Baird Talks Tough on Sri Lanka – December 2,2010
Posted on December 3rd, 2011

Ira de Silva London, Ontario Canada 

The Editor
Owen Sound Times
Owen Sound, Ontario
Dear Sir:
I have just read this news report. Incidentally it is carried in a newspaper in Sri Lanka – the Daily Mirror.
Mr. Baird in keeping with the current government’s policy formulated this year is “talking tough”. What struck me is the statement “Other countries have taken 10 years for reconciliation” yet  Canada expects Sri Lanka to do it immediately after  twenty-seven years of terrorism by the Tamil terrorists who were designated the most ruthless terrorist group in the world (FBI), a group who introduced the world to suicide bombers, carried out continuous bombings, massacres and extreme violence on civilians. Canada’s double standards are exposed by Mr. Baird’s statement – it is one for “other countries” but for Sri Lanka it must be done immediately completely disregarding the ground realities of thousands of active fighting LTTE cadres being still in the country, extensive areas still needing to be de-mined, destruction of the economy for decades, the list goes on. Canada does not extend a helping hand, only it’s criticisms.
If Mr. Baird is deeply disturbed by Sri Lanka,  so are Sri Lankans about Canada. Sri Lankans have suffered from Canadian citizens funding terrorism in Sri Lanka for decades. Two million dollars a month was sent to terrorise the Sri Lankans with the full knowledge of successive governments in Canada. The money to bomb the Central Bank in Colombo was directly paid for by Canadian citizens. Canada’s responsibility and accountability for these acts which killed and wounded thousands in Sri Lanka and destroyed the economy are not mentioned by Mr. Baird although he must be fully aware of them. When is Canada going to accept responsibility and be accountable to the Sri Lankan people? Criticism does not fulfil that obligation or is that the “new” Canadian way?
He says that after two years he sees no meaningful reconciliation. Again he has a double standard regarding Sri Lanka and all Sri Lankans know that it is because all the political parties in Canada are pandering to the supporters of the LTTE who live in Canada and were responsible for terrorism. Domestic Canadian politics are driving this agenda and as in the past it seems that it is the people of Sri Lanka who have to pay the price for Canadian Tamil votes particularly in the Greater Toronto Area. Canadians may not care because they are not affected. However the people of Sri Lanka will not pay the price so Canadian politicians can get votes. Perhaps that it why this news is reported in Sri Lanka.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva

London, Ontario

5 Responses to “Baird Talks Tough on Sri Lanka – December 2,2010”

  1. bathgediya Says:

    How about the Canadian Govt. taking some steps toward reconciliation with the First Nations people by settling their land claims and treaty rights which have been trampled for over 200 years. These people have been Internally Displaced (IDP’s) in their own land with no hope in sight. They live in worse than Third World conditions in the IDP camps euphemistically referred to as “Reserves” or “Reservations”. It is not our business to preach to the Canadian Govt. but maybe the Canadian Govt. should get their house in order before making itself look so foolish by preaching to others.

  2. Raju Says:

    Nicely written response.

  3. Ariya Says:

    Canada is not a world political power, so Baird can shout and whine every day…

  4. AnuD Says:

    Canadian Politicians talk big. But, they don’t have examples to support it.

  5. Umberto Gui Says:

    Ask Baird to fly to Colombo and see for himself how Tamils peacefully going about their business and hoarding wealth in the heart of Colombo. Is that not reconciliation?

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