OPEN LETTER TO ROY G. WIGNARAJAH, Media Coordinator for TGTE, Canada
Posted on November 13th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

12 November 2011

OPEN LETTER TO ROY G. WIGNARAJAH, Media Coordinator  for TGTE, Canada

Dear Roy Wignarajah:

I have just read your Press Release of November 6, 2011, TORONTO TAMILS PROTEST AGAINST SRI LANKAN DUPLICITY, the subject was the Deepavali Celebrations organized by the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa, and the Sri Lanka’s Consular Office in Toronto held at the Korean-Canadian Association facilities.

Well”¦well”¦well”¦Roy, that was something”¦a hell-a-va read.  “How can these Tamils be so bloody stupid”, I muttered under my breath.  At the very outset, let me request that you do not go to your lawyers and send me a letter saying that you are going to sue me for defamation for what I am going to tell you, as your anti-Sri Lanka Tamil Organizations are pretty good at that, as they have done it in the past to me to intimidate me and shut me up.

 The last paragraph of your press release said “”…” “The rally ended at 7:00 PM peacefully with the observance of silence to the fallen war heroes and civilians of the now besieged Tamil nation, and an oath of allegiance to the Tamil Eelam nation.”  Phew! Man, that was a load of crap, wasn’t it Roy?

You are damn crass weren’t you to have the gall to say “”¦observance of silence to the war heroes and civilians of the now besieged Tamil nation.”    What Tamil nation, Roy?   Are you hallucinating, or what? If you were speaking of Tamil Nadu, your homeland, I am not sure it was a case of being besieged even though your Tamil Tigers played pucks on the streets of Tamil Nadu, and the police had to haul your guys to the police stations and put them behind bars to keep the calm on the streets and bazaars.

You may recall how on May 19, 1982, a shootout occurred at about 9:45 in the evening at Pondy Bazaar, Mambalam, in Madras between the LTTE’s Sun God, Prabhakaran and PLOTE’s Uma Maheswaran.  When Prabhakaran and Ragavan (alias Sivakumar) of the LTTE armed with revolvers opened fire on Jotheeswaran and Mukundan (alias Uma Maheswaran) of the PLOTE. Remember!  These guys took over the streets of their Motherland, Tamil Nadu.  During this shootout Jotheeswaran sustained bullet injuries in his right and left thighs. Maheswaran was also shot at but escaped unhurt.  Remember!

But what is important to note Roy, is that your Sun God was hopeless reading the stars on that indigo-night sky.  If he was intelligent enough to read the stars above his head, he would have read the prophesy which told him: “Hey, Sun God,  exactly 27 years from today, on 19 May 2009 to be exact,  you will be half drowned in murky water gasping for breath holding onto Nandikathal lagoon weeds to survive, and you will be shot dead to remind you that, if you live by the gun, you fool, you will have to die by the gun, so give up massacring innocent unarmed Sinhalese and Muslim civilians.”  If he was able to read the stars, who knows he would have been hiding under Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha’s sari.  There would have been ample room to hide jollying himself holding onto her soft broad hips wrapped around by six-yards of Madras-silk cloth.

Remember, how your Tamil terrorists took over the streets of Madras in your homeland Tamil Nadu, on June 19, 1990, when a killer squad of your Sun God Prabhakaran burst into a flat at Kodambakkam and sprayed bullets on 13 leaders of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) killing their Secretary-General K. Padmanabah and the rest.  What is important to note is that when the Sun God Prabhakaran’s men were training themselves to shoot straight with revolvers, your people who demonstrated on that Deepavali day obviously were training to howl slogans like blood thirsty night-coyotes while doing the Kavadi dance at demonstrations against Sri Lanka’s government.   Right, Roy!

You said, “The rally was organized by the Transnational Government of Tamileelam to protest against the Deepavali celebration hosted by the Government of Sri Lanka, to deceive the Canadian Government and the international community.”  It is obvious that to watch the international crowd and diplomats streaming into the Korean-Canadian Association auditorium burnt your mono-ethnic Tamil-Eelam pride and britches didn’t it, Roy!”  Tough tiddy!

But here is the bottom line Roy.  No Tamil SOB is going to take my rights and freedoms away at Deepavali celebrations.   If Moorthy, Sivaraj, Rani, Selvadorai,  Sivam Swamy, Chandra Kumar,  Murali Ponnaswamy and Kamalani want to shake my hand and hug me in a moment of reconciliation, you bet I will reciprocate and break bread with them and share my cup of brew of Ceylon tea with them.   And that is my fundamental right and no one takes it away from me.  I hope you and your Howling and Booing Choir heard it and got it sunk deep in their minds.

When you guys demonstrated howling slogans like a company of blood-thirsty night-coyotes and booing at the Sri Lankan diplomats you Tamils most certainly violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of theirs and mine.

Let me read the riot act to you all, and when you had come crawling on you knees to Canada, by- passing your Motherland Tamil Nadu, thumbing your noses at Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha in search of greener pastures and land your feet on Canada’s Precambrian soil as refugees you have no choice but to live by the law of this land which was kind enough to adopt you all.  And you don’t take other’s fundamental rights and freedoms away.

Here’s what Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms say to your howling and booing demonstrators and me “”…”

It enshrines each individual’s Fundamental Freedoms (section 2) namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association.

If Deepavali marks the “ƒ”¹…”religious’ beginning of the Hindu New Year which literally translates to mean a “Row of Lights” celebrating the victory of Goodness over Evil and Light over Darkness ushering in the New Year then I have every fundamental right as a Buddhist to join my Hindu friends in Toronto to pray to their Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, light, prosperity and wisdom and also to God Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings as I want reconciliation with these good moderate Tamil people in Toronto.  And your howling and booing night-coyotes are not going to stop and dare not take away my fundamental rights.  I hope you got that clear in your mind. And if  you did,  then pass it on to your slogan singing, “ƒ”¹…”Howling Night-Coyote Choir’.

You  also said in your Press Release, “About 500 Tamils, from toddlers and seniors gathered in front of the Korean-Canadian Association chanting slogans and holding placards against the Sri Lankan regime.”  Roy, you are a bunch of shameless Tamil twits aren’t you?  “from toddlers” you said.   What! Don’t tell me that you guys have been brain washing these kids from the time they were nourished in their mother’s wombs for nine months by singing to them  every waking morning anti-Sri Lankan slogans.  Shame on you lot.  I have seen how a five-year old kid who had been brain washed with anti-Sri Lankan slogans is now a parliamentarian at 30 and spitting dragon breath all over Sri Lanka and its majority Sinhalese peoples.  What she had not been told was the truth,  “we brought you over to Canada so that the Tamil Tigers wouldn’t kidnap you, brain wash you and train you as a suicide bomber.”   That is the rub, Roy.      Just stop this crass, ugly, insensitive bull-shit, and permit these Tamil toddlers to grow up in Canada as wise, loving and productive citizens of Canada brought up in a global village where he or she will have friends from each multi-ethnic community thus not only have Polish, German, Irish, Indian, Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Guyanese friends, but also Sinhalese and Muslim friends from Sri Lankan.  And that is their Fundamental Right and don’t tamper with their destiny.  For God’s sake don’t take that away from these toddlers.   Shame”¦Shame”¦shame”¦ on you guys.  All you hoodlum, booing night-coyotes should fall on your knees and ask God Vishnu for forgiveness for that  human aberration, and promise that you lot would never ever  poison the little innocent  minds of growing up toddlers against Sri Lanka and its Sinhalese peoples.

And finally Roy, you said: “”Today’s huge gathering is the direct result of the wide medias publicity that has been given about the protest rally by the local Tamil media.”

You got it wrong Roy, and don’t you see it? There was a time when you guys could pull in about 10,000 Tamil protesters at a drop of a hat, and you saw the trickle of anti-Sri Lanka slogan shouting and booing night-coyote Tamil choir of less than 300 even after begging your people through the media to join you lot.   You say it was “about 500″.  “About” could have been 100, 101 or even 171.  I think you should go back to using the kindergarten abacus frame with coloured beads when we leant how to count by pushing a coloured bead across a  taut wire saying, “One”¦.Two”¦.Three”¦.” and so forth.

 Don’t you  see that your anti-Sri Lanka movement is dying having split into three.  Believe me the day will come when the split of three will be a split of two, then to a split one and that too will vanish to zero when you all will not be able to pull 10 demonstrators for a rally against Sri Lanka.  Make note of my prediction in a time capsule and designate one of your toddler’s to open it in 20 years.

While my request to you is to cut out all this anti-Sri Lanka  crap of yours and acknowledge the pride and dignity of your Tamil people who decided to stay back in Sri Lanka and want to live in harmony with the majority Sinhalese people, and want to give Peace a Chance,  my wish for you today is :   “Like me, may my enemy Roy Wignarajah be well”¦be happy”¦and be peaceful.  May no harm come to him, may no problems come to him, may no difficulties come to him, may his wisdom be enlightened not to poison the minds of little toddlers of his Tamil community against anyone especially of  those who hail from Sri Lanka; and may he always meet with success.

May my enemy Roy Wignarajah have patience, courage, understanding and determination, to meet and overcome the inevitable problems and failures in life.  Like me, may my enemy Roy Wignarajah be well”¦be happy”¦and be peaceful.”

Take care


Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “OPEN LETTER TO ROY G. WIGNARAJAH, Media Coordinator for TGTE, Canada”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Asoka Ending is superb.

    I hope these idiots learn something.

    By the way, why this Tamil Nationalist has an english or French name ROY ?

  2. jimmy Says:

    Great article Asoka

    Shame on People like Roy who are dividing the countrymen.
    People can and must live like brothers and sisters
    Tamils should reach out to Sinhaleses and Sinhalese should reach out to tamils all over the world including in Srilanka
    same for Muslims Bergers and Inidan tamils and so on

    We have to go forward not backward. Life is too short it is not worth of fighting and arguing for no reason

  3. AnuD Says:


    I agree. Life is too short. Just live the life instead of making others live your life.

  4. jay-ran Says:

    Great, great great masterpiece Asoka! You always display your ENDLESS PATRIOTIC VIEWS without any fear or hesitation.
    Yes, these SOBs should have listened and seen some video scripts that appeared some time back on ITN where many Tamil LTTE cadres who have been REHABILITATED BY SRI LANKAN AUTHORITIES, openly said the fear they had for Sri Lankan Soldiers before surrendering as all these teenage girls have been brainwashed with false beliefs, HOW MUCH OF PRAISE THEY HAVE NOW FOR SRI LANKAN SOLDIERS FOR THEIR KINDNESS TOWARDS THEM.
    Had this Roy fellow seen that video, definitely he would commit suicide.

  5. dhane Says:

    Always appreciated your writing. Why these Tamils cannot understand their motherland is in South Indian Tamil Nadu and create their ealam with whoever the leader they want. I believe New Dehli does not want that to happen. For dispora the cause is for their living in Western countries and collecting money.

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