Lack of Honesty at High Echelons!
Posted on October 20th, 2011

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

To the attention of the Australian Federal Parliamentarians!
Lack of Honesty at High Echelons!

 An Eye Opener!

 Commonwealth Ombudsman Allan Asher has resigned as his integrety as an impartial observer was dented since he scripted the Senator Sarah Hanson Young to question at a Parliamentary inquiry in May of this year.

With this hideous act of coaching Senators at Senate sittings, he has joined the likes of corrupt OFFICIALS in Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and UNHCR etc who abuse the responsibilities to paint economic migrants from Sri Lanka as genuine refugees.

 Most of those who managed to get residency in the West by these means have found to be engaged in nefarious activities such as Credit card skimming, drug trafficking, then illegal boat trafficking from Indonesia to Australia and to the West. One young woman by the name Niromi de Zoysa, who is now an Australian citizen, wrote a book “Tamil Tigress” admitting how she became a hard-core LTTE cadre to kill the innocent people. Later she migrated as a “Refugee”, just imagine how she worked out to be classified as a genuine refugee by the UNHCR! It’s up to the ASIO or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship investigate these bogus UNHCR documentation.

 The illegal boat asylum seekers have become a festering issue for all the Australian Governments of the day. It is a magnanimous act on the part of any Government to be compassionate towards the refugees who flee those countries that perpetrate inhuman atrocities on their citizens.

 Unfortunately those who flee Sri Lanka have never been subjected to such conditions, they are using these allegations just to canvass to build a strong case so that the Department of the Emigration & Immigration would assess in favour of the refugees. Those who encourage the boat arrivals from Indonesia are fighting against a time window to get as much as Tamils spreading false allegation as long as Australian Government is weak. They know every day is not “Christmas”. All those who gain the residency has to financially contribute to the LTTE pro organization so that they can keep most VIP’s, Parliamentarians in their payroll in order to parrot what they tell them to denigrate the image of Sri Lanka in order to achieve ultimate goal the Elam state.

 The latest is to hound after the new High Commissioner for Sri Lanka Rear Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, who is a genuine, honest and impartial Officer of the highest calibre. Sri Lanka’s relations among all communities and their living conditions can best be sought from the Aussie High Commissioner Ms. Kathy Klugman rather than those of the likes of Sarah Hanson Young, Lee Rhiannon and host of others who have not set foot to Sri Lanka after the end of the conflict or non at all, they parrot what is written in LTTE Tamil net WebPages and listening to the imaginary brutal episodes told by the pro LTTE supporters!

 It has also become a strategy to stage various anti Sri Lankan activities whenever there is an important event is about to commence, all media has a field day during this period. They parade in open like King Lear!

 Sri Lanka has a popularly elected Government, who treats all her citizenry alike. She had an internal conflict aided and abetted by the misguided West, now that the issue has been solved it must be the duty of the Western oriented countries to support that country so that the normalcy of the of the masses can be ushered gradually! Or help the pro LTTE cadres to perpetuate hatred in order to inflict the carnage that is seen daily on TV all over the Globe. Choice is yours!

 May I take this opportunity to request those armchair critics to make an effort to visit that beautiful country,see and feel for themselves the Peaceful coexistence of all ethnicities!

 I respectfully believe those intelligent beings have the means to filter out truth from the muck!


 Vajeera Warnakulasuriya


2 Responses to “Lack of Honesty at High Echelons!”

  1. Muhammad FS Says:

    Another prominent Muslim has been killed by the west.

    Gadaffi is no holy man but the way he was killed is not acceptable. Just like Bin Laden. These are war crimes. Now the west is pitting Muslims against Muslims. I don’t know where and how this will end.

  2. aloy Says:

    We need not worry about this so much. Countries like Canada and Australia need manpower. If they come with their own money why not take them

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