Posted on October 22nd, 2011

By Mahinda Weerasinghe

On 11-02-2008 I wrote the following article called “ƒ”¹…”SOME SOUND ADVICE TO THE KENYAN LEADERS’.

At that point of history Kenya was in a precarious situation and at the brink of a looming civil war. The peace industry leaches were eying to destabilise it, and exploit for their good life. And at this point of history they knew they were about to lose Sri Lanka “ƒ”¹…”the gem of the Indian ocean’. For the end was in sight for “ƒ”¹…”God loves me and I love God people’ who had been imploding the nation using the Catholic terrorist for decades.

I tried to relay to the Kenyan people, the Lankan nation’s horrendous experience through the manipulations of the peace industry.

I found the Kenyan people, as soft as the Sinhalese Buddhist folk, and tried to explain to them the external destabilising forces arrayed against them.

Using the civil unrest, the peace industry parasites gain entry into Kenya through their Nobel peace Lauriat, Uncle Tom Kofi Annan, to step in to the breach, so they could play the destructive game as they played in Sri Lanka.

I thought I will give my two-cent worth of advice and I penned the attached article. Their I requested the Kenyan leaders to think and not to be as stupid as the Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists. Now I feel this article had some affect on the nation as this article had the pride of place for years in the following block site but now defunct. I feel it influenced the then current Kenyan situation.

United Nations Move On: SOME SOUND ADVICE TO THE KENYAN LEADERS…/somesound-advice-to-Kenyan… 

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 I am happy to say the Kenyans came out un-scratched from the fray. I am pasting it here for your reader’s edification and enjoyment.

Mahinda Weerasinghe



By Mahinda Weerasinghe

World’s eyes are currently focused on Kenya! The Western media reports, including that of BBC, indicate that Kenya has descended into a pit from which it can never climb out.

And to this pit steps in Kofi Annan — the sphinx of Africa. His gloomy, unsmiling demeanour expressed in his doleful eyes does not promise much hope for Kenya. He seems to be more pained than the Kenyans by the country’s descent into a quagmire.

Kofi, in his inimitable mournful manner, is informing the world that Kenya is a basket case. He has orchestrated meetings and brought the partners together, and tried to resolve the ongoing post-election violence. He has endeavoured to put a stop to the resulting loss of lives and property, but the more he ties the more it gets out of control.

Well, that’s the bad news, and the good news is as bad as the bad news: Kofi Annan cannot do much about it.

To begin with his handling of the world affairs when he was running the UN has not produced any impressive results either in the trouble spots. His duplicity has not helped the world either. When as UN’s secretary general he landed at Colombo airport he was in a mighty rush to get to the bush to shake with the mass murderer, Velupillai Prabhakaran. Annan knew he was the murder who had assassinated leader of member states — Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minster of India and President Ranasinghe of Premadasa of Sri Lanka. That was hi manner of upholding the noble ideals of the UN Charter.

In other words, he was striving to equate a sovereign, democratic UN member nation of Sri Lanka with that of the latest Pol Pot of Asia’s Ghetto Eelam. What could he have achieved except some publicity for himself? Possibly he was thinking of advancing his career prospect after he retires by winning the goodwill of UD in Norway — the leading backer of the Tiger terrorists. Norway has been the big bank roller of this industry. The Norwegian UD (Foreign Ministry) has played its partisan role until it ended up as a total failure.

During his tenure or after Annan has not displayed the same enthusiasm to meet or speak with the Al Qaeda’s Boss Bin Larden? And pray why not? Was he scared of displeasing his white masters? After all Bin Laden too claims to be a freedom fighter! More than that he claims to be doing God’s work in his own Islamic way. But Kofi, being Kofi Annan, kept away from Laden knowing that it was not going to win him brownie points. On the other hand, he was bending over backwards to meet and greet the most wanted man in the SAARC region. He is wanted by India and Sri Lanka for crimes committed against these two member states. Annan too wanted him not to bring him to book but to give him respectability. No wonder he left the UN in cloud.

What is evident is Kofi Annan, like his masters in the Norwegian UD and the BBC, recognizes two types of terrorists. The ‘good terrorists’ such as the LTTE, and the ‘despicable’ terrorists such as the Islamic ones, who are waging their war against the Christian powers. Naturally the Sun God of the LTTE falls into the good “terrorist” slot.

Indeed we remember the United Nations oil-for-food scandal, which involved the family of the secretary-general Kofi Annan. It seems his son have been receiving payments as late as November 2004, from a key contractor in the oil-for-food program. The secretary-general’s son, Kojo Annan, was previously reported to have worked for a Swiss-based company called Cotecna Inspection Services SA, which from 1998-2003 held a lucrative contract with the U.N. to monitor goods arriving in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, under the oil-for-food program.
But money generated by Kojo from such deals was not sufficient for the father’s fancy life style.

Right now Kofi Annan is without a job. Just like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Bondavik (the Lutheran priest and the Last Prime Minster of Norway), Tony Blair e.t.c. So as a rule, they hitch their career to the peace ‘band wagon’. If they couldn’t bring peace when they had the power to do so, how can they do it now when they don’t have any power? But to them there’s no business likes the peace business. Indeed in this ‘do gooder’ industry when one problem is over, another ‘pops up out of the wood work’. If there were no conflicts to be facilitated, then conflicts can be generated using their powerful connections. That’s the beauty of the peace industry. It pays well, and need no justification or validation for any achievements.

Erik Solheim in Sri Lanka was one of those who went out promising peace and ended up in the same manhole as Prabhkaran. It is clear from their performances, the world would be a better place if they retire and remain retired without poking their unwanted fingers in other people’s pies.

Solheim’s participation is remarkable. He lost everything including his peace agreement he signed with Prabhkaran — the man who can never live in peace. Nobody wanted to know why after busting billions of Norwegian tax payer kroners, he was unceremoniously shown the exit from Sri Lanka. Nobody; including the Norwegian tax payers, did not question the reason for that fiasco. No wonder the peace industry is so enticing and alluring. Its total lack of constraints, accountability, responsibility or transparency attracts all these losers.

Indeed there is no better job to be had, rather than being ‘keepers of peace’! In short everybody loves a peacenik, there is money to be made by the bushels, and what’s more, the ‘down and out governments’ pay attention to peacenik’s points of view. Indeed blessed are the peacemakers. But such sentiments are never offered of the warmongers! So let the wise parents direct their off springs to ‘go unto the world, be peace facilitators, and bring honour and prestige to their families.

By now you realize, there are two types of people living in the world. Warmongers and peacekeepers. Let me adjust that last pronouncement. Warmongers are definitely not white men coming from earlier colonial nations, they are usually peacekeepers. So does it mean that people with a darker hue of the skin are the warmongers? Yes, with some exceptions naturally. There are always uncles Tom quislings who can be bought for the right price.

On the other hand no conflict means, no cosy jobs, no transversing the world in first class flights, wheeling and dealing and offering sound advice to world leaders, while lapping it up in five star hotels.

Yet cheap advice can be got by a ‘dime a dozen’. On the other hand when it’s coming from a man appointed by the peace industry it may cost the independence of a nation.

No wonder the peace industry needs such conflicts. And such conflicts are long drawn out, nurtured and sustained. A person like Kofi Annan depicts an aura of magnanimity and concern. For more humane the demeanour, and ‘holier than thou’ the rhetoric, the bigger rake off.

Take the classic case of Mr Kjell Magne Bondevik, the earlier Prime Minster of Norway. As you would have guessed he has hitched his lot to the ‘peace wagon’, after his unceremonious departure from the premiership of Norway. This was a man who was burning with values, which he was keen to export. And Prime Minster he felt that the Norwegians were lacking in values. And he was going to do something about that. So he floated a value commission to help. Obviously, when he spoke of values, he meant Christian values not any other values. Indeed what other values were their other than Christian ones? In fact no values as such were to be had before Jesus Christ our saviour was born. I am speaking of values such as, burning of witches, Holy wars in the name of our Lord, or conversions under duress with the help of the sword. This Lutheran Christian priest we assumed has always acted ethically and owned good values. So when that notorious terrorist Mr. V. Balakumar of the murderous LTTE was entertained by his Foreign office, people were stunned.

To the ignorant, Mr Balakumar is a professional assassin, who takes his business quite seriously. Being the mentor of Black Tiger suicide bomber squad, he has demonstrated to the world, what can be achieved through intimidation and mass slaughter. He showed the world, how through meticulously planned genocide, a terror outfit can acquire respectability, recognition and legitimacy from European democratic nations, such as Norway and Denmark.

That’s the sort of recognition Bin Larden was dreaming of all along, but failed miserably due to some elusive reason, which I am unable to quite fathom!

Then on l2th September at the UN General Assembly we hear the Prime Minister Bondevik’s incredible declaration. He notifies the gathering of the heads of state:

“We must continue our common efforts to prevent and eradicate terrorism, and to bring the perpetrators to justice. We must deny the terrorist access to weapons of mass-destruction. We must continue to fight terrorism with all necessary means – political, diplomatic, legal, financial and military.”

Bundavik must have thought he has taken the world for a ride. Instead what really happened was; Sri Lanka showed him and his pals the door. If these are the sorts of characters peace facilitators are made of, then Kenya should be ready for the high jump. But naturally, Bondevik & Kofi are very dear friends and financed by the peace industry of Norway.

In fact Kenyans should take note. If they are to avoid Sri Lankan like situation from developing in Kenya, then shun the peace facilitators, like the plague. Or they will inherit a never-ending conflict. Peacenik NGOs and INGOs of all hues and shades will descend upon them, financed by earlier Colonial master’s hell bent on destabilizing Kenya. As if Congo and Sierra Leone is not enough.

In fact if you want peace facilitators, use one of your own. Never taker a believer in God such as Bundevik, because such a facilitators tend to serve God, not solve problems of fellow beings’. There are enough of servants of God, what you need are the other type. If worst come to worst, take a Buddhist facilitator. Because Buddhist as a rule are directed by their conscience rather than some unknown God somewhere. Take a lesson from Sri Lanka’s agony. The Sri Lankan nincompoops were told by me not call in Norwegian UD as peace facilitators in 1998. I explained to them carefully; how can one use a country, which allows terrorists to collect money for a racial struggle and at the same time be neutral peace facilitators. (In this case the racial struggle was to create a Catholic Elam utopia, where unadulterated Jaffna Tamils, who are untouched and unsoiled by other races, can live together in a ghetto.)

Today Sri Lanka is set back ten years, thanks to interference by such peaceniks such as Kofi Annan and Bundervik. Sri Lankans have learned their lesson but payed dearly and lost two generations of development. Moral is; nobody is going to help one but one self. Surely Kenyans need not have a repetition of litany of errors that Sri Lankans went through by contracting the Norsk peace industry to resolve their problems. Use your resources and imagination, and take control of your own affairs without involving paid international parasites; or they will put roots in your country.

By Mahinda Weerasinghe
By the author of ‘The Origin of Species According to The Buddha’




  1. Christie Says:

    Kenya is in the same position as Ceylon economically.

    I think more than 40% of the economy is in the hands of Indians. the same applies to Ceylon.

    The problems of Ceylon are the Indian colonial parasites and the same applies to Kenya and other Indian-British colonies.

    We all should undersatnd our suffering and reclaim independence from Indian colonial parasites.

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