A Vigilant Administration!
Posted on September 10th, 2011

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne

The President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,
Government of Sri Lanka

 Dear Mr.President,

 Shenali Waduge has prophesied a likely scenario for Sri Lanka in her latest article that appeared in all friendly web pages under the Title 1953 US Coup in Iran, Lessons for Sri Lanka.  However, Patriotic Sri Lankans wish such subtle Western propaganda should not get a foothold in Sri Lanka. The regime of the only President who eradicated the most brutal terrorist movement in Sri Lanka needs a better recognition than rouge regimes elsewhere in the Globe.

 Factually that’s how the Western schemers changed the regimes they did not favour, Sri Lanka is exactly in this position now, I only hope that those currently in power are more vigilant regarding activities that hinder the progressive moves taken by the Government. Even after two and a half years since the war ended the public has not felt any lowering of the cost of living.  There are a lot of saboteurs who discredit the good efforts of the Government.  The daily protests that occur are subtle schemes well planned to arouse public unrest. The country is having too much of “freedom”, although the rabble-rousers chant religiously, that the country has no “democracy”, “freedom” so on. Normally in the West, Police permission must be obtained prior to any protest on public roads. What you have in Sri Lanka is “Wal Buuru Nidahasa”. In other words freedom without responsibility!  It has become a cancer of sorts. Very difficult to stamp out unless a bipartisan effort is taken to arrest this before anarchy sets in.

 Still the public feels the popularity of the President, it is purely on his popularity that the Government is riding at the moment, it is disheartening to note how the clueless ministers let simple issues get out of proportion thus creating unnecessary hardship to the public. Examples are innumerable, to cite a few, in some areas there are water issues for the farmers or no fertilizer, or they find the government is not ready to purchase their produce in time, at times there are no means of transporting these to the markets in time, they also have to transport the items in plastic containers, these are additional costs for them that can be borne if the goods can be sold in time. The helpless farmers are unnecessarily subjected to hardship and disappointment   which will ultimately result in disaster! The rules and regulations introduced must be user friendly to be effective. Though the intention of the Minister is good on hygienic grounds, timing is wrong. First let the country enjoy the fruits of liberation after three decades of misery, and when the people are contended, then gradually introduce schemes to raise the standards of the services, just as the saying goes “One has to crawl before walk”.

 Most Ministers are not knowledgeable in all aspects of the ministry for its effective functioning; that is why they have advisors. Unfortunately these advisors are clueless, their remedies are not user friendly at all, result being that the Minister becomes the laughing stock. Ministers too must do a lot of research and common sense should prevail before parroting the reasons given by their advisers.  Look at the Bus service provided between Aluthgama to Galle and beyond to carry the passengers dropped by the train. The ministry officials must study carefully how to provide a practical solution to the commuters’ that return home after a hard days work. The solution is half-baked, it frustrates the commuters, the management must revisit the recommendation to correct the error. A delay in the solution or  total ignorance means government has lost the votes of all these commuters and local commuters.  I wonder whether these officials who under-perform has an agenda to distance the people from the government.

 Ministers and their administrators expect everything to work out by itself.  They don’t think out side the box to see what changes need to be done in order to provide more efficient services to the public so that the public will appreciate the efficiency of the ministry. Therefore the priority should be finding ways and means to improve the services instead of continuing with what was done in the past.

 Today no ministry can work independently, just like the Global village all are linked to each other, ministries have to work in unison to get good results. Take for instance the Petrol & Cement issue. That particular ministry makes an order but there is no link with the other ministries, the result when the goods arrive it sits in one place unable to get to the people, merely because the link to the standards check has been not set! For every little cockup the President has to issue the final order! You don’t need rocket scientists to test the quality or standards of any imported item. Surely each ministry can have their own testing facilities once the testing methods are known; you may have to train a trainer and set up the testing procedure once and for all. After that any trained monkey should be able to carry out testing for standards! If there’s any item that needs a standards clearance before releasing to the public, those items have to be identified by relevant ministries and proper links must be alerted to come into action from the time an order is placed with the importers. If the staff that attends to these needs is not informed well in advance, surely the service suffers.

What a shame, because of the weaknesses of the Ministers downwards one day President will have to pay for their sins. I have noticed only the Rajapaksa’s are active, it’s time President talks to the seat warmers to pull up their socks and work for the masses. At least when something goes wrong get to the root cause and set in the foolproof links so that it will not fail again instead of pulling wool over the eyes of the public.

 The other day I saw that joker Merwyn Silva taking the law into his hands, ordering to close one office for not paying their dues to the Pradesika saba in the presence of the Police. He is a joker, his actions are definitely not helping the President! I watch Ada Derana daily for Sri Lankan news, the most I see sickens to the stomach.

The path to achieve the status “Wonder of Asia” is full of obstacles due to the ignorance and lack of vision of the administration of all the ministries!

 There should be a think tank in every ministry to find what are the other ministries that are linked with each other ministry and then how to work in unison with them to get the best interdepartmental clearances for an effective service to the public. Recruiting staff and performing age-old work day in and day out is not going to improve the services. One has to be practical to see how best that particular service can be delivered to the end point. Perhaps introduce an incentive scheme to the staff to come out with a better methodology to improve the services, they must be made aware that they are there for the public, it is the satisfaction of the public that measures their effectiveness at work. Ministry could also request the public to put forward their suggestions and then let the think tank incorporate these ideas to improve the service.

 The lapses in effectiveness of servicing the public have serious repercussions, unfortunately, unlike in the past the news travel very fast throughout the Globe, everyone witnesses what is happening in real time, this is not helpful in certain types of news for the developing countries, this is the downside of the advancement in technology. It is natural to imitate destructions seen on these news items as the easy way to demonstrate the displeasures for the governments on the day, little do they realize it is the country’s assets that they destroy, be it public or private property, the oil rich countries can afford to withstand such destruction but countries like Sri Lanka who have no such riches cannot afford to lose their assets, therefore media has a duty to educate the masses in advance highlighting these destructions to establish how a country can be dragged into an abyss due to these wanton acts. Tomorrows leaders are made in schools whose a duty is to educate the children who in time to become the guardians of all these assets!

 I respectfully believe the President may get a chance to browse through this message. The only Government after sixty odd years of Independence, who has the absolute power to govern the country to restore her past Glory, should not be allowed to be hijacked by a handful of disgruntled Traitors!


 Yours Sincerely,

 Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya,



3 Responses to “A Vigilant Administration!”

  1. jayt Says:

    Like I said before, if Sinhalese have good leadership and to organize everything globally and know or find direction how to respond everything will be fine. And if Sinhalese come out globally, all these western group will disappear. General western public do not want to hear about wars because it create heavy stress for them. Therefore, Those groups who wants to conspire against any body can do it because they have freedom to do anything they like without fear of any legal prosecution. However, people come out against them if any group like Western Sinhalese come out and tell the truth. That’s why I ask Sinhalese to organised globally. Sinhalese have organisation in Canada, US, Eu and Australia but did not go right direction.

    You do not have to go to court against them but just need to show them that what kind of charges will be there if decide to go to court, and that’s enough to stop them for being anti-Sinhalese; You really do not have to make any charges against them
    People in the western countries not violence. they know what is right and wrong. They know how to make fare decision but you need to find the way to give them info.

  2. space127 Says:

    We need to be fair

  3. space127 Says:

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