Hang ‘Em High For Their Premeditated Crimes And Anyone Else Who Supports Them !
Posted on August 29th, 2011

Ins Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

August 30th 2011

The bloody nerve of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which acted as a proxy of the LTTE has surfaced with aplomb, this time in requesting India not to hang the three convicts of the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, which the party has publicised according to recent media reports.

Just who do they think they are and when did they dictate to the Indian Government inasmuch as they attempt to do the same with the Sri Lankan Administration ? one might ask in this respect.

They are really entitled to nothing more than incarceration themselves for being a bold and open proxy for the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and should categorically be banned from involvement in any politics and perhaps even hounded out of Sri Lanka to preferably set up their operations in Tamil Nadu India which seems the only place suited to them where they can do as they please if the Indian Government continues to tolerate them if this scenario ever transpired! They should be treated as a dangerous entity that continues to attempt recussitating the LTTE and consequrntly promote the dangers of a resurgence of the now defunct and destroyed terrorist organization with absolutely no right to any political involvement in Sri Lanka or anywhere else on the planet on this basis alone.

 It has been publicised that tha Prison Authorities in India have set the dates to hang the convicts – Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan who were convicted of plotting the assassination of the Prime Minister, an incident which shocked India. He was assassinated by a female suicide bomber of the LTTE at an election rally. The convicts are to be executed in the early hours of September 9. And there ae those who believe that hanging is too good for them!


When In a typical innuendo laced perspective, a hallmark of this organization the TNA , one of their MPs Suresh Premachandran has said that his colleague S. Sritharan had already written to India’s President on the matter because “there is growing opposition against the implementation of the capital punishment on these three persons.” he seems to have forgotten alongside his colleagues that these criminals were sought after by a huge following of the late Hon. Rajiv Gandhi loyalists incluing his widow Sonya now a powerful leader of the congress party and a vast number of Indian people as well as many global admirers who loved Mr Gandhi, one of the most charismatic leaders India has ever known where many believe hanging is too good for them considering the horrendous nature of the assassination which was orchestrated by the Tamil Tigers and proven beyond reasonable doubt. So what other worth might there be towards sparing their lives where the risk of a resurgence of terrorism as a consequence seems imminent and a global threat to add to the reprisals of such a foolhardy decision.

To even suggest obnoxiously that “Therefore, it is unlikely that they will be hanged,” seems wishful thinking on Premachandran’s part which could set off a dangerous precedent which the world of today cannot afford and the Indian Government probably scoffs at !

 Of these murderous convicts, the two named Santhan and Murugan are Sri Lankan nationals who have brought utter, despicable disrepute to the country of their origin and the third Perarivalan an Indian Tamil all of whom deserve no mercy! where the TNA if pleading for clemency merely attest to the objective of sparing the lives of condemned terrorists with the reprisals imminent relative to their own transparencies. In 2002 even the core of the LTTE idealogy regretted the assassination of Mr. Gandhi. During a news conference in 2002, the late LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham had said it was a grave mistake done by his organization and a grave mistake it was which could today impact the very existence of the TNA itself and imperil the free world!

The call should be to hang ’em high for their premeditated crimes and anyone else who supports them!

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  1. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Sarath for your well reasoned out article. Indeed the prospective Tamil nation builders have been opening their mouths wider than crocodiles these last several weeks, and putting their feet into them in gay abundance.
    The ‘horses’ concerned have spat out the truth, the whole inexorable and irreversible truth and nothing but that truth. And what is that truth – already known to all even with an iota of a grey cell in their brains ? That truth is Tamil Secession; Tamil Nation-hood. For Sri Lanka that means Ealam by hook or by crook. They are, furthermore, not in the least embarassed to say it. While they say what they think and do brazenly, and flouting all norms of communal harmony, our leaders, with all the right and might on their side are embarrassed to say and to do what they should, to counter that unacceptable proposition of the Tamils: naturally because of the persecution of the white sector of the so called international community, and Indian political appeasement of Tamil Nadu.
    Now what have these Tamil separatist said and done? Vaiko whose photos with Prabharakan ‘laughing and gay’ over a good cuppa were splashed in the media, boldly stated that should this trio of murderers be hanged, Tamil Nadu will separate itself from the Indian Union. And the Ealam hunters of Sri Lanka have the guts to show solidarity with Tamil Nadu politics by echoing their demands. If the Sri Lanka Government did anything even remotely on those lines, that would have raised a massive hue and cry about interference in Indian matters. The apocalyptic revelation known to all, is made to dazzle with impunity. What the Tamils are edging towards is their dream of Dravidasthan – the great Tamil empire comprising Tamil Nadu and the East and North of Sri Lanka.
    The government cannot postpone its reply. The reply is that the 13th amendment is a non starter. The 13th plus that MR is said to have prorised should be by way of development, especially roads and communication networks that connect and bind those regions of North and East with the South as with an umblical cord. The next is elimination of mono-ethnic ghettos. MR also said from the sacrosanct precints of parliament, just after the war victory, that Sri Lanka was for all. This is the promise made to the nation that elects and re-elects him to the seat of power, and counts more than glib-tongued promises made to ‘others’. Jaffna must be what Colombo is today – a salutary and equitable mix of all ethnic groups.
    There is NO OTHER solution, absolutely NONE.This Tamil mono-ethnicity has been our Achilles heel since long before Independence. Winning the war has done nothing to stem that massive tide. The forces aligned against us now seems even bigger with the white murderers on their side. Nip it in the bud. Begin with Sinhala settlements in the army cantonments. No withdrawing of military bases. These are the nucleus of Sinhala settlements that must inevitably snowballn excising this mono-ethnic cancer from our national body. The recent Tamil Nadu and TNA gimmicks are not only eye openers but the foundation laying for Dravidasthan which includes the North and East of Sri Lanka.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Surely there are many more accomplices in this crime. India missed them.

    At least these three remaining criminals should be hanged.

    TNA terrorists are OPENLY trying to save these LTTE terrorists! I can’t believe this.

    On the other hand why should they hide their terrorist connections when the whole world knows it!

    Watch out for TNA jokers trying to call it a day of mourning. It is a day of rejoice.

  3. jimmy Says:

    Hang Them
    There is no excuse for the killing of another human being

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Three intelligent responses from three discerning observers, one particularly brilliant in eloquence and one pathetic blinkered response from a dead beat who has the nerve to drag in the Noble Name of Lord Buddha and comment about an equally dead beat UN whose hair brained nitwit of a leader seems to have no inkling about whether the commitment was genocide or the regulation military protection of a Sovereign Nation from mendacious terrorists who also seem to have a few supportive henchmen within the UN itself on the same bandwagon.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    This Ravi clown is none other than “Mu-Dalit” who came here as “Mudali” without the “t”. When it was exposed he disappeared and reappeared as Ravicrap.

    Poor unintelligent loser doesn’t know that Lord Buddha is not a venegeful god.

    Looks like all the losers are mentally affected by the hanging.


  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Wait for the LLRC report to see who these “army personnel” are. They will be none other than Tigers!

    Hang Tamil separatists!!

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