US fighter jets intrude into Lankan air space
Posted on August 7th, 2011

Govt. to protest; combat planes believed to be from the Seventh Fleet

By Leon Berenger
The government will protest to the United States over the intrusion of Sri Lanka’s air space by a squadron of ten fighter jets. The Sunday Times learns that the protest will be handed over to the US Embassy in Colombo by the Ministry of External Affairs.

“What we are trying to establish is whether the US fighter jets had violated the oceanic air space or the territorial part of it,” Civil Aviation Director Genera H. M. C. Nimalsiri told the Sunday Times yesterday. 
“In terms of accepted international norms, anyone wanting to use the country’s air space is required to file flight plans and obtain prior approval,” he said.

A senior Air Force official speaking on grounds of anonymity admitted that there were periodic incursions by US combat aircraft into Sri Lanka’s air space. “There were occasions where we had to tell them to move out,” he said.

“We have communication intercepts to confirm that they were carrier-based aircraft. In this instance we have reason to believe that the jet squadron was from the US Seventh Fleet,” he said. The tracking station atop Pidurutalagala — the tallest point in Sri Lanka — was the first to identify the intruding US aircraft. Officials there immediately conveyed it to the Civil Aviation Authority and the Sri Lanka Air Force.

The tracking station with modern radar equipment with a range of 200 nautical miles and covers 380 kilometres of airspace. A US embassy spokesperson declined to comment yesterday.

24 Responses to “US fighter jets intrude into Lankan air space”

  1. Ben_silva Says:

    We need to be constantly alert to protect our only homeland from invaders. We cannot defend our country by following BJ’s or passive ‘isms’ What we need is the will for survival and a fighting spirit.
    We need to develop our own defence technology and hopefully, the defence academy may be of some use.

  2. love_lanka Says:

    Ben! your are correct!

    Some fools think now that we have defeated the LTTE, everything will be fine and our mother Lanka will be safe and sound.

    They forget about the impending external threats and think that we can fight both internal and external threats at the same time. Rememenber, even to fight the internal LTTE, we needed external help and went around the world with begging bowl with crying loud either for the arms or for the LTTE ban.

    Now the war is over and LTTE is finished, the world is turning the screws on us hard

    USA violating our airspace!
    UK damaging with CH4!
    EU withdrew GSP+!
    India using TNA!
    Tamil Nadu attacking our visitors!

    Our friend China is charging above market interest rates for their “Aid”
    Russia wants more arms sales – even after the war ended
    Libiya’s Gaddafi is in trouble after Namal’s hug.
    Pakistan in world’s bad books after Osama’s hidout
    Arab friends want to make Sri Lanka Muslim with Sharia laws – look at the east
    Half of Africa is staving and the other half will slide with South Africa – friend of LTTE

    The list goes on and on and on…….. hmm

  3. Sajith Says:

    These modayas never fail to impress. One is thinking like a gang rape victim. Pavam.

    USA is invading Sri Lanka! Run!

    Get real modayas.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Sinhalaya will never run my dear.Portugese,Dutch,English all ran.Let the US white dogs come or Vade Thosai Indians come we will face no matter what to the end. If we show the unity and love for our Motherland no power can take our freedom. We dont worship the white man but out our greatest teacher LORD BUDDHA.He is the one who will take care of us from all evils. You see all the evil empires are falling apart while we live in peace how long we dont know but we have freedom than those evil minders.

    USA sliding down under,England in flames,Europe attacked by terrorists, Middle east in flames,Africa in hunger. They are all jealous of my beloved country and my countrymen helping the evil for green bucks while staying and living under their petticoats.Shame those traitors. Dont under estimate us Sinhalese. Dutugemunu’s,Parakkrama bahu’s,Keppitipolas will rise up when the time comes. Help us without helping outsiders.Be true to your Motherland and serve it with sincerely with a big heart.

  5. AnuD Says:

    It should be simply the lack of resoect to smaller countries.

    Would they do that to Chinese air space ?

  6. jayt Says:

    Ben and everybody,

    immediatelely after the tiger war, I noticed every body that Sril lanka did not fight the war and West got rid of tigers as a part of trick that’s they can go to Sri lanka says “now no more terrorits and now you implement Tamil programs which service the Western interest. This my statement was not to offend the government or Pres Rajpackse or get rid him, even today I support him, but my aim was to make them undestand the sercet of the the West, get them to move to training spies and station them in embassies accross the world which give them right to investage each country afairs to find facts and learn to how to counter it. Furthermore, I know Sinhalese in Sri lanka do not know, they never been outside Sri lanka, they never moved their bloody asses out of Sri lanka, and if somebody trying to move out for adventur, learn new skills, gain world knowledge and help back Sri lanka, they are ugly jealousy and say why you leaving Sri lanka and make up sume dumb, stipid stories against sinhalese who left Sri lanka. So that’s how Sinhalese became modayas..
    Secondly, West do not Love neither Jews no Palastinian. Of course, they support the Jews becouse A Jews are Europeans and powerfull. B. They use Jews to protect Christian interest in palastine. C. They use Jews to control Palastinian and Arabs who are not belong Eropean culture. In the same way, they do not love Hindus, Pakistanis, Sinhales, or Tamil. or any other race or religion.

    Thirdly, let’s see how they are stoping Russia and China. There was a bomb in Muslim province in China two days ago, and here is the western trick, you China do not support Sri lanka. Sri lanka is a war chriminal and abuse Tamil and we are enforcing Tamil rights and if you sopport Sri lanka, we suppor Muslim rights in China And same thing tell Russia, if you Russia support Sri lanka against tamill rights abuse we support muslim rights in russian states. Excellent! now, both countires are under full control. And American fighters show up in Sri lanka air space and other stories like killing Sri lanka farmers with poision and promoting mental illness in Sinhalese which were told by Tigers in London are all belong to pakage to frighten and influence Sinhalese.

    Here is an another trick: if Russia and China agree to support west on Sri lanka in this week or this month, then it is not Muslim rights but it is terrorists Al qaeda, but if they destagree to support against Sri lanka, then, it is Muslim human rights. Same things with Pakistan and India: this time All Pakistanis are Al Qeadas and Indian are “very good poeple” Kamiris are terrorists no hamun rights violation, but next week if India threat to kick out Israelis, British or any other European for any reason or Sri lanka reason, then, in next week Pakistanis are good poeple, beatifull. sexy, democracy, human rights, peace, harmony, tranqulity,long time friend, no more alqeada, Kashmiris are freedom fighters and BJP are hindus extrimists.

    Fourthly, There How American or european make any frienship with Sri lanka. They suppost to get kick out from the region, middleast and Africa a long time ago in a worst bloodshed.

  7. jayt Says:

    one more thing, they, all western countries and those supporter of tigers have told Sinhalese many time ago, that they creat enemies against sinhalese around the world, and they have proved to Sinhalese in action and through indirect messages through politcians and news paper around the world. So why Sinhalese did not get that messages, it is becuease Sinhalese modayas. West, they are no fools. Their first tool is control, if they can get one control, they wait for it for next 5 years or 10 years or 30 years 5o-100 years and they came back to achieve the goal they could not achieve hundreds years or five years ago

    once they got control of country. I wrote to lankaweb five years ago, not to count on China becuaes that they are trying to get control over China by economy or by using terrorits mean. This are two tools that thay have been using to control all all countries around the globe. These are very known to American, Canadian and European public. Once the economy are control, all your news papers are fully control and politicians too. Also, It is also depend on which country. for excample, All gulf english news pappers published all western propaganda but they could not yet set up Arab royalties against Sri lanka. In India , all Indian news papers articles against are made in the West, and any time Indian plotician make a statement against Sri lanka come from one of those Western countries that include all Tamil Nadu politicians, Indian communits, BJP or any other.

    The Other country is Singapor but specifically Lee Quan You. Japanese and Thai were doing it. Maldive is other country doing same thing on off against Sri lanka and just today Maldive recieved the order to be against Sinhalese. if all these poeple and conuntries do not listen to them to go against sri lanka or any other country, they lose their livehood. They could not get Pakistan Egypt and some ather Arab and mulim countries to go against Sri lanka but they do other things against those countries to make them impossible to support Sri lanka. for exanple, about week ago, There was letter to Lankaweb site from Israelis and American. The letter says clearly. ‘We break up Pakistan into pieces by supporting verious groups and make each piece as pro Israel. Here is the point that they clearly told Sinhalese who they are.(if they send this letter to Pakistanis and Arab communites in the west, you can imagin what will happen)
    In the meantime, from the bottom of my heart I appilogize to American if they did not sent this letter to Lankaweb.

    lastly. if American and Israelis or other western groups trying to achieve anything through hate and threat , they do not ahieve nothing but hate and againt them
    across the globe.

  8. jayt Says:

    Dear love_lanka,
    Can you tell me who is your beloved friend who came to rescue Sri lanka in the worst time of need.

  9. Marco Says:

    US Air Force have been violating the Sri Lankan airspace since the 1960 (undetected or common courtesy). Whats the big deal?
    An eavesdropping exercise by the US detected by SL?

  10. ranjith Says:

    We cannot do anything against US.

    SLG should be cautiously and diplomatically solve this problem amicably. Otherwise, we will lose.

    We should learn what happened to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, etc.

    Daily basis, Pakistan people are being killed by drone attacks.

    What can we do, if US does like that?

  11. love_lanka Says:

    Dear Jayt!
    I will say it was only “our forces and the people” who rescued us.

    All others were fishing in troubled waters. I am lost to name a country which helped us out of their selfless love!

  12. ranjith Says:

    Hello, Mr Jayt,

    You write your gossips which appear daily basis on tamil diaspora websites.

    Even many tamils do not care about your lengthy gossips jathaka kathaawas.

    Those are utter nonsense.

  13. ranjith Says:

    Mr Love Lanka,

    Our beloved Forces and the People rescued us. It’s true.

    Without the help of our friendly nations, we could not have achieved this victory. We should be grateful for those who helped our country to defeat the tamil terrorism.

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    This love tamil elam is an undercover LTTE supporter.

    Take a look at his damn foolish comments like this.

    “Libiya’s Gaddafi is in trouble after Namal’s hug.”

    Gaddafi was always in trouble even before the Lokerby incident. He was bombed on previous occassions too. Needless to say anything about other cr&p.

  15. love_lanka Says:


    Great investigative work and you should be recommended to head the FBI, MI6, etc etc.

    But i will not recommend TID post, because you will ruin their great work in no time!

  16. jayt Says:

    Hallo Ranjit,

    What nonsense you talking about ? US drone attack on lanka? for what reason? Did Sri lanka promote Terrorism against US or European.
    Second, Who gave the Tamil disinformation? I expressed my opinion same as Tamil do. It is freedom that Tamil enjoy.
    so every body have right to their opinion. However, I always supported Sri lanka solution. Also, I know how Tamil feel.
    I come from very poor family. I have very good Tamil friends. I have asked Sri lanka government to get those Tamil people out of these suffering camp as soon as possible. I am not against LTTE talking to Sri lanka government. the only thing that I am against them is if they bring any Westerners into Sri lanka affairs because Westerners the one who brought full destruction to all communities=Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslim.
    Of course, There are faults on both side-LTTE and Sri lankan govts. Both side were given weapons and military methods by West who have been playing same rule in between two groups across the globe. LTTE took revenge on Sinhalese civilian because SL military took revenge against LTTE by killing innocent Tamil in early years which is the result of Western gossip.

    I also, mention about a court hearing. If court hearing take place, it is good for both LTTE and SL goverment because this help both side realized that both side supported by West and it open the door for both side to forgive each other and start to work out peace plan and bring prosperity for everybody.
    I also mentioned that Sri lanka need a global spy agency which is main goal is to keep foreign spies out of Sri lanka which caused hundreds of thousands innocent Tamil, Sinhalese and Muslim civilian deaths.

    Ranjit I bet you that you are gossiping here. your first comment complete contradict your second comment(US drone ATTack) and your second comment sound fanatic and sound very much a message from somebody rather than by yourself. Let’s Tamil and Sinhalese who love peace investigate you. I am a very humble and ordinary person who has nothing to do with anybody. All my opinions are from myself.
    Furthermore, I enjoy Tamil food and Indian food. I almost every week I go to Tamil lady and buy waday and thosai. I even share them with Canadian friends

  17. ranjith Says:

    Hello Mr Jayt,

    You seem to be a tamil diaspora spokesman. You better join with the Sampanthan’s gang.

    You say you supported the solution for Lanka. What type of solution you are expecting?

    Sri Lanka doesn’t need any solution to any ethnic groups whatsoever. We solved the problem of tamil terrorism. That’s all.

    You gossiped that you need court hearing for tamil terrorists and SLG. For what?

    You told that you are against tamil terrorists who want to bring the westerners into Sri Lanka affairs. At the same time, you need the court hearing with the backing up of westerners to punish our mother country. You are a real hypocrite.

    Our people do not need any global spy agency. We have our own spy agency that will always operate only inside Sri Lanka.

  18. jayt Says:

    you have complete misunderstanding. Why do I need to punish Sri lanka? What I said is those people who are against Sri lanka won’t stop until somebody charge them for defaming against Sri lanka . For eg. anybody who wants war crime charges against Sri lanka has to be counter productive because it won’t bring any peace to Sri lanka but more hate locally and internationally. Second those who want to bring war crime against Sri lanka is not doing it to protect Tamil people but force Sri lanka pres to accept their agenda or replace him with another party who accept their bargain deals or agenda. Third, you need a global agency to detect any conspiracy before hand if somebody programming a conspiracy against Sri lanka from an another country. Do you know why other countries station spies in their embassies?
    fourth, What is wrong if you talk to LTTE in the West since Sri lanka have accepted KP and others.

  19. jayt Says:

    I do not know where you live and your background in Sri lanka. Just think, why I want to waste my time, if I do not have feeling for SL.

  20. jayt Says:

    I let’s you and SL solve the problem. I wash off my hand. Let see how you deal with it

  21. jayt Says:

    one more answer to your quest,
    I said LTTE not to bring Westerners into Sri lanka affairs because they going to be hostile to Sri lanka, but if We go to court in the West it is a public place and We choose lawyers who are independent and not anti-Sri lankan. And lawyers argue any case point by point, no western news can’t hide this and general public have a chance to hear all the truth.
    I never said all Western public are anti-Sinhalese, in fact most of them do not know who Sinhalese or where Sri lanka is.
    I have told sl communities many time that I met thousands of blond Canadian, American, and European who would raise fund and give moral support for court hearing because they know very well that Western politician has history of lying about wars in other countries to grab the wealth and military interest in other countries. Therefore, if Sri lanka hearing take place which open the door for hearing of unjustified wars in other countries that help million of people who are suffering for no reason.

    For your knowledge and learn about Western public, both-good and evil, Go to Yahoo Canada and click on US navy Seal kill by Taliban and READ public comments. You will be learning about extremists in the West and good people in the west
    Thanks for your help.

  22. ranjith Says:

    Hello Mr Jayt,

    Once you talked about court hearing. Now, you talk about lawyers.

    We are not interested to waste our time to discuss those nonsense. We are interested to develop our country and raise our people’s living standards.

    We solved the problem of tamil terrorism. Now, the chapter is closed.

    SL is a small peace loving country and is capable to solve its own problems peacefully.

  23. jayt Says:

    I will investigate your comment to see if you are misunderstanding or if you are link to any outside groups who are hostile to Sri lanka government or Sinhalese in general. there are many people on WWW writing comments acting as Sri lanka patriots but working for somebody else. I propose a court hearing for best interest of SL government and people. Do not worry. I will soon be meeting SL govt to verify your name. Event Sl govt ministers have expressed their support for my idea. You are the first one that do not like a court hearing that make me feel little awkward. However, please disregard this if your comment is a result of misunderstanding.

  24. ranjith Says:

    Mr Jayt,

    Your rubbish and foolish comments are sarcastic and make everyone to laugh.

    You can’t make fool Lanka web readers under the guise of Tamil terrorists. Your acting as a Sri Lankan patriot is far superior to none.

    One day you will be questioned by court hearing – your preferred way of questioning!

    You poor fellow!

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