Australia’s Partisan Call To Suspend Sri Lanka From Commonwealth Rejected In The Senate !! Poetic Justice Perhaps And Others Take Note!!
Posted on September 22nd, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

Sept.23rd 2011

Just as anticipated in a previous submission the above mentioned issue has been given the justice it deserved~ poetic perhaps!~ as Australia’s Senate probably aware of the pro LTTE sympathetic undercurrents related to the issue has stood firm and rejected the call citing it as involving complex issues which cannot be resolved through such motions. It probably leaves egg all over its chief instigator said to have Tamil Tiger sympathies and is perhaps the kind of justice deserving  of all such ludicrous actions any other source may have ambitions about towards discrediting Sri Lanka and should take note and be governed accordingly!
 Breaking news reports indicate that the Australian Government and the Opposition voted together today to defeat a motion moved in the Senate by Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon (Senator for New South Wales) to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth which was realistically a mere bipartisan ploy said to have links to Tamil Tiger sympathisers and the LTTE ‘rump’ which is known to have a global lobby which needs to be sought out and destroyed perhaps in like manner to the LTTE and how it was dealt with in Sri Lanka. 
A representative for the Government of Australia speaking on the motion has said that quote ” they do not believe that complex foreign policy issues can be resolved through motions such as the one mooted by Senator Rhiannon” end quote,  which seemed  flimsy and biased in the first place and probably did not even deserve presentation as a parliamentary bill but goes to prove the extent to which certain misguided politicos can be coerced into such worthless ploys without a shred of evidence to corroborate such draconian measures and to cap it up laced with pro LTTE bias according to some analysts.
The very fact that Senator Rhiannon has also convened a closed door round table discussion to further the call for a war crimes tribunal for Sri Lanka earlier in the week where the participants  predominantly included pro- LTTE lobby group representatives and critics of the Sri Lankan Government is a testimony to this where no invitation was extended by the Senator for any Sri Lankan Government representative to participate in this discussion and by itself perhaps proof of the pudding and the controversies and undercurrents of Diaspora urged Tamil  Tiger sympathy where they the LTTE are attempting to re-emerge with many disgruntled Tamil Global Diaspora said to be contributing towards the cause acccording to many observers where there is no cause for contradiction as their surreptitious activities are well known to researchers monitoring their activities.

In a related matter Senator Rhiannon who recently requested the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship of Australia to provide details of those that had applied for visas to Australia to attend the forthcoming CHOGM meeting as a part of the Sri Lanka delegation has apparently been snubbed by The Minister who has declined to provide that information which relatively is proof of the mood of the Australian Government and should send signals to Rhiannon and others of similar dispposition that theirs’ could well be a wasted effort where their energies could better serve the world as well as Sri Lanka if they pitted their support towards the  rapid growth and development the Sri Lankan Administration has initiated with tremendous successs in post insurgency Sri Lanka and a feather in the cap of President Mahinda Rajapaksha gaining great momentum towards the cause of leading Sri Lanka into progress and prosperity for all her citizens despite the yapping od a few insidious opponents from opposite political camps ever ready to discredit his policies.

Curiously it has also been observed that several news items have surfaced in the Australian news media about attempts by the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) and the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC ) calling on Governments including Australia to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth and to seek to prevent the participation of the Sri Lanka delegation at the forthcoming CHOGM meeting in Perth which is indicative of exactly what may have been behind the call by senator Rhiannon where the sole aim of these groups to quote a recent news item ” is to resurrect the militarily defeated LTTE terrorists (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) and their cause of creating a separate mono ethnic state of Tamil Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The efforts of these groups have concentrated in the aftermath of the war in targeting key Sri Lankan Government officials and damaging their reputations internationally.” These calls however have continued to be ignored worldwide albeit being spot on for the accuracy of the observation  and  promotes a continuation of concerted calls by the Government of Sri Lanka to all world leaders that these are actions deliberately orchestrated against a Sovereign Nation where preventive action needs to be taken in response  and the world made aware of the impure objectives behind the recent spate of calls against Sri Lanka which have been highlighted by Australia’s rejection of  the call to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.

3 Responses to “Australia’s Partisan Call To Suspend Sri Lanka From Commonwealth Rejected In The Senate !! Poetic Justice Perhaps And Others Take Note!!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    LOSERS are losing again Nanthikadal style.

    This is fun.

    Tamil Diaspora jokers waste their money and have a re-enactment of the same episonde over and over again and we win!

  2. pam Says:

    Mr. Sunil Kumar

    Can you have sentence breaks in your long paragraphs, please?
    It is awfully difficult to read. Having readable, short sentences is a tenet in
    in good communication!!!!!

  3. dhane Says:

    After LTTE was wiped off in 2009 these Tamil Diaspora jokers need some reason to collect money from the foolish Tamils living all over the world.
    As Gottabaya Rajapaksha said these pepole will come out with one after the other reason to keep their income growing. Foolish Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon and other Greens never realised by helping Tamils they are loosing the vote. I will never ever Vote for Greens in Australia. I hope many others will follow.

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