India’s bomb blast-‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ !
Posted on September 10th, 2011

PA.Samaraweera, Australia

On Sept 7th, in New Delhi a powerful bomb ripped through killing 11 and seriously injuring 76. Since January 1997, this is the 16th terror attack and in these attacks a total of 113 had been killed while injuring 439. The responsibility for the recent attack was  claimed by the terrorist outfit Harkat-ul-jihad-al-Islami based in Pakistan.
They have said that the attack is in retaliation for sentencing a prisoner to death for his role in attacking Indian Parliament in 2001. After the attack the Indian PM said, “… We will not surrender to terrorists and we will go after them…”This is exactly what Sri Lanka did and for doing that western countries backing the LTTE, and India, is calling Sri lanka for war crimes.
While condemning the terror attack on civilians, we wish to remind that once upon a time, India trained and gave sanctuary to terrorists. 
And now the Tamil Nadu politicians are pandering the LTTE rump. Recently, the Tamil Nadu Legislature passed a resolution asking clemency for the 3 LTTE terrorists who killed Rajiv Gandhi. They have even threatened to cecede if the President does not grant an amnesty to the convicts.
A few weeks ago, LTTE supporters attacked Sri Lankan pilgrims in Chennai. With the support of the Tamil Nadu politicians they hold meetings, demonstrations, publish propaganda material etc. Thus they try to rejuvenate the LTTE to promote terrorism.
The Central govt seems to be silent about all these and the Tamil Nadu politicians are actively  supporting the LTTE rump. So we hope at least the recent attack in New Delhi will open the eyes of the Central govt. !

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  1. jayt Says:

    Indian plays Hippocratic culture which is not an Indian culture. India have to be independent from the West. Otherwise it is dangerous for India.

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