Norwegian peace model and its faults.
Posted on November 24th, 2011


Looking at analysis done by Norwegian govt via NORAD is a document that bring Norwegians into serious disrepute as a peace negotiator. NORAD is a respected organization.

 The report started by insulting Sri Lanka and saying “The conflict is understood here as being rooted in processes of incomplete state formation, which led to competing ethno-nationalist projects.”

 This statement it self is enough to justify why Norway failed since it ignore how and why Sinhalese Buddhists assert them selves in 1948 after 500 yrs of foreign colonial insults and domination to their country and, how all of these colonials try to erase Sinhalese Buddhist civilization that span more than 200 yrs.

 Trying to assert Sinhalese Buddhist culture in 1948 we may have done some harm to the minorities rights even though this was not the intention. Interested parties agitated and also help from the past colonial country push the country into a ethnic hot bed which originated from the British and still continue that policy for their strategic gain.

 Norwegians biggest mistake was that whole history and present issues were taken from few anti establish local traitors who are basically prostituting for foreign dollars”¦ If see CPA, it means either Centre for Paid Advise or Centre for Prostitution and Ass licking.

 For Norwegians some in this organization look like academics but they are not and some of them are failed Marxists who love dollars and nothing but parasites living on peoples miseries.

 I like to ask Norwegians

Why did you get in to an agreement with SL Prime Minister with out consulting Executive President ?

Why did you take advise from NATO military and ignore SL Military?

 Those two issues created one of the worst state political and military debacle that cost so many innocent lives and discredited the whole peace process.

 This Norwegians report is nothing but a whitewash that trying to wiggle out of the basic errors that Norwegians created. These are fundamental errors that took the whole peace building in to a shifting sands and fault lies with the original peace document that Norway created with LTTE and ignoring Sri Lankan Military concerns ( Including the SL President) and add fuel to the document, weakling UNP Sri Lanka Prime Minister and his cohorts which are nothing but incompetent fools created a mirage that later found to be disaster for the country.

 I have great respect for NORAD since they have helped Sri Lanka immensely and also a trusted organization.

 When Solheim came to the peace deal and start to make lots of pro bias LTTE decisions and comments my brother who is close to NORAD and politically connected to Norway approach Norwegian power elites and complain about the Solheim’s bias towards LTTE and his lack of neutrality.

Norwegians immediately said “Solheim cannot be trusted and he is not a honest broker” .

Well”¦. Now after all these yrs we know that statement is true.

 Few advise to Norway.

 Try to get 360 degrees view of the conflict and avoid local parasites advise since they are paid to do foreign biddings.

Don’t simplify the root cause of the conflict and put local project mangers to get local ordinary peoples views”¦. If they have hired local Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims and Burgers as a study groups they would have learn so much since poor Sinhalese or Tamils have same aspiration which is better life for them and their kids.

They would have learn that LTTE is nothing but a racist organization and fuel by few wealthy Tamils that wants special privileges given to them by British Masters.

 Sinhalese are not racist or communal thinking and they are proud about their heritage which British trying to destroy”¦ Buddhists are passive but don’t take it as weak.

 Don’t take race conflicts advise from former colonial masters since its tainted and it’s the colonials that created the conflict in the first place.

 Thank you Norway for trying to help this beautiful country and hope NORAD is active with Sri Lanka’s development and help North and East with infrastructure development specially fishing and can factories since poor has no ethnicity except self respect.

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