Proud Sri Lankans Muzzled By Pakistan And Frazzled By Mismanagement?
Posted on November 11th, 2011

Top Spin By Suni

November 11th 2011
The signs of weariness, underperformance and indifference seem to be showing in the Sri Lankan team beaten comprehensively by Pakistan in the 1st ODI at Dubai.What with contract payments in arrears, team unity in dissaray it is rumored  and a general hang dog air about the team  where the  captaincy  too seems pathetic not only to himself but also to the team where he also needs to tone down the excessive use of the term “definitely” in all his opening lines which is becoming a bit annoying to his world wide audiences surely as there seems little or nothing definitely positive about his leadership. So is it any wonder that the Sri Lankan cricketers are not only muffled by Pakistan and  let down at captaincy level but also frazzled by the excesses and misadventures at management level it appears and does not augur well for the future of their short term game at all. This, having lost the Test series to Pakistan prior to this to moot!
It was observed by Top Spin previously that unless the Lankans got their act together at Test Level they would fall behind the Pakistanis which proved to be true and are now ranked 6th behind the Pakistanis in the ICCrankings. The  same is predictable for the One Day Internationals too as they need to beat Pakistan convincingly to retain their No 2 slot and there seems no indication of this by their performance at Dubai today which was not only a shambles but also seemed indicative of a defeatist mentality with a lame duck leadership which is truly a concern as they looked a sorry sight today and a bitter pill for all their fans to swallow it has to be presumed  !
It’s all well and good for Mr Duleep Mendis the chairman of selectors to babble on about player performance and the consequences thereof for underperformers but where are the incentives for the team to perform ? not even a decent paycheck in months it has been learnt  as they teeter on towards oblivion perhaps unless some stringent measures are taken beyond lip service  and the usual rhetoric for which the gentleman seems to have built up a reputation for.
There probably is a crying need for a complete overhauling of  the management team whilst taking a good look at the newly acquired Coach Geoff Marsh who seems to have done precious little to inspire the team in a winning way quite unlike his predecessors and better incentives provided for the players some of whom are fresh young talent needing the proper nurturing and guidance and the longer this is neglected which is what it appears to be, the greater the losses Sri Lanka will suffer at the highest levels of international cricket.
The outcome of the Dubai game might have been different had Dilshan having won the toss sent the Pakistanis in  where misguidedly instead elected to bat despite a sight greenish surface and a sad dispaly of lackadaisical captaincy, irresponsible batting and an opportunity squandered which was the end result.  Had the home team been put in to bat with the armoury of Malinga, Fernando and Lakmal at the forefront of the Lankan attack despite the glaring absence of Randive and Herath  (both no mugs with the bat as well) whose inclusions may be a decisive factor for the future and only Prassanna and Dishan to service the spin department, Pakistan may have had a few problems but give them all credit for their effort all the same as they humbled the once mighty Lankans.
The captaincy of Misbah  and the team effort of the Pakistanis will be something the Sri Lankans need to emulate if they are to bounce back but there are many issues the Lankans need to address and they will surely need some help from the management who should rally the troops or in the event of the incapacity to do so hand over the responsibility to someone else with a greater capacity, perception and savvy.

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