Defence Ministry deserves plaudits
Posted on August 12th, 2011

Ranjith Soysa

In countering Ch 4 and AI ‘s abominable white lies fabricated to blacken Sri Lanka as a killing field , the Defence Secretary and his staff ‘s informative and positive statement covering most of the issues is a stitch in time. In addition the video ‘ Lies agreed upon’  should open the eyes of Sri Lanka bashers who refused to see the wood for the trees.

While congratulating the Defence Ministry for the step taken we hope and pray that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SL Embassies will make use of all the links they have in the West to drive home the message at least using ‘more ethical ‘ media. It was Bruce Guthtrie, who was the Editor of a number Australian national journals who mentioned in his story about the unfair practices followed by the major media organizations , that the ethics of journalism is almost a dead letter at least among the major players. Recent interesting stories from Murdoch’s News International in the UK confirm Bruce’s comments and the dark Asian Sri Lanka cannot expect over-night results from the Western media ruling the roost presently.

However, Sri Lanka and Sri Lankanss in the West should attempt to use the media rules, regulations and authorities set up by the Western governments and watch dogs  try to test the true effectiveness of the holier than thou White Western media machine.

We have an excellent story unlike the edited misadventures of the major Western powers and LET US TELL IT EFFECTIVELY using all available resources.

Let the President monitor and call for results from the Establishment paid by the tax payer as Ch 4 /AI almost canvassed for R2P type of Western and Indian interference.

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