Le Light
Posted on September 11th, 2011

Regan Ashby” 

The Electromagnetic Spectrum,

Is a handful to hypothesize,

But turning left at right angles,

Bequeaths propagation to materialize. 


Though, there’s a certain species of enigma,

Ensconced deep within a dichotomy,

And yet when one stops to think,

It’s the inertia of a lobotomy. 


But there are myriad of channels

For light in threes as it flows,

And the spectrophotometry,

Absorbs more than it knows.


It’s a life on borrowed time,

A temporal transmogrification,

A clash of entropy and espousal;

My thermodynamic radiation.  


Through death and decay there’s life,

An obfuscation of the arrow of time,

Sadly, not everyone wears a watch,

And not everyone values a rhyme.  



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  1. Wickrama Says:


  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Wickrama ! Mind boggling eh ? Light comes under Physics. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Just now, my mind is traveling at the same speed, trying to figure out this lesson.

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