Sri Lanka pilgrims attacked by Tamil Tiger residuals – An emerging threat that we should be all aware
Posted on August 5th, 2011

One Sri Lanka Peace Watch 

A news report appeared on The Island on Thursday (Aug 4) said that Tamil Tiger activists have carried out an attack at a group of Sri Lankan Pilgrims in Purawasakulam , Chennai India on Wednesday (Aug 4).

 The report said “The attackers, numbering around 15-20, dressed in shorts and T-shirts displaying the LTTE symbol, had stormed the Earavas hotel where the pilgrims were staying and ordered them to remove the T-shirts they were wearing with Sinhala lettering. They then set the clothes on fire”.

 According to the report the attacked group consisted of 85 elderly Sri Lankans from the Southern Sri Lanka. The attackers had also ordered the manager of the hotel to expel them before 7 in the evening .Later the pilgrims had moved to Maha Bodhi society for safety.

 This reminds us the dangerous trail of very carefully doctored incidents that ultimately plunged our nation into a great misery by 1983.  All Sri Lankans, irrespective of the ethnicity should be cautious over this emerging threat that might destroy the peace and stability in the nation we were born. Ultimately, it would not be  Tamil Nadu or India who is going to bear the brunt of terrorism but the people in Sri Lanka .

 Another report appeared on the Island on Friday (Aug 5) said that the government of Sri Lanka is to take up the matter with the Indian central government.

3 Responses to “Sri Lanka pilgrims attacked by Tamil Tiger residuals – An emerging threat that we should be all aware”

  1. thurai Says:

    Tamilnadu & Indian Government must take action agianst the attackers. After the murder of Late Rajeev Gahndhi
    in Tamilnadu many Sri Lankans Tamils were attcked in India. The same time Tamilnadu also controlled the activities of Sri Lankan Tamils. Now Terrorism has another way to misuse the Tamilnadu Tamils and India.
    By showing Killings during the war they try to incite Indian People against Sri Lanka particularly Tamilnadu Tamils aginst Sinhalese.

    There are no money collections like before in Western countries by LTTE. But there are many Tamil millionaires
    in Western countreis and their Investment in India. If the Tamilnadu poor Tamils scrutinise the activities of persons
    behind those incidents they will find the truth.

    Jeyalalitha wants revenge Karunanithy Family, LTTE want to revenge Sri Lanka, Because SLG leberated
    People from Terrorism and stoped the money flow to LTTE. Both supporters of LTTE and Jeyalalitha
    are intersted only in Revenging their own enimies. What about voters in Tamilnadu who elected Jeyalalitha.
    Do they have properous life? I am sure the ADMK members have prosperous life. The same time LTTE
    investers have prosperous life in Tamilnadu. The Tamil refujees in Tamilnadu suffer untold difficulties.

    If Jeyalalitha and Indian Government donn´t cooperate with Sri Lanka Government to stop activities of
    LTTE they will have another disaster like Rajeev Gandhi. LTTE want to to show the world whole Tamilnadu Tamils are against SLG and Sinhalese. To shield their their illigal activities in Tamilnadu and in India.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This was not carried out by Tamil Nadu people. It was carried out by Tamil Elam losers.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Is it possible the authorities to find an alternative location so they can by pass Chennai and go their ?

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