NDP and AI wants Canada to take the role to persecute Sri Lanka
Posted on August 4th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

4 August 2011

The Editor. EMBASSY, Ottawa


You reported that, “On Aug. 3, NDP Human Rights critic Wayne Marston and NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan, the first Tamil-Canadian elected to Parliament, will join AI Canada Secretary-General Alex Neve in calling for Canada to pressure the UN to create an independent body to investigate war crimes committed during the war.  Their demand comes after BBC documentary entitled Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields allegedly showed evidence of war crimes perpetrated during the conflict.”

Please, not so quick Canada. These three people have obviously not seen the Sri Lankan Government’s documentary Lies Agreed Upon, which was a brilliant and a clinical rebuttal of the Channel 4 documentary, which shows that this documentary was an example of vindictive journalism, produced by Channel 4 whose News crew was evicted from Sri Lanka on 10 May 2009 for being suspect of false reporting.

It is worth noting that Sri Lanka has always been strongly supportive of the advancement of human rights both domestically and internationally.  It was party to seven core human rights treaties and has been for many years. It was party to critical Geneva conventions too.

It should also be noted that by eliminating the Tamil Tigers after a 27 year war, Sri Lanka gave back to its 22 million people their right-to-life, that included its Tamil population, which was hijacked by the Tamil Tigers.  And that it liberated 300,000 Tamils by 19 May 2009, from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists who herded them as a human shield for 30 months, and were fed three meals a day, clothed and looked after their health issues and provided special schooling for their children and sent them back to their homes after demining the terrain, rebuilding their houses and the infrastructures which were destroyed by this debilitating Tamil separatist war.  All that was done in 24 months and  that should be acknowledged as a great and a collosal humanitarian achievement.

What Lies Agreed Upon show is the questionable nature of the Channel 4  film footage revealing clearly enacted scenes filmed for propaganda purposes by the Tamil Tigers, like images of  crowds at the gate of the UN Office in Killinochchi, described with gut wrenching words by Jon Snow, which appeared to be from two different films; the blade used in the alleged killing of the Tamil combatant did not have any blood on it; the scenes of terrified civilians fleeing an aerial bombardment, in the original Tamil Tiger footage contains the camera persons and on-lookers; the shells that landed among the IDP tents somehow left the flimsy tents unscathed and the original of the execution video had the killers speaking in Tamil which was later dubbed in badly Tamil accented Sinhalese.  So it goes on and on.

Canada should hold its horses and look at this film Lies Agreed Upon before taking the bleeding-heart words of  NDPs Marston and Sitsabaiesan and AI’s Neve seriously as fact.  Canada should not take the role of persecuting Sri Lanka without solid facts as judging by the vigour of the Channel 4 campaign and actions of its co-sponsors, the sole aim with its video documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields appears to be to discredit Sri Lanka.

It is about time that Canada be supportive of Sri Lanka’s reconciliatory  healing process between the aggrieved communities and let’s give that island the much deserved  Peace a Chance.

Asoka Weerasinghe

12 Responses to “NDP and AI wants Canada to take the role to persecute Sri Lanka”

  1. Sirih Says:

    Some how original video lost video quality and text when transcoded to flash, since this is what youtube use… I have the original video ( about 1.3 Gig) with perfect text and I want people to download this to a DVD and pass it to the politicians and any one that care to see it.. Make sure to use it data in the DVD.

    If any one have a ftp servers in their countries pls. let me know and I will upload it… I will upload to my server (in US) next week…

  2. dhane Says:

    Mother Lanka will be thankful to all those good sons & daughters who are supportive and work hard when the money oriented Media & Politicians are trying to their best to bring war crimes. Their agenda will never achieved.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Why NDP is not talking about Canada’s involvement in Libya ?

  4. dhane Says:

    According Indian 2011 censes Total population is 1.21 billion. Population in Tamil Nadu is 72 Million. There are 55 Millions Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Hence its 76% of Tamils in TN and 4.55% in total Indian population. Why all these diaspora and their “White Pandamas” are worried over Sri Lanka North and East to create their Ealam?. Why not fight with Indian Central Govt: to declare Tamil Nadu as their Ealam and leave Sri Lanka to its majority 75% Sinhalese. If Tamil diaspora has guts they can see what action Indian Government will take. Call for settlement or war in terror for life time. Forget Ealam in Sri Lanka and forcus towards TN without wasting time & life

  5. jayt Says:

    Pakistan, Afghanistan and all other countries already in war and including Sri lanka are complex issues. They all involved by US and other European countries. Therefore, it won’t go away until it come to the public in the West in big debate involving all communities. To do this you need people with strong will power and motivation. I proposed this before but then you need people who understand it and if you do not understand then you can’t do nothing because you do not have confidence. I am basically referring this to Sri lanka.

  6. jayt Says:

    The Actual fact of this is you do not have to court in NY or anywhere. Just gather some people and start raise fund and Just write a letter asking them(west) to leave certain countries and if you don’t we go to court and that’s enough. you do not have to go court. May be some people will ask me how this magic work. I could have shown to Sri lanka Canadian if they ever have shown any interest. The bottom line, the problem is the West but not Taliban in Pakistan or Tigers in Sri lanka. I think the problem of Pakistan, Sri lanka and other countries can be solved by secretly talking to just US through lawyers. That’s way, not hatred, friendship continues and problem is solved

    there will be an email to US. This email about serious matters related china, Saudi Arabia, sri lanka, India, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, but also, this email is prepared for urgent need of innocent Pakistani children, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, military and police officer and politicians. This will be kept private in the name global peace and in the name of peace and protection of a particular western community who are influential in western politics. However, this will be shared with above countries and will ensure it stay private to guarantee peace for all global religious communities, but US first should put a full stop to killing innocent in Pakistan and allow peace return to Pakistan within days. And also, this should be applied step by to neighbor and other countries.
    Friendship and peace is important to every community and every country and every community have right exist, but there won’t be no global peace if influential community or country reject the honesty and moral duty.
    In the case of Sri lanka and Pakistan, they never rejected friendship but they reject interfering or harmful goals. This is where West have to clean up for their own sake of security and peace

  7. jayt Says:

    From now on, I will be in touch with Asoka, Sri lanka and communities in US, Australia and UK and other communities in Canada and as well as government of Sri lanka. Also, the copy of this email will be handed over to Sri lanka high commissioner in Canada.
    Again, like I said, Tamil people issue should be addressed only by Sri lanka but not outsiders. Nobody is planing to bring any charges against Tamil communities or Tigers. Smuggling Tamil people and deporting one or two, Smuggling Tigers and deporting one or two, And ordering high way protest, ordering Buddhist Temple attack in Canada and EU, and embassy attack in Europe done by Western governments and their partners on their own will.

  8. jayt Says:

    I heard the latest news saying that sl is getting considerable support in US. It is good signs of peace and friendship but in order to achieve regional and global peace, same gesture should be offered to Pakistan and other countries. And if US is friendly to other people of other cultures, they are the one who gains from it.

  9. jayt Says:

    I heard the latest news saying that sl is getting considerable support in US. It is good signs of peace and friendship but in order to achieve regional and global peace, same gesture should be offered to Pakistan and other countries. And if US is friendly to other people of other cultures, they are the one who gains from it. US should not bring Israel-Palestine issues to Sri lanka. Sri lanka is a small country and like to be neutral.

  10. AnuD Says:

    dhane has raised a good question. Why, when Tamilnadu is in the other side of the starit, why Sri Lankan North is for Eelam.

    In Tamilnadu, they are very resisitant to wards building a” Vatican”. buyt, Sri Lanka Tamils are not that radical and destructive as TN tamils are. So, SL Tamils are forced to become christians meand that will open thge door even for TN.

    In Kerala, they call it socialism. Other wise, Hindus are closed mouthed. Muslims and Christians run the show. It is the not the case in TN. They are very resistant. There, Christians are untouchables

  11. jayt Says:


    Sri lanka need to draft a global military plan to meet the world. That’s why I said We first have to put the foundation to raise fund and work together with SL MPs to launch new projects which bring Sri lanka into world standard in all fields.
    I am planing to visit SL soon

  12. jayt Says:

    Sinhalese problem came within Sinhalese themselves, Sinhalese have to stand united and foreigners can’t find a reason to go for war against Sinhalese except war crime. We are very clear that we are not enemy of anybody in the world unless somebody wants us to be their enemy. I think that some western groups want us to be their enemy. that’s why they pushing for war crime.

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