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 Quote:- The American Constitution spells out the Chain of Command, and no matter how brilliant a GENERAL (emphasis mine) may be, he serves at the pleasure of the Commander-in Chief, who happens to be the President, persuant to the dictates of the American Constitution. unquote.
I watched a video clip of President Obama, speaking at the White House,  about General  Stanley McCrystal being fired from his top position as Afghanistan Commander. He did not hesitate to praise the General, for his excellent performance and services,  but expressed his regret  in no uncertain terms, the action he took in the name of  Discipline. I also saw a video clip of the General expressing his apologies for his actions, which nevertheless, will not put him back, never, into the Top Position he held. It was said that it was unthinkable, for a General to retain his job, after breaking the Military Code for insubordination, thereby creating a precedent. A PRESIDENTS POSITION IS NOT TO BE UNDER ESTIMATED.
General  Stanley McCrystal  was a beautiful personality, and he still is, but he could not guard his tongue,  to cause embarrassing comments about his President and his top Advisors, and also his comments ridiculing the Vice President. It could be equated to the proverbial dictum, that a fish has to die because of his mouth. I felt very sad to see General Stanley McCrystal’s facial expressions. Just, at a moment of indiscretion, he used a few words, that brought about his  professional demise.  He shattered his future and that of his family, because he did not think twice, before he uttered words against his own Commander-in Chief. Yet, the irony is that,there was nobody for him to shout on the streets, asking for his re-instatement, no signing petitions on his behalf, no clergy participating in street hooliganism, nor any top officials writing to the President, and Commander-in Chief to immediately re-instate him. HE HAS BEEN LEFT IN THE DARK WITH HIS INDISCRETION. HE CAME A CROPPER, TRYING TO OUTSMART HIS COMMANDER-in-CHIEF.
Another instance in history, which can be equated, to a GENERAL TRYING TO OUTSMART HIS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, is that of the Great General Douglas McArthur, who brilliantly prosecuted the War in the Pacific Theatre,  was fired by President TRUMAN, because the former thought he was bigger than the latter.
General Sarath  Fonseka,  too in moments of indiscretion, could not guard his loose tongue. He went much further than General Stanley McCrystal, to insult the duly appointed President of the Country, with insinuations and even threats, of cautioning him that he and his Top Officers, would be throw into the Bogambara Prision. He had the nerve to ask him to be prepared for it. All this while the Honorable President was still holding office. In USA, he would have been immediately imprisioned, and charged for threatening THE President and Commander-in-Chief. The outcome would have been disastrous. still, yet, the General and his cohorts are talking about RESTORING DEMOCRACY,  a much hackneyed phrase,  concocted to hide stupid actions. If Democracy was lacking in any sense, General Fonseka would have been history by now.
General Sarath Fonseka, was acclaimed as the  best WAR HERO. He was the Commander of THE ARMY, at the time the war was won.  I remember writing to him too, to congratulate him, amongst others.  Yet, he could not stop from wagging his loose tongue. It was the RANILS AND STILVINS AND SOMAHANSAS, that created the loose tongue syndrome. They were like cunning  Foxen, making the General to keep on spitting  verbal abuse, to the President and his administration. They are a very troubled and discontent lot.  It is my point of view, that  Ranil,  was running a terrible inferiority complex, that he cannot pit against the incumbent President, in the Presidential Election. He had no heart, no backbone to stand tall and run for Presidency. It was this attitude towards his own shortfall in courage and confidence, that made him come up with plan 2, that is to inveigle  Sarath Fonseka, into accepting the baton from him and run for Presidency on his behalf. Ranil felt so inferior in his self esteem, that he even said, that he will be Executive Prime Minister, and that Executive Presidecy would be scrapped. He knew that he did not have the confidence and courage, and the experience,  to be THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY. Sarath Fonseka fell hook line and sinker to his ploy. Ranil under estimated that SF is going to hand over the victory to him on a platter, not believing that SF too is like him, a cunning FOX.  SF had great expectations, and probably Ranil too would have joined the President at Bogambara.  Sarath Fonseka was misled  by the aforesaid Trio, that he is undoubtedly going to be the Victor, and putting it colloquially,  DIRATCHCHA LANUWA KAVA.   From this point, SF took courage to be very abusive, and his choice of words, certainly was no sign of a PRESIDENT IN THE MAKING.
Stilvins and Somahansas  are like vultures, waiting for the carrion. Stilvin advices Sarath Fonseka, not to beg for a pardon from His Excellency the President. Cunning Fox. A hypocrite. Iam at a loss for adjectives. Now, I see an article, where he says that HE SHOULD BE GIVEN THAT PARLIAMENTARY SLOT.  He has even wiped out Mrs. Anoma Fonseka.    Do not Sarath Fonseka, Anoma, and their sibblings and close friends see all this ? What a Drama unfolding in the eyes of jurists.
Sarath Fonseka says that he has done NO  WRONG. His wife Anoma concurs. His foxy followers too concur, including irresponsible religious dignitaries.   NOW CAN ANYONE IN HIS RIGHT MIND BELIEVE THIS STERCUS TAURI?  Can the Judiciary find fault with an individual and mete out punishment at their whim and fancy ?  If so, why is DAN  UNNA  absconding ?   IT IS TIME THAT SARATH FONSEKA AND HIS WIFE ANOMA ONLY,   TAKE STOCK OF THE SITUATION SERIOUSLY, IF THEY LOOK FORWARD   FOR A REASONABLE SOLUTION.  PRIDE AND ARROGANCE HAS TO BE SET ASIDE. May wise counsel prevail.
A humble request to Sarath Fonseka and Anoma Fonseka.   Please do not expect the foxy followers, to raise a Hue and Cry in the country, create dissension in the country, and raise an uprising in the country, to help maintain your stupidity and arrogance. It will never happen. Please do not expect foreign countries to come and raise hell in Sri Lanka, and take you out of Prison.  It will never happen. The American President fired his GENERAL, just for insulting his Commander in Chief, his top officers and his Vice President.   Please do not wait for the wrath of the GODS you worshipped, and dashed Coconuts on the ground,  with media coverage, to come and take vengeance on the President and his Administrators. It will never happen.  The longer you hold onto your arrogance, saying we, DID NO WRONG,   the deeper your frustrations will be.You can tell that to the Marines, so to say.
If you are arrogantly looking for relief,  while having thrown stones at glass houses, intimidated and threatened the Commander-in-Chief,  well the laws of the country are there, and the Sri Lanka Judiciary is there.
You all are very BIG and Powerful people, and Iam a very small person,  though I too had an uncle as Army Commander, an uncle as IGP, a class mate as IGP, a cousin as Navy Commander, and an Air Force Commander as a childhood friend,  yet, I might be able to suggest ways to solve your crisis. Only you, Sarath Fonseka and Anoma Fonseka may please deliberate what I present here. You may seek your daughters advice too. No one else please.
FIRST, drop the notion that YOU DID NO WRONG. It is preposterous. Then shed your pride and arrogance, and come down to earth. Deliberate amongst yourselves  honestly, the root cause for this debacle. Come to grips that your frustrations are getting you nowhere. Pardon me, say to yourself,  all this is fart, and no shit,  or all ocean and no Ship.  Forget about your foxy followers. Next see whether you all have come to your senses. You have now come to the stage that you are going to undress your arrogance, and wear the clothes of Humility.  Then thank the Lords above for giving you proper insight.  Say to yourself, I will be out of this Jail Cell, and amend my ways, to mingle with all decent human beings. Promise to the Lords above that you will not entertain bad thoughts and revenge, and tell them, YES, I DID SOME WRONG, BUT PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
Mrs Anoma, have courage and confidence, and call the First Lady Shiranthi, and tell her that you would like to personally see THE PRESIDENT.  She will be too glad to help you out.  With all humility, please tell the President, I came to ask a pardon for my husband.  That would be all you have to say.   I wish you all good Luck.  The President is also a Human Being, and is a very kind hearted person.
Now please keep away from the Hyenas that were waiting for the carrion. Just forget about them. Please see how you can make ammends and start a new life.


  1. Siri Says:

    Many in Sri Lanka may not know that SF came to NY, USA and had a meeting with the State department Officials. He met with a group of friends in a New Jersey Indian Restaurant. The place was full of FBI and other US security personnel to protect SF. This kind of treatment is normally reserved for a head of state or similar official. He was being put up for the job by the US State Department as they wanted a President whom they could control. The US first thought that Sri Lanka would never defeat the LTTE. After this surprise they thought they would defeat MR by using SF. This also did not work. Now they only have their Fake Channel 4 video and the illegitimate “Man in the Moon” Report to help them which they are persuing with a vengence. Why did the slimy fox Blake come to Sri lanka recently? SF is supposed to have won a lottery for US Permanent Residency. This is something the State Dept. can do anytime. This was part of the payment to SF for selling the Sri Lankan Presidency. I would be very surprised if this Permanent Residency (Green Card) is still valid as it did not serve their purpose. He deserves to rot in Jail or face a firing squad as a Traitor.

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