Stupidity of Some Tamil Nadu Politicians
Posted on August 7th, 2011

Jay Deshabandu

The Channel 4’s fabricated video of pack of lies and the Sri Lankan government’s factual video of “Lies Agreed Upon” are now on the International media. The hate and pro violence groups that are against Sri Lankans are in fact at propaganda war today.

 The losers are so desperate that they would use any lie to discredit the government.

 First, it started at the Darusman’s report which was based again on the reports of hearsay and propaganda units of LTTE operating still in the Western countries.

 Some Tamil Nadu politicians who are envy of Sri Lankans having fruits of peace are quick to use any bogus report to bring the country back to ground zero!

 It is usually their dirty tactics to create violence among innocent people by using racism and hate. We know that Prabahakaran used it on numerous times. He killed many Buddhist monks, bombed many places of religious warship to incite violence. Some Tamil Nadu politicians are still trying to do the same. The recent attack on the Sri Lankan pilgrims is by no means an exception.

 The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalitha, and MDMK leader and Prabhakaran’s friend Viko and a few others asked for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka. For them, attacking Sri Lankan pilgrims is not a concern and they did not launch an investigation until the central government of India intervened. We would see many more vicious acts from them in the future.

 I have no doubt that this recent attack on the Sri Lankan pilgrims while they were in Tamil Nadu was clearly an attempt of inciting violence in Sri Lanka and provoking majority of the Sinhalese to attack Tamils in Sri Lanka.

 Fortunately, majority of Sri Lankans are peace loving and intelligent people; and, it is stupid to expect Sinhalese to take revenge on Tamil Naud people visiting Sri Lanka. But clearly this is what some top Tamil leaders who hate Sri Lanka expected. It did not happen.

 Normally, it is easy to ignite flames of violence when one is able to convince others that they are being discriminated against their religion, race, caste or whatever. Using race, creed or caste, it is relatively easy for anyone to create violence in Tamil Nadu, but not so in Sri Lanka.

 This attack only highlights the fact that some politicians, including some top leading politicians in Tamil Nadu are so desperate, blind and literally stupid when carrying out their own personal agendas.

 Jay Deshabandu

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  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Jayalalitha’s goons are doing what they are skilled at, just like Prabakaran’s goond did for 30 years. She did not condemn this cowardly act and the Tamil Nadu Police failed to take action till the Central Govt intervened. Is Hillary Clinton proud of Jayalalitha’s conduct?
    This is a good warning to SriLanka as to why Police powers should not be decentalised to regional authorities. Also, had this happened in SriLanka, the US State Dept would have by now issued a statement condemning SriLankan Govt for the assault of Pilgrims from another nation. US never wasted time issuing such a condemnation when a Journalis in Jaffna was assaulted by unknown people.

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