics that plagued the north since 1947 and open a new chapter in inclusive politics and development. It is an opportunity not to be missed. For most northerners who have lived through the horrors of racist politics of riots, satyagrahas, threats of racial violence, death and destruction, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If they miss this opportunity, they may not get any in their lifetime. Northerners need to break away from 64 years of continued racist politics and give inclusive politics a chance. That paves the way for harmony, reconciliation, trust and development.

Voting for Racist Politics Brings Disaster

Racist political parties have done nothing in terms of development and reconciliation for the northerners. They have only aroused racial hatred and pit people against one another based on their caste and race. All development work in the north since 1948 has been done by the UNP and SLFP along with their supporters, especially the EPDP. Only they were interested in development. From roads to schools, hospitals to universities, it was these parties that shouldered the task of developing the north. Racist political parties did everything they could to disrupt.

TNA is out to fool the northern masses again with their racist agenda of confrontation, Tamil-only demands and self-harm. If TNA wins the key Local Governing bodies that are up for election, the future of the people living in these areas is bleak. Development will collapse due to many reasons including, the total lack of regard for development work by these parties, their total lack of experience in development work, their inability to deal with government agencies which is a must for all development projects, their Tamil-only agenda not sitting well with the rest of the nation and their dubious past of associating Tamil Tigers that haunts them.

In short, all development work will come to a grinding halt due to disagreements, and confrontations with security forces will occur when TNAƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ¢-¾‚¢s racist agenda and manifesto is put to work.

The demand for devolution does not make sense when they cannot even manage a smaller area like the area falling under a local governing body.

Unreasonable Demands Will Not be Met

Unreasonable demands like dismantling army camps, etc. in the north are not going to happen. Making such demands and politicians agreeing to them hint a major fallout waiting around the bend. Army camps are essential for development work and to maintain security.

Racial considerations serve no purpose in modern Sri Lanka where equal rights are recognized for all. Race has become an invalid political tool around the world today. Dwelling in it in this 21stƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ century serves no purpose. When stripped off their inherent racism, TNA, TULF and ACTC have nothing to offer. Northerners must understand this fact very well.

Northern Development has Just Begun

After a lapse of over 30 years, northern development is just beginning. Economic benefits are already felt in every nook and corner in the north. The election is all about continuation verses disruption. If racist politics manages to win the election in key local governing authorities, their unco-operative approach will halt development work whereupon it is better to channel funds elsewhere.

With development comes people of many races and Northerners should not have a problem with that. The era of isolated ethnic enclaves is over giving way to coexistence and harmony. It is children who will benefit most from northern development. If development is hindered, they will grow up with resentment, lack of opportunities and disruptive attitudes. These attitudes drive people to self-harm and social unrest which will escalate into open violence. Development must be elected, not racism on the election day at least now.

6 Responses to “A Golden Opportunity for Northerners to Shed Racist Politics and Embrace Development”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    No disrespect, but this is only wishful thinking. Just wait 2 days and you will see in the election result.

    This is constructive criticism. Nothing bad intended. Lets not shut our eyes and ears to reality.

  2. andylingam Says:

    Northern Development has Just Begun
    Also Hon Doucle Devananda’s race for Next Chief Minster of NP !

  3. dhane Says:

    After very longer time than 30 years misguided Tamils is having a freedom to think themself and decide the future. There will be no more LTTE to “chop” your fingers. Majority of Tamils have learned their mistake by following these politicians after the war ended. With elections on today 23rd there could be only a minor change of free Tamil peoples’ feeling. Wait and see.

  4. jimmy Says:

    I never expected the results like this in North
    I pray for true peace and harmony
    Professor Lorenzo was correct on his predictions Andy Lingham

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    That makes 2 of my predictions come true!

    This is what you said.

    “I never expected the results like this in North
    I pray for true peace and harmony
    Professor Lorenzo was correct on his predictions Andy Lingham”

    So you ARE Andylingam as I said before! :)

    Tomorrow is another sad day – 28 years after the bloody black July.

  6. jimmy Says:

    I thought there will be change of mind of people in North . I am very surprised it did not happen
    It is ok. May be one day People could be true patriots like the way People in qubec Canada who voted against separtists in parliament elections
    I am not Andylingham

    Sinhalese Tamils bergers , cheiyars indiann Tamils all can live in peace and get along
    Let us pray

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