TNA’s move against the State
Posted on November 2nd, 2011

S. Akurugoda

According to media reports a delegation from the TNA which is in the US on an invitation extended by US Under Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake, had talks with US concerning the subject of self determination of Tamils in Sri Lanka among many other things.

The TNA was also scheduled to meet US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during the US visit.

As reported in The Hindu, the TNA has the support of the main Opposition party, the United National Party.

 The above report is a clear indication of the latest strategy of the LTTE rump to achieve their goal, by hook or crook, after failing to win separatism via militarily. 

 In early eighties, Tamils separatists went behind Indian politicians and managed to get their support to destabilize our country, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of rupees worth of property were lost and people of all communities, Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslims etc had to suffer over three decades.

 After failing to get the support from India, to the extent they expected for another wave of destruction, the LTTE rump appears to have now going behind the world’s policemen whose army “ƒ”¹…”NATO’ is said to be awaiting to protect civilians of militarily weak nations unless the administrations of those nations follow the tones  of US and their notorious allies. 

US and its allies eager to “ƒ”¹…”protect civilian lives’ by destroying millions of innocent civilians and to bring “ƒ”¹…”democracy’ by destroying current leaders and their entire family members and  installing their puppet regimes as demonstrated in their latest invasions is well known to the whole world.    

TNA is the surviving unarmed wing of the LTTE and choosing and inviting representatives of such a group as sole representative of Tamils in Sri Lanka is an insult to the peace loving people of Sri Lanka. Further the subject of discussion is purely an internal matter to be addressed by the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka and the government has not appointed or invited a third party as a mediator. Can anyone expect justice and fair play from those infamous US and UN officials, who have a proven record of interference on internal matters of Sri Lanka?

 The LTTE is still a banned terrorist organisation in many parts of the world and is an enemy of Sri Lankan people. MPs who have pledged allegiance to their own sovereign country going behind foreign powers giving aid or comfort to the enemies of the elected government and its peace loving people  is highly questionable.

Any attempt to change the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government amounts to treason. Considering the damage these separatist have done to our country in the past by seeking foreign interventions, it is time to find ways to stop repetition of such actions by any means.

If the current legislations are inadequate to prevent any act, directed unlawfully against the state, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite foreign powers to hostility, ill will or disaffection; new laws should be introduced without further delay.  


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  1. Devinda Fernando Says:

    For Christ sake! Do we even have Laws against Treason in this country? Why is our Attorney General not arresting and charging these people? TNA is the LTTE… I have stood in front of Suresh Premachandran openly admitting he wants Eelam.

  2. ranjith Says:

    Devinda Fernando,

    For Christ sake???

    Why Fr Immanuel and Ranjith Malcolm openly support TNA’s move? Could you please open your against them?

    Not only Attorney General even the President of SL dares to attempt to arrest TNA.

    They are being openly backed up by crusaders for a long time.

  3. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear S. Akurugoda!
    Thanks very much for your insight & call for arrest of TNA leaders. It is high time Govt. of Sri lanka acted on these organizations which openly supports the cause of LTTE.

    Why give so much credance to a small group when THEY SRE NOT the sole represenative of Tamils in Sri lanka. As one of your readers pointed out few weeks ago, any CONNOTATION to sepeartion or similar ideology if manifested in their names of PARTYS should be proof enough to ban them.

    They must be asked to takes OATHS supoorting the UNITY, ONE NATION, under ONE flag concept. Even an indication of SEPERATION in their respective parties, policies or ideology are causes for concern to Sri Lanka.

    Our beloved President should take immediate action to ban these few MPs, who mascarade in Foreign capitals, with TAX payers money to find a solution, when the solution should be found here in Sri lanka. We have proved time & again that we as a NATION never buckle under international pressure, whether it comes from Catholic church, Catholic actions or pseudo front organizations trying to destroy hard won peace,

    Letters like yours should be addressed to Politicians of all stripes, except leader of UNP who is an Anglican and one who betrayed our country giving 2/3 of the country to LTTE, just for him to remain as Prime Minister in 2002.

    Just expressing my views regarding this matter………..Thank you….Gamunu Alahakkone, Retired Engineer- Canada

  4. Devinda Fernando Says:

    *** Why Fr Immanuel and Ranjith Malcolm openly support TNA’s move? Could you please open your against them? ***

    They support them along with that LTTE Bishop Ryappu Joseph because the Catholic Church has many Tamil followers in the North. Why else?

  5. Devinda Fernando Says:

    *** Sinhala Catholics too suppot them along with that Lttte Bishop Ryappu Joseph. ***

    When you say Sinhala Catholics, are you speaking about all of them? if not what percentage? Because most I know hated the LTTE and supported the Sri Lankan government during the war.

  6. ranjit Says:

    TNA should be banned same like LTTE in Sri Lanka. Not only those bloody traitors but people like Ranil,Awamangala.Wickremebahu’s too should be arrested and put behind bars for speaking against our Motherland in foreign forums and calloborating with foreign conspirators to sabotage our country’s forward march. No Gorvernment has given or done to Tamils after doing such criminal activities to destroy our nation like this present Government. When everyone enjoys the freedom and calm and good economy in the country these bunch of traitors go around the world licking the asses of those white vagrants in the western world.

    LTTE IS FINSIHED and those traitors who supported them cannot raise their heads again if the do they will too will be in hell same like their ruthless murderer PRABAKARAN. So let them enjoy going around the world and talking to those white beggars like Blake and that black witch Navin Pillai and be happy because their days are numbered.They will be no more leaders in the future because young inteligent leaders will rise to the top from civilized Tamils among our population. Our SRI LANKAN nation is one and it will be one for ever. Watch out traitors!

  7. jimmy Says:

    Good one Ranjit
    admire your patriotism honesty and kindness to minorities
    I am sure Younger Generation from civilized Tamils will come against any one who try to divide the country .

    I pray there will be peace and harmony
    There should be Zero tolerance against any racist activities which should include speech and writing

    I agree your comments man except you calling Ranil a traitor
    He must be a good person may be not a tough leader
    You could call him as a weak leader not as a traitor

    it is my opinion

  8. AnuD Says:

    I think, Govt does not want to make Indian Central govt upset by harassing TNA because then Tamilnadu starts jumping up and down.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Jimmy I called him a traitor because as a responsible opposition leader he should not talk or take the side of our enemies in and outside. He should not blame the Government for everything they do.He should sit and discussed witrh the President and the Government our country’s problems and find solutions instead of blaming and making unneccessary troubles in the country. If he has any good ideas he can present it to the Government and both these parties can do something for the betterment of all peoples in our land. We need something good happens to our country not to destroy what we achieved this far. You visit Jaffna now and tell me the difference of yesterday and today. Tell me wherher there is any progress after the bloody war for thirty long years or not? Be honest man.This is our land and our birth place so we all must get together and safeguard it with our lives. We are all Sri Lankans.Not Sinhalese or Tamils or Muslims. We are all in one like 3 IN 1 SONY T.V. One big family to live in peace and harmony.

  10. jimmy Says:

    Yes There is a great progress in Jaffna
    People are happy
    People should help each other, tolerent and respect each others cultcure
    It is easy to beat Singapore if we can do that

  11. jimmy Says:

    I respect what you said my brother
    I have tears after reading this
    It is true what you said
    “This is our land and our birth place so we all must get together and safeguard it with our lives. We are all Sri Lankans.Not Sinhalese or Tamils or Muslims. We are all in one like 3 IN 1 SONY T.V. One big family to live in peace and harmony”
    Please incude Indian tamils also who live among Sinhalese in South

    I agree wih you sir
    I am sure Silent majority among sinhalese represent what you said

    Regarding Ranil I still do not agree with you . We all are entiltled to our opinion
    President Carter and Regan are different
    President Obma and Bill Clinton are different from either Bush ( Sr) and George Bush ( Jr)

    People can not call any US presidents a traitor because they think differently eventhough they love USA very very much

    Ranil is a patriot eventhough he thinks differenltly

    Hope you understand my respected Budhist friend

    Let us pray for Peace

    I decide not to read lanka web for a while because I consier it is an addiction

  12. jimmy Says:

    also Ranjith
    I am not interested in Politics at all
    I care less for Srilankan politics

    I want you to know I love Sinhalese Muslims bergers Indian tamils and Srilankan Tamils as brothers and Sisters,

    We have to respect each others faith and cultcure in the short life We live in this earth

  13. geoff Says:

    We should not respect those who don’t respect the country.

  14. Dham Says:

    devinda fernando (silva) here says, “Christs sake !” and shows solidarity with sinhala christians. ranjit and he argue in an another place to prove devinda’s “christian extremism” in which he disclaims and claims he is atheist !
    what a coward the” devinda” ( God in sinhala) is ?

  15. ranjith Says:


    Please note Ranjith and Ranjit are not the same person.

    They are different people, and have different views.

  16. jimmy Says:

    Got it Ranjith
    I respect you for defending Muslims eventhough you are not a muslim.
    It tells a lot about you . I can imagine what a great human being you are
    I am not a muslim but I respect others faith like you

    I respect Ranjits views also except his view on Ranil Vikrmasinghe


  17. ranjit Says:

    Correct Ranjith and Ranjit are two different people with different views. I am answering to Jimmy as he answered back on my views. I too hate to talk about politics all the time but when you read or see unfair things happenning in our country cannot just stay without commenting on it.

    My view is after thirty years of misery,carnage and destruction we somehow won the bloody war.Thanks to all our heros in the Armed Forces and all the civillian heros headed by the present Government of President Mahinda Rajapksa. In his heros day speech he said our Motherland is one and we are all one Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Burgers and Malays and we are called SRI LANKANS. So why cant we live as Sri Lankans and help each and everyone to build our shattered land without fighting each other and killing each other. What’s the matter with our people.Why everyone wants to destroy the peace we have and ruined our future? We all need to love our Motherland No need to talk about Christians,Buddhists and Muslims and Hindus did this and that. Stop all this nonsence and help this Government as citizens of Motherlanka to bring a better life to all our citizens from Point Pedro to Dondra. Let everyone live in peace and have the freedom to select their own way of life without disturbing any section of the population. Sri Lanka is only for Sri Lankans and we should save it from outside invaders and foreign aid terrorists within our country at all costs even with our lives. Jimmy brother you are a good man.Take a break and enjoy your living.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    TNA will probably keep running to USA & other western countries and complain of violation of human rights and the need for ‘self determination’ which ploys Tamil leaders have used for decades. TNA does not know what else to do but tout words like ‘self determination’ etc. when they know full well that there is no real ‘magic pill’ to solve their 3,000 yr old Caste/Poverty Issues. Basically, they are fighting their Caste War anger on the back of Sri Lanka. This problem has to be resolved in Tamil Nadu. Then there will be no problem in Sri Lanka.

    Till then, we had better get aware of the facts, and put Laws in place to safeguard Sri Lanka, counter separatism & illegal migration to and from Sri Lanka. An Oath of Allegiance to Lanka will surely help.

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Is Sri Lanka the Chosen One for insurrections & revolutions ? Why do we allow this to happen in Sri Lanka ? Is it so easy to land in Colombo as an illegal migrant and create havoc in neighboring countries ? Illegal migration must stop. Wake up Sri Lanka or lose your land ! While I sympathise with the poor of the Maldives, Sri Lanka should not be used as a landing place for problems of neighboring countries.

    Just see what Abdulla Luthufee (who had arrived in Colombo illegally by boat when he was just 14 yrs old), has to say on his assault on Abdul Gayoom, Maldivian President’s Male capital, on Nov 3, 1988. This is an excerpt from the Island newspaper of 11 Nov 2011 :

    Says Abdulla Luthufee to the question : Why did you choose Sri Lanka to mount an armed raid on Male?
    “I was just 14 when I first arrived in Colombo in a boat. It took three days to reach Colombo. Since then, I have been visiting Colombo and in the mid 80s, I set up the first foreign venture by a Maldivian here, a duck farm at Kadawatha before I got in touch with the then PLOTE commander, Uma Maheswaran and reached an agreement on a sea-borne assault on Male. Had we succeeded in Male, the rest of the Maldivian territory would have quickly accepted my action. Colombo was the ideal place. The availability of well trained PLOTE personnel experienced in combat operations gave me the much needed wherewithal to take on Gayoom. The then President’s security personnel couldn’t have matched the fighting skills of PLOTE personnel. Gayoom’s men were thugs, who derived sadistic pleasure by inflicting pain on innocent people,. They were only good at assaulting and torturing unarmed prisoners. Had India looked the other way, we would have succeeded.”

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