Hail Plottner
Posted on August 10th, 2011

Guptila de Silva

I sent the following to the German Ambassador in Sri Lanka

His Excellency Jens Plottner,
Ambassador for Germany in Colombo.

Your Excellency,

I refer to the news item appearing in the local papers on a comment you supposedly have made during the unrest in the FTZ in Sri Lanka.

In the event you have not had time to read this, the link to article is given below.


In particular, I refer to the para “The Defence Secretary said that those critical of the Sri Lankan police tackling violent groups could see what was going on in London. Referring to a letter he received from German ambassador in Colombo Jens Plottner immediately after the incidents at the Katunayake EPZ, the Defence Secretary said that the German diplomat went to the extent of threatening Sri Lanka over the incident.”

Now Sir, we would dearly love to hear your opinion about what is currently happening in the UK whether the Brish Police have handled the situation any better and more humanely than the Sri Lanka Police and . I am sure you would have some sweet talk about the situation in the UK but let’s hear it.

If you do not make any statement it simply proves that you will not think twice to bully a poor third world country in to submission or too afraid to speak up against your big brother.

Either way, Sir, it reflects very poorly on Germany and its people in the eyes of the peace loving people around world.

Hail Plottner!

3 Responses to “Hail Plottner”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Reasoning with hostile politicians and diplomats from the Western Nations is useless as they seem to have decided to back at any cost the wealthy LTTE diaspora (who also claim a huge vote bank that could make or break western Govts) and in order to support this policy, they have to ignore the truth and take every opportunity to twist incidents to pin down the SriLankan Govt and bring about a regime change with a West friendly puppet at the helm. The German ambassodor may have been acting accordingly and he is not going to condemn British police for the killing of a man and subsequent riots and police brutality against protesters.

  2. gdesilva Says:

    Hi A. Sooriarachi, – fully concur with your views but the letter was never intended to find out what their position on British riots (who would care about a person’s view who acted like a Nazi SS officer in the Sri Lanka situation, in any case)

  3. Nalin DeSilva Says:

    Excellent letter to the German Ambassador, you should send this to the Daily news too!, let everyone see, and we can see if the ambassador cares to reply!. If not it will prove to eveyone, that German foreign policy is no longer that of the German people, but controlled by a bunch of LTTE thugs!. Same as the UK, USA, Norway etc., they are getting back what they dish out with full force.

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