In Memory Of A Proud Sri Lankan Canadian.
Posted on August 4th, 2011

Sunimal Perera Montreal  Canada

From her early beginnings as a school teacher In Anuradhapura,  later on in Colombo and until her untimely passing away in late July 2011 at the age of 69 in Toronto Canada, Lorine Ranjini Perera Kahandaliyanage was an upright, virtuous, energetic and proud Sri Lankan whose compassion for underprivileged children and the sick and infirm in hospitals  was displayed through her charitable work both in Canada and Sri Lanka where her unsung efforts of kindness and benevolence need to be held in high esteem and respect for the golden hearted woman she was. She imparted love, affection and caring to the elderly, the sick and dying in some of the local hospitals she visited until she was indisposed through declining health  and unable to do so in her later years.
Her love for her Motherland was quite conspicuous as she returned there on many occassions to set up charitable foundations for children, maintain her responsibilities for children she sponsored as a foster parent and to visit close relatives and friends who were an integral part of her life and also looked beautiful in the most elegant of Sri Lankan attires the saree and was always the liveliest person at any party often sitting down to play local rhythms at the piano while also being an accomplished organist at her local church in Toronto.
A devout Catholic from a middle class family in Anuradhapura, well known in local circles ~  her father being a prominent businessman and mother the vice principle of the Holy Family Convent she was one of eight siblings loved and admired by everyone she came in contact with as a sweet mannered, charming personality who loved her vocation and had a special flair for music and had a kind and loving disposition towards her fellow human beings which was emphasized through her activities in later life particularly after she emigrated to Canada during the Seventies.
Throughout her life she was a woman who displayed a fighting spirit ever ready to take up the cause for justice and righteousness which at times got her on the wrong side of the fence being a public servant with the Government of Ontario as a translator advisor for the Registrar General’s Office where quite often her defence of minorities and demands towards upholding human rights were challenging but eventually given due recognition and compensated for and at the time of her retirement was a highly respected Government Officer known to many for her fighting spirit which  extended to her personal health which sadly deteriorated some years ago as she fought valiantly to preserve her life which was brief albeit purposefull and well lived within her convictions and eventually succumbing to it at her home in Rexdale surrounded by her loved ones.
She was the sister of former Secretary To The Ministry of Health Dr. Athula Kahandaliyanage now on assignment with the WHO in New Delhi and survived by her son Ranmal and grandkids in Toronto.

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