Are we seeing the partition of Africa for a second time?: Lessons for Sri Lanka
Posted on August 26th, 2011

By Garvin Karunaratne

 The Daily Telegraph today stated that British SAS forces guided the rebels in Libya for weeks in the past, dressed in Arab attire and are now hunting for the head of Colonel Gaddafi.
It reminds me of what I wrote on Sri Lanka coming under an International Conspiracy, as published in the Lanka Web of 25 th March 2010.
  •  Excerpts from that Paper as would be appropriate for what is happening in Africa  and our Sri Lanka today are quoted below.

 “Sri Lanka today is in the throes of an International Conspiracy aimed at throwing out President Rajapaksa, balkanizing Sri Lanka and destabilizing our motherland. It is sad that very few of us realize what is happening. The International Community is the key player through their NGO, with support from the Tamil Diaspora, and Sri Lanka’s Opposition led by the United National Party(UNP).

In my Paper “ The International Conspiracy” (Lanka Web, 18/12/2009) “¦.. I laid bare facts to prove how the USA has handled its foreign affairs to ensure that every ruler in the world that does not accede to their advice will get overthrown somehow. The list includes many elected rulers like President Lumumba of Congo, Mossadeq of Iran and President Allende of Chile. President Omar Torrijos of Panama died strangely in a plane crash.
 Though in pre-trial hearings it was alleged that General Noriega had in his possession documents showing US complicity in the assassination, the presiding judge agreed with the US Government that their public mention would violate the Classified Information Procedures Act!.
Simon Mann of the elite British SAS, who was caught red handed when trying to stage a coup d’etat in Equitorial Guinea, in collaboration with Sir Mark Thatcher, son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has said that “tacit approval for the regime change came from the Pentagon, the CIA and the big oil companies. (Guardian.Co.UK:2/11/2009)
 President Castro of Cuba stands to have survived over a hundred assassination attempts.
President Allende of Chile was proceeding on a socialist path and had to be got rid of . He was closely guarded by his Army Commander, General Schneider, a man who could not be bought over. . The CIA planned to abduct Army Commander Schneider, as the first step in killing Allende. Unfortunately the abduction became an assassination and the Army Commander was killed in the
confrontation. Thereafter President Allende was on the mat- he was assassinated. It was an “ƒ”¹…”army coup’ which ended in Allende’s killing!
Sheik Mujibur Rahaman, the father of Bangladesh who tried to fight for the poor in Bangladesh was killed by a group of Army Officers and it is alleged that the perpetrators found solace in the USA.
Anyone that wants to know more is advised to read John Perkin’s recent book The Secret History of the American Empire.
One can go around the world- to Iraq, Afghanistan, to Iran, to Pakistan and find how US policies have decimated countries. Now it is Sri Lanka’s turn and woe be unto us if we stand divided! The United National Party, the Party that once won our independence has now become the cat’s paw of the Imperialists and has sold the country to the IMF and to the Western powers.
Today the US Senators pose to the world as saints and the moment a journalist disappears in Sri Lanka they accuse the Rajapaksa Government of abduction. The US Senators have at the back of their mind how the CIA planned to abduct Allende’s Army Commander Schenieder and think that every disappearance in Sri Lanka is a State abduction
“President Rajapaksa defied the USA and other Western Superpowers and Japan. Rajapaksa proved a match for all of them. He was not prepared to stop battling the terrorist LTTE when ever they advised him to talk peace and to confine the army to the barracks. In his first presidential election in 2005 he told the people that he will rid the LTTE menace from our shores and he did actually achieve it in a matter of three years- what other presidents miserably failed.. He even had the stature to remind the Foreign Secretary of the UK, David Milliband that Sri Lanka is no longer a colony of theirs to dictate to us what we have to do. He was no Jayawardena that caved in to the might of India when the Indian Air Force flew a few armed sorties over the City of Colombo and dropped a few parippu aid packs in Jaffna. Jayawardena shivered in his boots before the mighty Rajiv Gandhi and forced the 13 th Amendment onto our Constitution, a piece of legislation which is not suitable for a small country like Sri Lanka. Rajiv Gandhi forced Jayawardena to pave the way for a divided Sri Lanka. This led to a divided Sri Lanka-divided for three decades.
Everyone in Sri Lanka has to cast aside their political allegiances and appreciate what President Mahinda Rajapaksa has done to eradicate the LTTE from our shores. Have we forgotten the fact that for the past three decades everyone in Sri Lanka was not sure as to whether one could be back at home for certain. In 1995 to 2000, when I lived in Nugegoda I dared to go to Colombo only when I had no alternative. I would drive carefully, observant throughout and when I parked my car I would look around to see anything strange. Every step was taken only when I looked all around me to see whether any untoward thing was happening. Those were the days of the Rajagiriya shooting where a group of disturbed terrorists ran through the main Castle Street for over a half mile shooting at random-one terrorist shooting his way through the Maternity Hospital at Castle Street and others shot their way to the nearby flats. As much as 38 people died and 50 were injured on that fateful day in March 2000.
Action to destabilize Sri Lanka after the LTTE was defeated in May 2009, involved splitting the group of armed officers and the political leadership that led the country to victory. There was Admiral Wasanta Karannagoda, the Naval Chief who sank the LTTE supply ships and successfully laid a dragnet of armed ships around the coast, who stood his ground. He was beyond approach. So was the Airforce Chief “”…” Air Chief Marshall Gunatileke, who provided cover to the ground forces and ferried supplies braving the anti aircraft bastians of the LTTE..”
Today we are seeing colonialism in real action in Libya. The Daily Telegraph today stated that British SAS forces guided the rebels in Libya for weeks in the past, dressed in Arab attire and are now hunting for the head of Colonel Gaddafi.
Again to my earlier paper
“The motives of these Superpowers have to be sought out and debated aloud. Why did they want the LTTE given a lease of life? They all posed as if they wanted to destroy terrorists but in fact they are not interested in annihilating any terrorist once and for all. The never ending scenes in Iraq and Afghanistan indicate that it is not their intention to end the war they are waging. They want the war to continue because it is then that they can continue to tap the vast oil resources of Iraq and to control the uranium rich Afghanistan. They wanted us to keep fighting because it is only then that arms and armaments made by them will find sales. They also wanted to destabilize Sri Lanka.”
Though President Rajapaksa has lifted the Emergency Regulations today it is absolutely necessary to be extremely vigilant of what is happening. Let us not face the situation of having the earth dragged beneath our feet, without our knowledge.
The problem that I see today is that the entire World is trying to run our country. They forget the fact that the country has a population of 21 million, whose interests have to prevail. It is one of the few countries in the world that has a recorded history harking back to 2500 years, backed by epigraphical records. Today the Tamil Nadu Government has wanted Sri Lanka to pursue a political settlement for the Tamils in the North and the East. What about the Tamils who live in the rest of the island and that amounts to 55% of them. What of the Muslims and the Sinhala people and the latter amount to 75% of the people in the entire country. All the Superpowers- the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Japan all have their own idea of what should happen to Sri Lanka. To all of them, my message is that Sri Lanka is not the Africa of 1884- when the Superpowers that had forcibly carved out portions of Africa met at a conference presided over by Chancellor Otto Von Bismark of Germany, when they parcelled Africa among themselves.
Let our people stand firm against foreign domination. The Superpowers all wanted the war against the LTTE to continue. But now we have created history by annihilating the terrorist LTTE from our shores. Let us stand firm by the saviour who delivered us from that menace. All the Superpowers pleaded with us that it was not possible to defeat them and advised us to talk peace. They were all proved wrong. The future of our country and its economic development can also be achieved only under President Rajapaksa.”
We are living today in a very dangerous world. Locally we do have law and order as is proved by the Angulana Policemen who murdered two youths being sent to the gallows. However unfortunately there is agitation for the liberators of Sri Lanka to be taken to the guillotine for war crimes. I was privy to see on television, the International Court in action against Ratko Mladic, the former Army Commander of Serbia in a hearing before Judge Alphons Orie.  “When the judge said he could have two or three minutes to speak,  Ratko Mladic said,”I am an elderly man and sickly, Can I have five minutes”(New York Times July 4, 2011) He was denied to have his own lawyer to support him. He pleaded for five minutes but that request was not allowed! That is what international justice has come to today!
Garvin Karunaratne Ph.D.
Former Government Agent, Matara District  25/8/2011
Author of “How the IMF Ruined Sri Lanka, Godages,2006

                 Success in Development, Godages, 2010

14 Responses to “Are we seeing the partition of Africa for a second time?: Lessons for Sri Lanka”

  1. Naram Says:

    Excellent article Garvin.

    Dangers have not increased – but brutality and scale ofdestruction yes. Also we come to know them more immediately.

    Let us read the history, how Byzantine empire was splintered to pieces in the course of first world war. YOu can glean many facts from popular literature, SAS man T E Lawrence wrote his story as author of Seven Pillars of Wisdom which is used by CIA now fortraining. We know how in the century before, the activities of John D’oyly -the inscrutable Englishman and the very lucrative opium trade that went on in China producing the stuff in Bengal and selling in China that led to Opium War, Taiping REbellion, Boxer REbellion and final reourse to grow Tea in the Indian sub continent.

    Countries and boundaries of states like Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, or Brunii, , Laos, Cambodia, India, China, India are in a constant state offlux as manipulated by the West in the pusuitof global supremacy, cheap raw materials and labour.

  2. dhane Says:

    We all in Sri Lanka appreciate what President Mahinda Rajapaksa has done to eradicate the LTTE in 2009. Also development work undertaken. But the corruption and wastage of Tax payers money is at peak. If this also could be reduced or stopped nobody can do anything against President Mahinda Rajapaksa Govrnment for many years to come.

  3. nandimitra Says:

    We are all greatful for liberating the country from the terrorists how ever selling the country in the way of corruption is unnacceptable. The way to fight outsiders is unity. Corruption is the greatest enemy of unity as itdisenfranchises the citizenary.

  4. Dham Says:

    Bhante Nandimitra,
    Corruption is everywhere in the world. I can say easily Sir Lanka is better than Malaysia and Indonesia in this regard. Even in Australia tenders warded to friends of politician, although the amount of money is unknown.
    I think corruption is not the main issue. Law and order is the best priority. One law for all should be exercised. Ths rest will be taken care of automatically.
    Rajapakse is a great leader but law and order for all shall be his second priority. He cannot do this easily if he hiself is corrupted. Longer it takes , his own corruption will be more.

  5. AsokaK Says:

    Hurricane Irene or the Wrath of Allah for the carnage in Libya ?

    Fortunately there will be civil riots next year in USA according to one American.
    The dole cuts out after 9 months; showed on TV a recently unemployed black American family using candles after electricity was cut off with no money to buy food even.

    American spring is coming.

  6. sena Says:

    The only antidote against such interference is to developed solid technical knowledge base/capabilities so that we can do our own productions and innovate existing technologies to our needs and even come up with new inventions. Right now even if a nut get loose on something (say in weapons) we need to run to foreign expertise. Libya is a good example. They were rich but did not develop their own technical/business know how. Where as countries like South Korea, China and since recently India have developed or developing solid in house capabilities and no one can mess with them. Also such achievements cultivate international recognition and respect.

  7. douglas Says:

    This article is an eye opener to all who are governing and the governered. The eradication of terrorism will always be remembered and people will be grateful. But remember, it is foolish to think that triumph will work always to continue in power. Now that the war is over, the day to day activities of governing come to light and are very visible. That is why people are more and more becoming aware of what is going on in the country. So we see today that more and more of corruptions and mismanagement of resources talked of and discussed widely.

    Now that these so called world “Powers” failed to achieve through “arm twisting” tactics will definitly adopt vaious techniques. One such “technique” is “infiltration”. It is happening right now and the government seems to be falling a prey. These world powers will deploy various “professionals” recognized for their academic achievements and plant them in very high political and executive levels in the government and slowly get them to work steadily within to dismantle and disrupt the forward march that the country is longing for. HE the President, is already sorrounded by these “gangs” and he little realizes that some of these “big wigs” who break ranks and somtimes disolve political parties sprang overnight with foreign funds, joining the main political party in power. It is very unfortunate and heart burning to see that the people who were with the governing party for decades are ignored and shelved to second class levels over these new comers from outside.

    I see such people who were very higly funded by Norway and articulated the division of the country and went to the extent of executing an agreement with the terrorist outfit being nominated to very high and prestigious positions in government institutions. Some of the names are in widely published reports including the quantum of funds given to their credit. These people were entrusted with a well difined task to perform and they were engaged in it very deligently. Today we see them in the ranks of the government, perhaps with the “promise” of helping to get out of the wrath of the “Big Powers” with whom they were one time “bed mates”.

    For the sake of the country and his own safety HE must remember “When you sleep with dogs you get up with ticks”. This is how simple village folks explain volums of good advice in simple terms.

  8. Samson Says:

    Americans had their way in Libya because there is no African superpower.

    Things are different in Asia although westerners are trying day and night to create trouble.

    We should be vigilant against their agenda. And get support from Asia superpowers. Americans fear them in Asia.

  9. Samson Says:

    Irene Josephine Rosalyn Mandarin
    Atharin patharin natai the Katherine
    Piano Banjo Tamarind Mandolin
    Violin Violin loke nonesena Violin

    Americunts are getting from nature what they give to others.

    Remember Katherine after Bush started the war?

  10. rak Says:


    Part of the humanity are so poor, widows, disabled, jobless, orphans, war victims, refugees, dependents, low income labors.
    People have no savings and are afraid to lose their jobs. We suffer, struggle and going through difficulties for our daily meals.
    Having hard emotions and stress, how to feed our dependents, if we lose our jobs. Everywhere we can testify regression
    and job layoff even natural disaster you are aware of it too.
    Why dont you provide us, Free Food everyday ???
    Please avoid denying and say you will not afford to such endeavor….. and utter an impossible thing to happen…..
    Why do we need developments , while we may not able to feed our stomach?…… while seeing our brothers and sisters die from famine…..
    World population consist of 6 billion.
    All we need is $ 2 a day for meals.
    Which will cost only 6 x 2 = $ 12 billion / day.
    12 x 365 =$ 4.3 trillion / year.
    You know something……………..?
    The total world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is more than $75 Trillion
    4.3 Trillion is not even 5% of GDP.
    why don’t you do this for us ?…

    Respectfully yours,
    for Global Citizens

  11. AnuD Says:

    Regarind to corruption, wastage and the lack of proper law and courts.

    In Sri Lanka, Laws and regulations or the rule book does not work not only for the penal code but also for everything else. Where ever you here, that something went wrong, first thing we understand is that the rule book is there but it did not work for some reason.

    Even during the war, some one overseas had mentioned about this because Sri Lankan Human rights code is far far superior to what the west has.

    So, any system is as good as the people who implement it. That is why we have to stop political meddling and interferance and let the system work and those who don’t follow the system, just get rid of them. At that time, if we find any places that the system does not work, then we can adjust it or change it.

  12. AnuD Says:

    Anyway, with respect to Africa, In the west’s eye, Africa is not yet readyfor FREEDOM. Because, Africa still has too much resources. That is diamond, PRecious metals, mineal resources, valuable agricultural lands, Oil in the north.

    Sri Lanka and India like countries are only important as strategic locations or for economic purposes as their population have lot of potential as consumers.

  13. jayt Says:

    dear sena,

    Who will be doing it. These thing should have done right in 1948. Any how technology alone is in not enough. Ex-soviet had all technology. all man power. all fighter planes and nuclear power, But West put them into garbage by only using technology of espionage skills. This is the technology of Chameleons. No country; no small country, no big country like China ever survive without the technology of chameleons.
    Therefore, Sri lanka and other nations who are threatened right now by Chameleons technology, have to develop Chameleons technology.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Jayt.

    We need to have a strong spy network locally and internationally. Internationally we cannot develop a spy network all by ourself. It is too expensive and risky. We should team up with friendly countries.

    No country can develop without strong defences and the most important defence comes from espionage strength.

    Soviet Union is a very good example of lack of COMPETITIVE espionage capabilities. KGB was good but not competitive by 1980s.

    What technology SU didn’t have? But when the SU collapsed scientists sold technology for a food packet!

    But former KGB top man – Putin – turned Russia back into a superpower.

    Ancient SL had FABULOUS technology but when Europeans defeated us with spies, conspiracies, secret pacts, infighting, divide and rule, etc. it all fell apart. They could “regime change” the Kandyan kingdom not by technology but by espionage.

    Spies can steal technology!

    We can’t survive by doing the moral thing. We have to do the RIGHT thing, right by the nation, to hell with anyone else.

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