Posted on November 2nd, 2011


Serious questions are being asked in regard to the arrangements to despatch  a VIP to overseas for medical treatment.  The drama unfolded so far is not palatable and is not going to be understood by the general public. There has been a lack of transparency and clarify by the relevant Authorities to dispel rumuors, which are damaging the image of the government.  It is well known that in many instances, the real culprits escape the punishment but a “ƒ”¹…”henceman’ finally becomes a scapegoat. 

Contract killing is a major business in Sri Lanka.  Very recently, a kind medical practitioner who has been providing medical treatments mostly free of charge in down South was shot dead.   My immediate reaction was that some people in the “ƒ”¹…”medical profession’ might have been behind the killing, as it provides a perfect motive to elimate the  “ƒ”¹…”trouble maker in business’.   In the olden days, my poor father treated many patients free of charge, even though we had financial difficulties at that time. I remember, sometimes the relatives and friends of patients comes at night and take my father to see patients.  He did not have a car, simply walk with the relatives/friends of the patients.  After giving medicine, when asked “how much to pay”, with a smile his answer  was ” just give me something- podi mudalak denna”.  If they give more money than  what my father had expected, he will simply return the excess.  (I might add that this action has at times annoyed my Amma, because some medicines were made at home with financial difficulties).   I have seen him doing this, time after time, as I usually go to his Dispensaries  at Maligawatte and Grandpass.  Fortunately, no body killed my “Thaththa”, those were the great days of Sri Lanka, when we had sincere, kind, caring people who did not commit sins.

Now we start the day with Buddhist preaching.  Later in the afternoon, at most Junctions Maha Pirith cassettes are being played very loudly.  Some of the loudspeakers are in very close proximity to Wine Stores, those who worked so hard during the day,   can be seen near the Wine Stores, listening to Maha Pirith.  Sadu, Sadu!!

The Sri Lankan Police must be given a free hand and it must be seen that the Police has been given a free hand.  How could we promote and expect the Expatriates to bring wealth and return to Sri Lanka, if notorious gangs gets the smell  and kill them bright day light. When the lives of those who are living in Sri Lanka are  not safe, will anyone with an iota of common sense decide to take your children and return to Sri Lanka?

Quite frankly, I am very disappointed.


  1. nayomi Says:

    Wonderful. Actually, the fault lies in the legal system. We have an Attorney General – a Lady who is keeping Quiet. In any other country the Attorney General would have instructed the Police to take action and the Magistrate concerned would have impounded the Passport. Here in this country the Attorney General has not done any thing. This has been the case all along.

    Then take the Chief Justice. How can she be independent when her husband a one time Cricketer is appointed the Chairman of NSB-a political appointment.

    So there goes justice down the drain. There is no rule of Law. Judges are acting on the instructions of politicians.

    Look at the Former CJ., every other Government benefitted by his stupid acts. Now they go for an inquiry just because he defends Gen. Fonseka

    This country is doomed. Look at Mervin Silva, Look at Douglas, Look at Karuina, Lokko at Milinda who is a Pinto who has a controversial background and track record. Look at Duminda, Look at these people-and the immunity they enjoy.

    now lady cj and ag to make things worse. Duminda will be exonerated. Some people will get together and confess. On National day they will be pardoned.

  2. douglas Says:

    It is very magnanimous to give whatever assistance to breath one’s life. I do not see anything wrong with it and that is what exactly the medical professionals are trained and taken an oath to do. At the same time let the justice be freely allowed to take its course. For that to happen, we have to be patient and restrain from making premature decisions and await the outcome. For all these to happen as expected, the authorities too have to act in a very resposible and an honourable, visible manner. When that is not forthcoming, the public will react violently and that is what happened in both the Dompe and Karandeniya cases. Of course, this is a very bad sign and the so called “Jana Gosa” propagated by some opposition members are not at all in the best interest of the country. It is very irresponsible to fish in troubled waters to achieve their goals through such means.

    There has been a galore of expatrates flocking to Sri Lanka immediately after the war and some alarming numbers have obtained their “dual citizenships”. The authorities smelt a rat in this process and temperorily withheld the whole exercise until further notice and infact they want to inquire into some 35,000 such cases of dual citizenships. If you look at the number of such cases closely, some alarming information will come to light. So let us wait for the outcome of such investigations.

    Reference your third paragraph, I did mention this in one of my comments connected with “whither S/L” and had an ear-full. I said the same thing and most readers got it in the wrong context. I have nothing but to agree with you on that statement.

    You want the Police to be given a free hand. A good idea, provided the Police in Sri Lanka are capable and ready to accept such freedom. But as at present it remains a “prodigal” product of the Politicians of the country. So long as that “monstrous vampires” are active in this policing arena, nothing can be expectd to improve in the near future. But this is not to give up hopes, because, we see some good many personnel acting in the most responsible manner and they are par excellence.

    The other subject connected with this is the independence of the Judiciary. It must be maintained at any cost and not be made a mockery even though the Highest Executive has the unchallenged constitutional power to ignore the decisions and grant indemnity once a person is convicted and punished, however much that person is well connected or not.

  3. AnuD Says:

    The following is the some one who has connections at the top wrote.

    1.But MR.R was very unhappy with the speech given by baratha’s daughter at the father’s funeral. He asked her who wrote the speech to punish the writer.

    2. Why police officer who was conducting investigations on baratha’s killing, suddenly transferred? Replacing with GOTA’s puppet?
    3. Marvin was very unhappy with the recent speech of baratha’s daughter and warned ‘that she is too much’.

    4.MR.R trying to offer money and position to baratha’s daughter but she refused

    5.MR.R is keeping files and Blackmailing All ministers and MPs who done illegal or commission bearing deals that unable them to open their mouth.

    6.Most of ministers are unhappy and Basil is in-charge of everything.

    7. SF will go to another minimum of 5 years term.

    MR.R, you can not be for ever.

  4. Christie Says:

    These drug dealers are part of the Tamil terrorism. Most of the drugs comes from India and Indians used to make most of the profits. It looks like now the local dealers are allowed to keep a hisger share than what it used to be.

    Indian drugs is part of the Indian colonialism and imperialism. Have you come accross any Indian (include Tamils) drug users.

    Indians have been using drugs in Ceylon to keep the locals drugged.

  5. ranjit Says:

    MDP ! you will not find any more doctors or hunam beings like your father in Sri Lanka these days. It’s rare to find such people among ourselves although there are few good men and women in that trade.
    We cannot find Dahanayakes or Senanayakes now adays in the political field either. We have drug lords,murderers,kidnappers,underworld gangs as politicians Thanks to our foolish public. We should have accedemics and well educated individuals in parliament rather than gangsters and fraudesters. Parliamenmt is like a tele drama.We the fools looked on this drama everyday and then take sides and bet for the future of our nation. Public should stop this nonsence sending drug dealers like the calibre of some political stalwarts in the Governement to the parliament. If the Government not come clean with their day to day activities and good Governace then WATCH OUT because the day is not far away for you guys.

  6. oldfarm39 Says:

    I was hoping like so many Sri Lankans that after wiping out the LTTE Sri Lanka will develop and become a peaceful
    democratic country which will be the envy of all our neighbors and the world. I believed under the guidance of our President we will make progress . Sadly, as the writer and other patriotic and concerned commentators have said we are slowly sliding into a lawless society.
    If this continues we will end up like Haiti under Papa Doc or one of the South American countries where Drug Barons hold sway.

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