These Are Dangerous Criminals Who Contributed To Criminal Acts of Premeditated Intent To Destroy A Sovereign Nation Who Need To Serve Out Their Sentences Before Any Redemption!
Posted on October 8th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

October 8th 2011
If all the dangerous criminals in the world were set free on compassionate grounds before serving their semtences and rehabilitation thereafter, the world would surely be a dangerous placce to live in. The world must never forget the terrible crimes these individuals and their ilk contributed to through decades of mayhem, wantion destruction of life, limb and property of innocent civilians as well as members of the Administration and Armed Forces and the reckoning is applicable to every instance of similar perspective wherever it may have occured or continue to  do so or fall short of making the  International Criminal Justice System a joke!

The recent news item in The National Post Of Canada posted by acclaimed and award winning Features Editor Mr.Stewart Bell under the caption “Tamil Canadians in prison for arming rebels renounce violence” Is surely a lament which can never justify the intent of these individuals when they participated in the actions they were ultimately indicted and sentenced for.It also seems a ploy where the sympathies of the authorities are solicited through depositions and testimonials which do not even in some small measure compensate for the decades of horror their actions contributed to and certainly not through crocodile tears nor the heartaches of their families whose distresses they triggered through their own mendacious and irresponsible actions !
Five years after they were caught buying arms for Sri Lankan Terrorists the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam~ ( LTTE) now defunct in Sri Lanka!~, three Canadians  are reported to have signed an open letter from prison acknowledging they were wrong and are renouncing political violence which is merely a first step towards any applicable rehabilitation and their reprieves probably needing to unfold over a period of time which they must pay for through the serving of their sentences..

Despite their written acknowledgements  that they incorrectly believed that violence could achieve the goals that they sought  and that they now realize that what they did was not helpful in leading to a positive resolution of the issues that existed in Sri Lanka the accountability of their criminal intent being of the extreme nature it  should never be made light of through unconditional pardoning  which it does, as one must remember the immense sufferings caused on an immeasurable scale and  its vastness through their actions which were obviously deliberate, carefully planned, premeditated  and without conscience.

It is reported in the news item under reference that “The rejection of armed militancy is a complete reversal for the Toronto men, who were part of the international weapons procurement network that supplied the Tamil Tigers, or LTTE, during Sri Lanka’s long civil war.But since being caught in New York shopping for $1-million worth of surface-to-air missiles and AK-47 assault rifles “”‚ a crime that earned them sentences of at least 25 years “”‚ the men have apparently had a change of heart.” which perhaps has come a bit late in the day with their depositions and written testimonials which are merely a first step towards any deserving reprieve which logically and rationally there seem to be none deserving where their atonements could perhaps never be sufficient towards those severly affected and lives destroyed  on the massive scale that was and the price to pay needing to be a heavy one where  one only needs to look at the penalties being paid for the crimes of the Nazi holocaust, the Khymer Rouge terror of Pol Pot, Al Quaeda, Rwanda and tha various global crimes which stand as testimony to man’s inhumanity to man and deservingly so in order that the world may never forget.
Consequently to give criminals of this nature their freedoms to mingle in free society without a long rehabilitation process is a travesty of justice and somewhat myopic.
One needs to evaluate the hollowness of their depositions which suggest  that “Each of us has come to the conclusion that the criminal activity for which we have been sentenced has caused much harm to all citizens of Sri Lanka,” as written by messers Sathajhan Sarachandran, Thiruthanikan Thanigasalam and Sahilal Sabaratnam who have acknowledged that ” They incorrectly believed that supporting LTTE ideology on armed violence would bring peace to Tamil people. They refrain from those beliefs  now,” in the joint letter signed by each of them at their prison in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Aug. 21. The letter, obtained exclusively by the National Post, was to be released publicly in the coming days as the Stewart Bell article indicated where the burning question is  ~ what is the justification for their unconditional release ? which seems to be what they are invariably seeking and can the risk be taken to release them in a world of today steeped in the dangers of global terrorism where there are many indications of openly avowed proclamations by many underground Tamil Tiger cells and their supportives  that they will re-group and continue their fight for Ealam!
This becomes a very important perspective towards a decision to release such dangerous criminals, many of whom in the past  on many an occassion have had a reputation for lamenting and renouncing their criminalities in public but when released through imperceptive means on the part of the authorities as well as clever legal wrangling by insdiscriminate as well as unscrupulous defence attorneys, they go back to their objectives hardly batting an eyelid and a painful reality which cannot be overlooked.

As pointed out in the National Post item By Mr Bell “The repudiation of political violence is the first of its kind to emerge from Canadians actively involved in supporting the Tamil Tigers, a federally banned armed separatist group that has long been active in Toronto.It comes as their families in Ontario ( where he seems to have inadvertently overlooked Montreal and other major Canadian cities also hotbeds of former LTTE activity!) are seeking mercy for the inmates, such as prisoner transfers to Canada or Sri Lanka. And it raises a difficult question for the authorities: Do those involved in terrorism deserve leniency if they repent?”
And if the world order against terrorism and its principles prevail, one thinks not!  where  it should be a long time before these criminals are realistically pardoned despite the rhetoric of those in favour, the needs of their families as well as the long drawn emotion flavoured depositions.These individuals have contributed to virtually unpardonable crimes for which there always has to be a severe price to pay!

2 Responses to “These Are Dangerous Criminals Who Contributed To Criminal Acts of Premeditated Intent To Destroy A Sovereign Nation Who Need To Serve Out Their Sentences Before Any Redemption!”

  1. pam Says:

    They should not be shown any leniency or given any reduction of the sentences.
    They engaged in terrorist acts, contributing to the death of countless numbers of men, women and children.
    Let them spend their full sentences in jail, and use that time to ponder the loss they have caused to so many fathers, mothers and children in Sri Lanka.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Hopefully Pam’s prudent opinion sends a message to the world as well as the Canadian authorities who are posed with the ultimate decision making on this issue. She has interpreted the article with perception and endorsed its message which is not about the criminals and their freedoms but what the victims suffered which entail both the state and populace of Sri Lanka for which atonement is needed.

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