Law and order and ethnicity
Posted on August 25th, 2011

Ranjith Soysa

The strengthening the maintenance of law and order in the troubled Kinniya and Puttalam is the right way to send a message to the trouble makers who damage public utilities like hospitals, service centers and even resort to dictate terms to the civil defense personnel when agitated.

In Kinniya the agenda was to get the Navy camp moved out from the area to help the smugglers of drugs etc. It was unfortunate that ƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚ the mobs were able to mislead the public to join in the protests and shout ethnic slogans.

Some even went to the extent of sending messages to the news papers and other media outlets in the Middle East to say that there is violence against the Muslims.

The Government and the democratic leaders of all ethnic groups should send a message to the organized trouble makers that their efforts to set fire to the ethnic harmony will not be tolerated under any circumstances and every effort will be made to nab the culprits who use ethnicity seek redress when faced with consequences of their criminal acts and behavior.

The criminals and others who join such activities in some given areas rush either to the South Indian media or the Middle Eastern media to darken the image of our civil defense forces whereas the forces sacrificed many things in protecting all the civilians from the LTTE menace in the recent past.

The organized racists trouble makers should look at abject poverty of the poor Tamils in Tamil Nadu ruled by Tamil leaders and factional in fighting causing deaths etc to Muslims in countries ruled bu Islamic leaders. By trying to convert law and order situations to ethnic and religious issues and to evoke emotions in other countries cannot bring any help to the ordinary citizens. It can only create chaos to hinder progress.

Ranjith Soysa

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  1. jayt Says:

    Sinhalese have to watch out their mouth by avoiding generalization. If Sinhalese do this it help the foreigners to destabilize Sri lanka. It is very clear that Western groups is trying their best to set up Islamic countries against SRi lanka by misleading Arab news publishing rumor against Sri lanka.

  2. Samson Says:

    Not just Sinhalese, Muslims too should stop generalising. Western countries and India are primarily driven by anti-Islam. If they impose their agenda in Sri Lanka the biggest victims are obviously Muslims.

    It is better to avoid this for both Sinhalese and Muslims together.

  3. Samson Says:

    All these trouble makers should look at the performance of their respective leaders!!

  4. jayt Says:

    “Western countries and India are primarily driven by anti-Islam. If they impose their agenda in Sri Lanka the biggest victims are obviously Muslims.”

    Dear Samson,
    This is exactly what they are looking for. So, those intelligent Muslim brothers should study what is going in the west and in India against Muslim and Also, What they did against hundreds of thousands of Muslim in Sri lanka over 30 years. There is no country in the world where Muslim are best treated like Buddhist lanka.

  5. ranjith Says:

    Mr Ranjith Soysa,

    There has no organized racist trouble makers in the East. After the defeat of Tamil terrorism everything was over.

    Chief Minister of East too lashed out that the Security forces are behind the grease devils.

    Tamil diaspora websites are filled with grease devils trouble makers and anti-Sri Lanka articles.

    SLG should take immediate consideration to end this grease devil dramas and ensure the security of innocent minorities.

    The author of this article should take responsibility for not writing any further anti-communal literature.

  6. Samson Says:


    West is also against Sri Lanka in general which means we are in the same boat. We should protect one another.

    All ethnic groups in Sri Lanka should stop supporting violence like what happened in Puttlam where a policeman was killed.

    There are no grease devils. Only fools and organised racist trouble makers believe in those bulls hit. Those who shout grease devils should be killed first. Then there will be peace.

    Can’t believe in 21 century there are such foolish people. :)

  7. ranjith Says:


    ‘Foolish’ people are being hospitalised after army beatings in Navaanthurai and ‘Foolish’ people’s motor cycles were burnt and destroyed by security forces. Gothabaya promised he will deliver new motorcycles to the ‘Foolish’ victims.

    Due to grease devils atrocities, many ‘Foolish’ people were injured and hospitalised.

    Even many grease devil incidents have been occurred throughout the island, ‘Foolish’ writers portray to the world only the death of a policeman. Without denial, this too should be condemned.

    ‘Foolish’ writers always close their eyes and arrogant to report about innocent ‘Foolish’ victims.

    Mr Samson, I am not interested to see you under the category of ‘Fool’.

  8. jayt Says:

    They are against everybody, but right now, they are against both Muslim and Sinhalese. And right now they are trying to get control over Sinhalese and use Sinhalese against world of Muslim because they are the hardest force to put down. Once, they put down Muslim, Hindus and Sinhalese nothing but piece of cake. And then move to China first and Hindus and Sinhalese second or the other way around.

  9. ranjith Says:

    Hello Jayt,

    Please do not talk about world politics. I am headache.

    Please tell SLG to end the grease devil dramas. That is fairly enough for the time being!

    Oyata Vadhinnang!

  10. Samson Says:


    You sound like a fool! :(

    There are no grease devils. How foolish you are to believe it.

    If an attacker, rapist or any other criminal attack you or your family, do you call him a grease devil?

    I guess not (unless you are an idiot). He is a criminal not a devil. And he should be punished by law.

    You cannot attack them. Only barbarians attack them. Let the police handle him.

  11. Samson Says:


    You cannot talk about these things without talking about world politics. It is all connected. Hope you can understand it. :-)

    Some exceptions to no grease devils.

    Bush, Obama, Hilary, Israel PM, mosad, guantanamo bay, CIA, Blake are grease devils.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Gaddafi is a real bast*rd. This is what happened in 1976 when he was in Sri Lanka.

    ……Gaddafi also asked to speak to the local Muslim community. Those assembled in the Holiday Inn Hotel were prominent, well-heeled but elderly leaders of that community. Gaddafi had two special messages for them. He wanted to see only younger Muslims next time and wanted them all to produce about 10 children in each family to make up for the demographic imbalance in the country which has only a small Muslim minority!…….

    How dare he say “imbalance”? It is his country that has a population imbalance.

  13. ranjith Says:


    Thanks a lot for your clarification of grease devil is a criminal who should be punished by law.

    You sound like a genius accepting the truth. Thank you.

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