Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim Girl Breaks World Record!
Posted on December 13th, 2011

By A. Abdul Aziz,Press Secretary,Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Sri Lanka.

 According to the Jang Newspaper, Pakistan, an eleven (11) year old Ahmadi prodigy girl `Sitara` completing her O level exams; it is interesting to note that Jang Newspaper related described her place of residence ‘Rabwah’ as Chanab Nagar near Chinaot city.  (Why? perhaps to downplay that Sitara is an Ahmadi Muslim girl.)

 Newspaper also notes that little Sitara passed ‘O’ level Chemistry when she was only nine (9) years old, setting a country wide record. Then she went on and did her ‘O’ level Biology next year and in the age of ten (10) this time setting a world record and then completing rest of the subject this year at the age of (11). 

 Jang Newspaper further goes on to say, “She got 7 out of 9 bands i.e. an admission requirement for post-graduate studies in abroad.”

 It is also worthy to mention here;  just last year, another Ahmadi dedicated girl for religion, (wakf-e-Nau ) also from Rabwah, Pakistan, ‘Rabia Hameed’ earned top position among Pakistani university graduate students. She was awarded prize from none other than the current Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Gillani himself. Later on, this dedicated Ahmadi girl along with her husband did a five (5) year voluntary service and went to Africa to serve the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Such is the noble character of an Ahmadi woman. I am sure little Sitara will make us all very more proud in future.

Like Dr. Abdus Salam (First Muslim Nobel Laureate, a Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim), it seems like our sisters too are now rolling up their sleeves to take their place in the world around them.  

 Full name of the girl. Sitara Burj Akbar. For those who do not know Urdu the meaning of her name is as follows.

 Sitara (Sitara Mean STAR in Urdu),

Burj (Is Arabic Word Mean Tower),

Akbar (Urdu Word mean GREAT),

 May Allah Make her the real shining Star of Ahmadiyyat, and lift her higher and higher and make her GREAT tower of Islam Ahmadiyyat (Ameen).

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 Jang Urdu News is HERE 



8 Responses to “Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim Girl Breaks World Record!”

  1. Ibnu Ahmad Says:

    Well done sitara Burj Akbar!
    Mubarak Ho! – Congratulations!!
    A Revelation to Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – Promised Messiah (Holy Founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Islam), peace be on him, goes on to say:
    “My true followers shall excel every other person. There shall always rise among them, till Judgment Day, personages who will be chosen ones of God in every way”. This revelation ended ringingly , “So had the Almighty decreed. He does as He wills”.
    Truth of Ahmadiyyath are being exposed time and again. Those who are blind always in darkness.
    Thanks to – may Allah reward you, Sir.

  2. Deen Says:

    Sithara as a young student you have proved “EXCELLENT” to your motherland and a blessing to the Ahmadiyya Community. May God enable you to serve the humanity specially in educating the children in the future, irrespective of their Religion, cast or creed. And I also pray for your country to give due respect to all citizens and protect them with equal rights.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    Well done girl!

  4. Ibnu Ahmad Says:


    May Allah the Almighty protect her from all evil designs

  5. Ibnu Ahmad Says:



  6. Devinda Fernando Says:

    *** May Allah the Almighty protect her from all evil designs ***

    Lets hope so, because it seems to be the ones who are with such ‘evil designs’ always claim to be following Allah’s Orders…

  7. Dham Says:

    Well done and blessings of tripple gem for the little smart girl.
    Stupid Muslim idots branding her as a “Pakistani Ahmadim Muslim Girl” are harming her by branding her with a religion for racist propaganda.

  8. shahid Says:

    sitara burj Akbar Zindabadh.

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