Kudos to Admiral Samarsinghe – Greens anti Sri Lankan move defeated in Australian Parliament
Posted on September 22nd, 2011

One Sri Lanka Peace Watch

One Sri Lanka sources in Australia reveal that the Australian Government and the opposition have voted together and defeated a move by Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon to suspend Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.

It is also learnt that Senator Lee had a round table discussions earlier in the week to facilitate pro “”…” LTTE lobby. Sri Lankan government representatives were banned from this event. Representatives of LTTE front organizations still operates in Australia were seen firing all sorts of lies against Sri Lanka at the meeting.

Also, the Australian Minister of Immigration and Citizenship has thwarted an attempt by Senator Lee to pass details of the Sri Lankan delegation expected to visit Australia for Commonwealth General meeting to the Tamil Tiger terrorists.

One Sri Lanka Peace Watch commends the understanding of mainstream politicians in Australia who supported this move against terrorism.

It is clear that the international operatives of the defeated terrorist group in the Western countries are trying to get their names and blood cash in their possession clean through their absurd campaign against Sri Lanka. Unlike in their earlier campaigns, the LTTE lobby has introduced a new twist to the Green’s campaign that it demands investigations into war crimes committed by the LTTE, in addition to the alleged charges against the government.  Observers say that this to alienate the LTTE fronts from the internationally banned terror group that was defeated in 2009 in Sri Lanka.

Now, the residuals of this group are utilizing the fortune built by them through 25 years of illegal enterprise to attract unscrupulous and bankrupted politicians in the West for their defense

The following is the radio interview given by Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe to Radio Australia over the issue :


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