Tamil Nationalists Suffer Multiple Humiliating Defeats in Australia, India and USA
Posted on November 13th, 2011

– Kumar Moses

Tamil Elamists have been defeated comprehensively throughout the world. When their floating weapons warehouses were sunk one after another, they didn’t even admit it. They pretended nothing happened. It’s the same pretending game they play now. All patriotic Sri Lankans who invested their time and effort must celebrate these defeats of Tamil nationalists. The few in number but dedicated patriotic web spaces deserve the praise of all.

 It is Nanthikadal part fifty as nothing else compares to the gravity of the new set of defeats Tamil Nationalists suffered recently. They are well accustomed to defeats and stay very quiet in defeat without acknowledging it. In Australia they suffered multiple defeats. Hardcore Tamil nationalist Seeman was refused entry to USA! It dealt a very powerful blow to Tamil nationalists around the world just a few weeks after Global Tamil Forum head Father SJ Emmanuel was refused entry to India. To top it all, USA told the visiting Tamil national alliance delegation in no uncertain terms to shed Tamil homelands nonsense, stop complaining about changing ethnic composition of the north and the east and work towards a “ƒ”¹…”workable solution’. TNA leaders aired shock and disappointment when they met Tamil Diaspora at a series of meetings. All this happens just a few weeks to go for the report of the LLRC. At last, USA, Australia and India have allowed reconciliation a chance.

 Indian and US strategic interests have been craftily flexed for Lanka’s benefit as a clever sailor would turn his sails appropriately to travel in any direction, even towards the wind.

A dozen defeats in Australia

Tamil nationalists moved against the appointment of Tissara Samarasinghe as the Sri Lankan High Commissioner. He was a decorated top official of Sri Lanka navy before taking up the diplomatic post. He was a key figure of the Humanitarian Operation that liberated 300,000 Tamils form the human shields of the LTTE. For Tamil nationalists, he is a war criminal. However, the Australian government totally rejected their concerns and accepted his credentials. Defeat two came when Tamil nationalists protested the arrival of the Sri Lankan President. They threatened to sue him and begged the Australian government not to allow him entry. Australia not only welcomed him on a red carpet but also quashed the lawsuit brought by a Tamil. The Attorney General made it very clear that Australia will not be going ahead with the case. Third defeat of Tamil nationalists came within the summit. Commonwealth leaders decided to meet in Sri Lanka the next time which is an important victory for the nation and a massive defeat for Tamil nationalists.

 On the Tamil Hindu festival day Deepavali, a group of Tamil refugees at a detention centre killed an ethnic Sinhalese person who was carrying on with a Tamil woman in the pretext of suicide. They expected the Australian authorities to bend to their demands and release them from detention. Their criminal plan backfired.      

Huge strategic defeats in India

Global Tamil Forum leader father SJ Emmanuel was travelling to India to reconnect with Tamil nationalists in Tamil homeland. He had many appointments and seminars arranged with various Tamil groups in India. However, he was deported from India like an illegal immigrant dealing a crushing blow to the global Tamil network. There can be no meaningful global Tamil network without the inclusion of the Tamil homeland “”…” Tamil Nadu. A bigger defeat came when the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton met the Tamil Nadu chief minister. Hype and fanfare before the meeting quickly died down when Clinton told the chief minister to look for “ƒ”¹…”new and creative’ solutions to Tamil problems. Monica Lewinsky’s lover’s wife is no friend of Lanka, but she was playing the role of a US-India joint plan to kill Tamil nationalism. India vehemently opposes any move to create a Tamil nation and USA going by modern realities and geopolitical interests agrees with it. It is no surprise the firebrand politician shut her mouth after the disappointment. Today she only howls over Tamil Nadu fishermen allegedly getting attacked. Sharing power with Tamils, Tamil homelands and a nation for Tamils are all out-dated proposed solutions and certainly not new and creative solutions. 

 India arranged the meeting so that the chief minister would hear it from the horse’s mouth. Hanging Tamil nationalists responsible for the gruesome assassination of Rajiv Gandhi will seal the set of defeats already suffered by them.

Culminating defeats in USA for Tamil nationalists

When TNA leaders left for USA, there was much hope and anticipation among Tamil nationalists. They argued that this would be the turning point in winning a separate Tamil nation for 100 million Tamils around the world. They also argued that USA has bypassed Sri Lanka to reach out to Tamil nationalists. It was a repetition of what happened in India. TNA/LTTE mouthpiece “”…” Tamilnet “”…” started hauling grievance bombs at USA, India and the entire world blaming everyone but themselves for the pathetic state Tamil nationalists are in! It admitted to the defeat in USA. TNA leaders at a series of meetings with the Tamil Diaspora admitted to the fact that they have been told not to talk about “ƒ”¹…”Tamil homelands’, a “ƒ”¹…”Tamil nation’ and “ƒ”¹…”structural genocide’ of “ƒ”¹…”Tamil homelands’. Settlement of non-Tamils through state sponsored schemes is called “ƒ”¹…”structural genocide’ by the LTTE/TNA/Tamilnet. However, it is perfectly legal in both international and national law. In fact western multiethnic nations endorse the creation of a multiethnic north-east.  In other words, Sri Lanka can gain substantially by carrying out state sponsored multiethnic settlement schemes in the north and the east. Even western nations may come forward to finance them. That is one big way to get the west involved positively in the reconciliation process. Now TNA leaders say even SJV Chelvanayagam was willing to shed separatism even after the infamous Vadukoddai Resolution! They now argue that India would never accept separatism. What took them so long to understand such a basic fact of life? Why TNA still calls it Tamil National Alliance when Tamil Nationhood is impossible today?

 This is one of the biggest defeats Tamil nationalists ever suffered on the diplomatic front.

 This defeat came in the backdrop of refusing Tamil nationalist Seeman entry to USA and General Shavendra Silva successfully defending against allegations of war crimes made by the wife of a LTTE terrorist.

 These defeats come just in time for another massive looming defeat for Tamil nationalists. LLRC report is due in a few weeks. Tamil nationalists vehemently rejected the LLRC calling it a sham and blamed it for lack of independence. However, in the absence of any other legitimate report, the international community has finally endorsed the LLRC and looks forward to its release.

New dangers facing the nation

Although Tamil nationalists have been comprehensively defeated in Australia, India and USA, there still are challenges facing the nation stemming from their new “ƒ”¹…”creative’ position. Sharing power with TNA or other race based political groups is a grave threat to national unity and ethnic harmony. TNA and other Tamil nationalists using war crimes allegations as an extortion tool is another danger. There is absolutely no sense in changing the unitary status of the country or to follow the failed Indian model. These extreme moves should be avoided at all cost. The futility of the Indian model in satisfying Tamils can be seen from the support the Tamil national movement gets from Tamil Nadu, India. Merging Tamil majority northern province with non-Tamil majority eastern province is another danger that must be avoided.

 Indian and US plans for a merged north and east come from their fear of a Muslim majority administrative province in Sri Lanka. For this reason they want the east to be merged with the north so that it will be a Tamil majority administrative province. Lankan leaders should not fall into this trap. Indian and US dislike for a Muslim majority administrative province in the east should be used to shoot down their demand to share too much power with provinces.

 Imposition of the Tamil language is another grave danger. It will culturally and linguistically extend Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka. Tamil and Sinhala languages must be maintained as alternative languages which means all citizens should need to know either Tamil or Sinhala and not necessarily both. Tamil language speakers’ percentage in India is fast falling. It is down to around 5% today from 10% fifty years ago. India should not be allowed to push its garbage to Lanka. This trend in the region must be allowed to proceed without disturbing it.

 Illegal Tamil immigration from Tamil Nadu should be stopped using effective means. Post war prosperity attracts many illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu posing a grave danger to the nation. This menace must be eliminated before they start manipulating elections, public opinion and the ethnic composition of the small island nation. Inequitable development spending across provinces should be done away with.

 Sri Lanka must do its share to complement the defeats Tamil nationalists suffered around the world. Otherwise Tamil nationalists will once again start to see Lanka as an oasis and safe haven for them whereas what should happen is they should perceive Lanka as hell for Tamil nationalists. Give no false impression to them.

7 Responses to “Tamil Nationalists Suffer Multiple Humiliating Defeats in Australia, India and USA”

  1. aravinda Says:

    The LTTE rump has effectively used the tactic of MOVING TARGET. They keep on changing the goal posts. They want foster an idea that “what ever is done for goodwill of Tamil people in Sri Lanka is useless, not enough, too late and too little”.

    The GOSL can bend backwards, trying darn best to fulfill needs of Tamil people in North and East, but the LTTE diaspora will always find fault with it. They will oppose every good measures by GOSL, just keep Tamils in North and East unhappy. TNA is the main source of grievance for Tamils in Sri Lanka. Sooner Tamils realize this the better.

    We must keep on informing the true picture of Sri Lanka to foreign diplomats and Governments. We can not take eyes off the ball.

  2. Christie Says:

    As long as Non-Indians (Tamils are Indians) are united and stand up they will win.

  3. Christie Says:

    Tamil terrorists has not given up their objectives. As you can see the country is awash with drugs that comes from India.
    There may be a temporary shortage.

    All Sinhalese should address this issue as it only affects them. Tamils and other Indians do not take drugs but supplies them.

  4. Christie Says:

    In Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Non Indians should be looked after before looking after the Indian colonists and imperialists. Educate poor Sinhalese masses and teach them English not Inglish.

  5. Vis8 Says:

    Hey Christie….. Can’t stand the defeats??? Sometimes the truth is hard.
    Go get a life, loser!

  6. Christie Says:

    India and its puppet Parabakaran and Tamil terrorists outfit was wiped out by the Sinhalese village soldiers. It is a defeat for the Indian hedgemony or the Indian jadawadaya.

    Now the terrorists and their supporters are coming back with non-violent aggression and oppression that they are used to.

    It is time for non Indians to unite and ries against the Indian imperialism and colonialism.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Everyone should stand in unity otherwise we all lose.

    Not all Tamils are Indians. Some are SLs.

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