Elegy to an egotist
Posted on November 24th, 2011

Victor Karunairaajan

November 23, 2011
Dear Mr Masillamany:

Here below is my response in verse to the highly stupid account in World Class Tamil blog, your “Thani Thavil” ranting of utter rubbish and miserable nonsense.  Merely noting “I may be wrong” at the end of a preposterous claim was as good as indicating that deliberate mischief was intended. Integrity in your case is base, bare and barren.

I know what you and people like you who armed the Tigers with terrible weapons have done to the people of the Wanni. I was shocked to hear from you that there will soon be New Tigers to take the place of the decimated LTTE and towards which funds are being raised obviously with your active participation.

I am also shocked that you are from a highly esteemed school like St John’s College, Jaffna. You have insulted your alma mater.

I am letting you read this poem as a courtesy because it is all about you before I publish it as a piece of political satire and wit. I have to honour the host of the evening who had invited us for dinner. You have also insulted him.

Along with this poem I will also publish in prose form my response to your claim on the World Class Tamil blog and how such are grossly misleading the Tamil Diaspora, a misguidance that amounts to conspiratorial mischief.

I love my people and my homeland and will stand by her to the last breath of my life. I am not “”…” will not be “”…” in any penetration business in whatever form you fantasize.

I first realized the danger that Prabakaran was going to be to our community in July 1975. Can you guess what could have caused such fears? Ever since I have used my pen against the terrorist menace and people like you armed him and kept on supplying arms to help him on his trail of destruction.

You have left me no alternative but to press focus you because you are, as you firmly stated, helping to breed the New Tigers

Victor Karunairaajan

.Subramaniam Masillamany

alias Subra Massey of Tidol


Elegy to an egotist

By Victor Karunairajan


Understand Mr Massey

Malice has many faces

That which of cowards

That which of tricksters

Also hyenas of the wild

And the rodent vermins.

On matters with doubts

Or seemingly uncertain

Especially quite hurtful

Never ever gutter snipe

With self-affected pride

And ego beyond control.


As guests of friendly host

We dine with joy and glee

Grateful and so thankful

For fellowship extended

We share and we laugh

As we relax with friends


Once the evening is ended

And “ƒ”¹…”midst his dear friends

New bonds must develop

Cherished as very special

To ensure peace among us

And goodwill for all times


In your case Mr Massey

You assert a character

Vainglorious and nuts

With boastful utterings

Wits of sneaky smartness

Mostly on the very cheap


It’s indeed preposterous

You have spent millions

Arming the Tamil Tigers

With deadliest of weapons

Purchased sans conscience

With cash from your coffers


I suggest to you Massey

Tidol Subra Masillamany

Stitch up your erring lips

Dry the miserable pens

Otherwise your conceit

Will lead to Devil’s end.

2 Responses to “Elegy to an egotist”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    New Tigers?

    Bring it on! We can easily hunt them down.

    Our weapons are getting rusted, some are nearing expiry dates, our brothers in arms are without any target practice for a LONG time, so please bring on the new tigers. It will fun eliminating them.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Epilogue to Elegy to an Egotist…..
    Indeed Mr Massy
    Its kind of assy
    on your part in trying to be sassy
    and worthlessly strive
    in attempting to revive
    The dead meat of Tigers
    except in dreams of frustration
    Is there no lesson you have learnt
    from Victor’s loyalty to the Nation ?
    Every effort to raise them forthwith
    is worthless and will be burnt
    at the stake and you probably with it!
    Give it up don’t be deflated
    Just join the great trend
    your compatriot has started
    To uplift our Nation and condescend
    or else face the rigours of a bitter end!

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