Fmr.Military Leader Broke Cardinal Rules Of His Responsibility,Is Not The Most Distinguished Military General By His Own Actions And The Bickering Needs To Stop!
Posted on November 22nd, 2011

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November 23rd 2011 
They may be Priests of many denominations, Opposition politicians. Attorneys at Law and various activists from many spheres but what they are calling for in realistic terms to sanctify the actions of Fmr. Army Commander Lieut. Gen. Sarath Fonseka  and grant him his freedom is a far cry from what he truly portrayed himself to be after he stepped down from his Military command and attempted to enter public life. In his contestations for the highest office of the land the Presidency he showed himself in his true colours as a power hungry, status greedy, selfish individual spurred on by an Opposition who probably distorted his vision as to how he needed to conduct himself as a patriotic son of Lanka where he lost it all and went for broke.A wrong move on his part as he would have held his dignity and been truly compensated for his services  and real patriotism had he thrown in his support behind the Rajapaksa Administration which he did not an paid the price. This seems to be uncannily similar to the course of actions of another Fmr. Major General albeit not to the same intensity where the motivational direction seemed to come from the same sources of inspiration and a price was paid for it sadly.
As a soldier in command he conducted himself with dignity, resourcefulness and cunning military strategy it needs to be acknowledged but at the end of it  he lost it all as he attempted to bring down his Superior Administrators as well as the entire Administration through unsubstantiatable accusations and in doing so confused an entire world where the accusations were so harmful that it brought on a furore of ludicrous calls for investigations into war crimes where in all probabilities he tried to pass the buck to others when he himself was the Commander who gave out orders and called most of the shots!. It was eventually discovered that he was not the sanctimonious, patriotic Army general he was portrayed  to be as investigations revealed his attempts at a failed coup on the eve of the Presidential Elections, his hand in the arms procurement scandal, his surreptitious liasons with the UNP and all the covert activities which compromised his integrity and aroused the suspicions of the Ruling Party and the President. The rest today is history where the calls for his release seem somewhat sentimentally motivated through a lack of understaning about the real individual .
Of course there were denials and pleas for his innocence and that he was wrongfully incarcerated but the fact of the matter is he by way of all the circumstantial evidence presented broke the rules of the code of conduct  expected of a person of his stature and the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka did not have too much difficulty in evaluating and making their final ruling where his trial had it been conducted by the rules of a Military Court may have delivered a  more severe verdict. In essence the General has only the UNP and his gullibility to blame for his woes today.

Perhaps it’s  high time the bickering about Fmr Gen.Sarath Fonseka and his so called impeccable image is identified in realistic terms. Civic activists and religious leaders have accused the Government of using the judiciary as a political tool after the High Court jailed the country’s “most distinguished soldier” for three years on Friday. It may be argued  by way of his actions in his post military  days  (despite his role in the liberation of Sri Lanka from the Tamil Tigers which was by no means single handed as it involved all the armed forces and its adjudicators at a much higher level than Fonseka) he cannot be deemed the most distinguished soldier as he has betrayed his responsibilities to his superiors by trying to drag them down resulting in the accusations levelled at them through many foreign powers, and that with hardly any tangible evidence to go by. There is no distinction deserving of a soldier who resorts to this who is deemable a traitor.
General Sarath Fonseka, who is already serving a 30-month term for irregularities in military procurement, was jailed for having “spread disaffection” by backing, in a newspaper interview, allegations that the defense minister ordered the shooting of Tamil Tiger rebels who were trying to surrender.

The Defense minister was Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the President’s brother and the accusations which in many terms, not only military seems a sacrilege and clearly indicative of a betrayal of the General’s allegiance to the Nation without any proof or hard evidence ( and in essence similar to doctored videos and false statements which followed from various LTTE sympathetic diaspora sources) and done with the intentions of malice in the manner he has chosen where it  has had severe reprisals for the Nation in the long term by way of Foreign Aid sanctions and needless anguish pre-meditated and motivated by malfeasance. These actions alone demand a far severe penalty in no uncertain terms!
It seems relatively easy given the idiosyncracies which take place in this tiny Island Nation that, following the court case, a meeting of activists including religious leaders, journalists and lawyers have said “the trial was politically motivated and called for judicial reform forgetting the greater implications of what may have transpired had the General and his consorts had their way as the Nation could easily have tumbled into turmoil, anarchy and a worse plight than what the Tamil Tigers were capable of even in a hypothetical sense where today sanity prevails, people are free from terrorism and the Nation in the process of re-building where the actions of the likes of the imprisoned General could have been an impediment towards progress.
“At times the tase of  power has motivated the likes of many in recorded History who strove to control and overwhelm the very principles they may have been fighting to preserve the identity of a nation.”

4 Responses to “Fmr.Military Leader Broke Cardinal Rules Of His Responsibility,Is Not The Most Distinguished Military General By His Own Actions And The Bickering Needs To Stop!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    That’s not all.

    He joined the TNA in his foolish attempt to become the president contesting against an experienced and trusted politician who was his own commander in chief.

    He deployed an illegal private militia around the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. These are grave crimes against the nation.

    His own GURU, Mongal Samaraweera talking about his political STUDENT rightly mentioned, he was not even suitable to lead the Salvation Army! The fact that Fonseka joined Mongal’s politics amptly show that even Fonseka beleived Mongal.

    Justice minister is Rauf Hack-him, a close election partner of Fonseka! If Fonsekas blame the justice minister now, they are only blaming their election partner!

    Fonseka doesn’t know who his friends and enemies are. His enemies posing as friends totally scr*wd him. His real friends told him the ugly truth which he rejected.

    Contributors to the victory apart from the people, police, CDF (considered civilian participation).

    1. Commander in chief and defence secretary 49% (political/strategic leadership, economic enablers, foreign relations management)
    2. Army commander and the army 17%
    3. Navy commander and the navy 17%
    4. Air Force commander and the air force 17%

    Never forget GR was part of the Vadamarachchi Operation’s top 4 ground commanders. So GR was associated with BOTH major victories of SLDFs. Had there been proper national leadership in 1987, we would have won the war.

    GR GRACEFULLY retired from the army after serving for 20 years with a USP and WSP. Studied computer science, legitimately went to USA by his own merits (not by winning a lottery), studied MSC in defence (the ONLY SL to do so) at an Indian university, returned to the country to serve it without getting ANY credentials. Ranjan Wijeratna who was never in the army became a General overnight!! Col. Ratwatte became General!! GR could have easily become a General but he was too noble and educated for such CHEAP tricks.

    Fonseka was NOT THERE when the victorious war strated (Mavil Aru). F was in Singapore!
    Fonseka was NOT THERE when the victorious war was won (Mulaitivu). F was in China buying weapons to be used after the war!
    Fonseka was NOT THERE when the LTTE logistics netweork was dismantled and KP was captured in a dramatic operation (Malaysia). F was in USA doing politics!
    Fonseka was not there when the military victory turned into a national victory in January 2010. He was with Mongal, Sambandan, Pooppillai and Ranil.

  2. Christie Says:

    Few days after the end of the Tamil terrorist outfit of India I over heard this.

    One was a Tamil terrorist chief (probably the most senior) and another Tamil a very rich professional.

    What are we going to do? he was asked.
    Wait till the dust settle down came the answer.

    I never thought this meant that, SF will be paid millions of dollars and be supported and the Tamil block vote will be cast for him.

    During the election spending on SF was much higherthan for MR. where did the money come from. Look at the voting numbers.

    If you were in Ceylon during the election yo

  3. Christie Says:

    Here we see a historical paralel. The Indians divided UNP by providing funds and political policy advise to SWRD.

    The same happend in 2009, when all the non Indian united after anihilation of the Indian puppet terrorist. India funded SF and divided the new found unity amomg the non-Indians.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    So what everyone here is suggesting points to The Fmr. General’s alarming lack of integrity and principles despite his image as a high ranking officer loyal to his country and exposes the conspiracy he was involved in with the backing of the enemies of the State. An endorsement of the crux of this item which justifies the penalties he has had to pay it is presumed.

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