Come On Chaps! Focus On What You Need To Beat The Aussies! It Can be Done! SSC Here We Come!
Posted on September 13th, 2011

Top Spin By Suni

September 14th 2011

So much for the Aussie bragging about steam rolling the Lankans as Sri Lanka proved through their performance at Pallekelle despite the niggle of the first innings tally that they had the potential to counter them and face their best. To quote a clip on cricinfo, indeed “Australia’s meticulous planning and organised performance against a Sri Lankan team that has floundered rather more than it has flourished will count for very little should the hosts gather themselves and win the final Test in Colombo. For all the progress that appears to have been made under the captaincy of Michael Clarke, there will be nothing to show for it in terms of the series or the ICC rankings if the Australians slip up at the SSC ” and the Lankan Lions need to do just this.

 So what motivations do they need in the absence of Malinga who would certainly have been a factor as the Aussies don’t exactly relish having their toes crushed nor their stumps spreadeagled oftentimes when the young slinger perhaps analogously a “gun slinger” is handed the leather as they probably remember his scorchers and shudder perhaps.” Four In A Row once and might he get more!!!

 Be that as it may and perhaps taking an object lesson from the Brits who certainly humbled the “Bounders from Down Under” particularly on their own turf, they certainly can be humbled if the Lankans stick to a plan, use the toss wisely if it comes their way and play Test Cricket the way it needs to be played with no willy nilly approach and face upto the Aussie attack whether pace or spin and heck don’t they have matching reflexes to counter it ? Dishan needs to come out of his shell and not cringe in front of the Aussies or be afraid to take bold decisions rather than roll over and play almost dead which appears to be the case ! either that or he just isn’t suited to be skipper but this late in the series the choice shall we say is “Hobsons” as Angelo waits in the wings.

 It has been said many a time that attack is the best form of defence and can someone din this into the cranium of our skipper and give him a few tips on how to set a field without bleeding runs, motivate with gusto while not overpowering his team ~ take a look at Shaid Afridi and how he eggs on his young team to attack from the word go and lead from the front despite not exactly being at Test level anymore but the motivation yet perfect! ~ perhaps a must for Dilshan to emulate and so perhaps something he would someday perfect but this SSC test will be a test of reckoning if the Lankans are to stay ahead of the Aussies in the ratings and give the adoring fans something to cheer about apart from poor old Percy who must surely be a bit miffed to put it mildly!.

 The SSC wicket is known to favour batsmen unless of course our grandmaster curators have refurbished it again and given the luck of the toss the decision obviously relative to the nature of the strip but pointing towards the side winning the toss surely needing to take first lease but then again wiser choices have sometimes failed given the gloriously unpredictable nature of the game which must however never rest on fallibilities but capabilitiers which the Lankans are certainly never lacking in and need to exploit with the savvy and determination to face upto the varied Aussie attack ~ top order take note~ and bowl line and length relentlessly sans the wides and long hops which often hands the game on a platter to boost Aussie spirits to the skies no pun intended! and remembering the stoic defences shown by the Aussie top order when faced with a really good delivery! take a page out of Chaminda Vaas’s as Muttiah Muralidaran’s books on how to humble the opposition despite unfavourable conditions and how to run through them when the going’s good!

 Sri Lanka’s openers seem solid enough, there still is room for Upul Tharanga’s inclusion, Chamara Silva also deserving speculatively despite their non availabiluty for inclusion if one asks the Chairman of Selectors but Paranavithana and Dilshan now that they have proved they can consolidate a decent opening partnership definitely needs the nod. Responsible batting from Sangakkara, Jayawardena, Samaraweera and Matthews which has been evident albeit in fits and starts needs consistency! Lakmal, Welegedara,Kulasekera, Randive and Herath seem obvious choices for the bowling line up with Ajantha Mendis on the disabled list and the other Mendis and Prassanna perhaps also deserving of a place with wicketkeeper bat, Jayawardena indisposable unless Sangakkara dons the gloves as the availability only accommodates eleven and hopefully the best one, where priorities towards an even balance seems imperative but in the final analysis of things as often is the case the Lankans of late seem to beat themselves through lackadaisical application which cannot be the case if the Aussies are to be humbled remembering they are on a roll!

 Come On Chaps! Focus On What You Need To Beat The Aussies! It Can be Done! SSC Here We Come!

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  1. Vis8 Says:

    Upul Tharanga and Dilshan should open the batting. Paranavitana at No.3. This should give Mahela and Sanga the time to settle down and get the eye in.

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