AIs Online petition on Sri Lanka to Barak Obama
Posted on October 18th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G12 Canada

17 October 2011

 Mr. Alex  Neve

 Director General, Amnesty International , Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Alex Neve:

 What is all this that I read about your counterparts in the US having created an online petition on the White House petition site in support of LTTE’s call for an international war crimes probe targeting Sri Lanka.  They certainly wouldn’t have asked for an international probe if LTTE’s top honchos’ “”…” Prabhakaran, Pottu Aman, Soosai, Thamil Chelvam, Nadesan, Pulendran, Seelan, Kittu, Col. Shankar, Balraj, Tango Papa, Bhanu, Charles Anthony and Ramesh, were alive.  Most died during the last assault defending their de facto state, Eelam on 18 May 2009.   They wouldn’t have wanted to be hauled into a War Crimes Court, as their faces would have said, ” Your Honour, I am guilty of violating human rights by killing  thousands of innocent Sinhalese and Muslim peoples, among them pregnant mothers and infants..”

You guys are a sick bunch aren’t you?  When you lot couldn’t care two pads of holy cow dung when the Tamil Tigers were massacring my innocent Sinhalese people in the thousands, for 27 long years, but you still went after Sri Lanka Government’s pound of flesh and its armed forces.  And to cover your behinds you told the world that you guys are impartial with a two liner in your reports saying the LTTE too have been violating Human Rights.  Correct?  What a lot of hog wash, Alex!

When your man in Ottawa told me in the early 90s, that you all believed and didn’t like the Sri Lankan Government using excessive force on the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  And I retorted saying “When the Tamil Tigers point their barrel of an AK47 at the heart of one of my soldiers, I don’t expect him to point the barrel of his assault rifle at the knee-cap of the Tamil Tiger.  I want him to shoot the Tamil terrorist bastard dead first before he gets him.  This is war man, this is not a high school student’s play ground fight with stickes and catapults”, I said while the then, High Commissioner for Sri Lanka was kicking me under the table to shut me up for going after your AI man in Ottawa.  That is how blatant-hypocrites you guys are, to tell me and others, “We are impartial and honest Human Rights World Police.” 

Little wonder why Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney blasted you Amnesty International lot saying, “More troubling, it dilutes the meaning of the words “human rights and international justice,” the moral authority of which is threatened by such reckless imprecision and promiscuous misapplication of self-proclaimed “human rights” organization”.  How damn right you are Jason, these guys at Amnesty International pride themselves as  a self-proclaimed “ƒ”¹…”Human Rights” organization policing the world, including Sri Lanka.  Ha! This is hilarious.  This is tripe!

Alex, if you lot want to get back your dignity as a Nobel Peace Prized Human Rights organization, try my “ƒ”¹…”Litmus-chicken test.’  When you all bicycle around the world the Ch,4 video, “ƒ”¹…”Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’, piggy back that showing by showing the video  “Lies Agreed Upon” where witnesses are no shadow-phantoms with no names like those in the Channel 4 video.  The witnesses in “ƒ”¹…”Lies Agreed Upon‘ are real people with heads swiveling on their necks, with real voices, with real faces having two eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and identifying themselves with their names.  That is honesty par excellance.

Well, accept that challenge that I threw at you.  If you don’t, well then”¦I have nothing but contempt towards your organization with a bunch of chicken hearts.  It is as simple as that.

Alex, I like what Minister Jason Kenney said about you guys.  He blasted AI for “cherry picking cases to publicize, based on ideology. This kind of stunt helps explain why so many respected human rights advocates have abandoned Amnesty International”  No kidding, Jason!  I would have never thought that this was possible as AI projects an image of being honest and squeaky clean.

My note to Jason would  have been, “Sure, Jason, you are absolutely right.  These guys at AI have found the art of cherry picking cases which is most lucrative and juicy rich like Walk-a-Thon monies from client organizations that have an axe to grind with their country of origin and expects AI to be their voice.  And AI wants to survive to feed themselves with sirloin steaks and not hot dogs for dinner.”

Pass this comment to your counterparts in the US, and I will appreciate it.


Asoka Weerasinghe

 cc. John Argue (AI, Toronto)

3 Responses to “AIs Online petition on Sri Lanka to Barak Obama”

  1. OaO Asithri Says:

    Jason Kenney is on record saying of AI: ““cherry picking cases to publicize, based on ideology.”

    This is very true, although I am not sure whether it “ideology” or age old “moneylogy” that drives these honchos in AI to do the crass, hypocritical, double dealing that they do today after having perfected to a fine art.

    In my view, GOSL must up the ante…that is, it is time that GOSL declares anyone with any association with these groups such as this AI, HRW, ICG, etc. persona non-grata Sri Lanka.

    After all, I am told there is enough evidence that has been supplied to the GOSL by pro-Sri Lanka parties abroad that speaks volumes about the pro-LTTE leanings/sympathies of these so called human rights groups – either because they are IDEOLOGY hooked on (i.e. believing in Tamil racist-separatists’ call for a “Tamils Only” fascist separate state in SL) or MONEYLOGY hooked on (a forensic audit of these HR honchos, and their associates’ – forensically speaking not just the immediate, but associates going by their cell-phone records for the past 3 years for example – personal finances and “source of wealth/deposits” type of an audit would go a long way to dispel the current suspicions many have to this effect) !!!

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I do not understand why there need to be three separate organisations like HRW, AI and ICJ, when in fact they act in unison like a pack of jackals attacking easy prey, identified by their masters. It is time these three groups merged to form a single group, as in anycase they consult each other and feed on and recycle each others fabrications. Didn’t they sweat and buckle in their knees and quickly drafted a joint reply to decline, when they unexpectedly received an invitation from the SriLankan LLRC to place evidence before the LLRC? Wont this prove to the world that these 3 groups work hand in glove and do not have independent views?

  3. jay-ran Says:

    “You guys are a sick bunch aren’t you? When you lot couldn’t care two pads of holy cow dung when the Tamil Tigers were massacring my innocent Sinhalese people in the thousands, for 27 long years, but you still went after Sri Lanka Government’s pound of flesh and its armed forces. And to cover your behinds you told the world that you guys are impartial with a two liner in your reports saying the LTTE too have been violating Human Rights. Correct? What a lot of hog wash, Alex!”

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