Why is it snowing at our TV station?
Posted on December 19th, 2011

 By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwala

It is amusing, nay irritating to see a TV station has taken to show continuous snowing when the news is read. Hello, This is Srilanka, remember? It does not snow here. We are blessed with gorgeous sunshine and rainbows right throughout the year. We have lovely showers, plentiful vegetation from January to and including December, birds signing, people on the roads laughing and merry making.

 We are blessed with the best of the weather in the whole world. Being a small island we have the monsoons bringing rain right throughout the year throughout the island and we have no problem with the temperature either.

 So why are we glorifying the snow? Has Christmas got anything not do with snow? Certainly not. The fact that Jesus ( peace be upon him) was not born in December is another matter. Even otherwise what has snow got to do with Christmas? Nothing, except the English gloried it to cover their annoyance with it.

 One single thing I hated most in my stay in England for four years was the snow and the thing I missed most was the sun shine of my pretty little island, Srilanka. Snow may look beautiful in pictures and on TV , true children may play with it for a few hours but when you are living there, you realize it is horrible to have it for any length of time. You have to dress so thick, that you cannot breath properly, you cannot walk properly and you cannot use your fingers properly for all have to be covered including your nose in so many layers of clothe. The roads are slippery and many will be closed till the snow melts. You have to wear special anti slip shoes called wellingtons and until you learn to balance yourself, you keep slipping and falling. You cannot drive your cars for the roads will be frozen with many feet depth of snow. You are stuck indoors for days sometime. Almost all vegetation die leaving bleak white horizon.

 The English have learnt to make merry with it to overcome the misery of it since they have to live with it. Why should we? Why do we have the fricking snow at TV stations when we have our bright December with glorious sunshine, rain, rainbows, multi colored flowers on majestic trees with beautiful singing birds hovering around our lush trees what more can you ask for?

 So why are we still depicting Christmas with snow? Nothing but the vestiges of our slavery mentality from our colonial masters. We still cannot let go the stifling ties in this sweltering heat, we still cannot give up the stinking socks for our little school children=92s feet, we stil= l cannot give up the coat and suit =96 a sign of our gaping at and glorifying the west, even if they have been proven to be exactly the same as us with a sickeningly paler skin.

So let’s get out of these meaningless slavish habits. Let us be truly and wonderfully Srilankans, singing praise of and enjoying our own weather, our own sunshine and rainbows.






13 Responses to “Why is it snowing at our TV station?”

  1. Samson Says:

    For the same reason some fools wear headscarfs and other gonibilla clothes suitable to deserts in Saudi Arabia.

  2. mjaya Says:

    Well Mareena, you better understand that there are two types of sycophants in Sri Lanka. The sycophants of the west and the sycophants of Saudi Arabia. Sycophants of the first category love snow.

    You belong to the second category. That is why you will never ever (yes never ever) write an article to save falsely convicted Rizana Nawfeek from the stone age justice system of the barbaric kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  3. Dham Says:

    This woman has written this last Christmas and again a copy this time. What is wrong with her ?
    No one opposed in Sri Lanka for meaningless “Allah hu akbar” at 5.00 am in Colombo in a Buddhist country.
    No one opposed to errecting hundreds of Jesus statues in Negambo in a Buddhist country.
    Well, Sri Lanka is unique , it allows any rubbish religious activities. Chistmas is celebrated with snow everywhere in the world.
    If you don’t wnat to see it get out of the country and migrate to Saudi Arabia and get stoned to death.

  4. wasantha Says:

    What is this learned Doctor was trying to say for the last few months was to draw attention to the typical Sri Lankan mentality. That is anything (even a flu) coming from West is worth grabbing. This is why Anagarika Dharmapala called Sinhalaya Modaya. When we were in University there were Sinhala Buddhist students who collect leaflets from Jehovha Witnesses to give the impression that he is a Christian. For him being a Christian means Westernisation which he value than his parents. The Sinha Buddhists in Western countries have taken to “dinner and dance” culture very big way. Even the main annual event of the leading Buddhist school in Australia is a “dinner and dance”. One dat even the the Temples in Australia will take to dinner dance to raise money. Pathetic are these slavish mentalities.
    Whatever the short comings of the Muslim culture I admire them because they are the only group in the world that stand upto the Western arrogance.

  5. Devinda Fernando Says:

    *** You belong to the second category. That is why you will never ever (yes never ever) write an article to save falsely convicted Rizana Nawfeek from the stone age justice system of the barbaric kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ***

    Amen to that!

    *** So why are we still depicting Christmas with snow? ***

    How is depicting Snow during the Christmas season anything to do with the Colonial slavery mentality? Is having an Ever-Green Christmas Tree the same?

    I think its best that Muslims refrain from criticizing benign Christian and Catholic traditions before someone asks the question why millions of you travel to to the Middle East each year to aimlessly circle and worship a fallen black meteorite in the desert.

  6. Christie Says:

    We always blame the West but then we love to go there and live.

    This love hate is ok.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka being an ex-Colonial country, will take on different types of ‘interesting things done in the west’, plus things done in the Muslim countries, more so now with middle east labor market. Sri Lanka is a mix of many ingredients imported from here and there – that’s what makes Sri Lanka interesting and dynamic.

    Being an island, we tend to import things to do from other countries. They all dance on the mainly Sinhala/Buddhist bedrock. Vive la difference ! Let’s be tolerant and be free to enjoy the different fare – otherwise life would be somewhat stale & boring.

    However, there are things that should not be ‘imported’ such as the Caste System, commercial items that will not sell in the countries of origin due to bad/dangerous ingredients, warfare & terrorism, etc.

  8. mjaya Says:

    Both Wasantha and LasanthaPethiyagoda should remember one thing…

    Just because someone is the enemy of your enemy does not automatically make them your friend. Fundamentalist Islam has the same world dominating agenda as the west. Also to understand their duplicity just look at the clothing retail stores they own. They get their women to dress in Burqas (why so? this ain’t the desert!) but sell miniskirts to non-Muslims. Also who are the main players in the Sri Lankan narcotics trade? Ever wondered why there are pavement “key cutting” shacks every 10 feet in certain cities renown for drugs? (of course all are owned by a single community!) It is also anyones guess why “grease yakas” were always from particular areas in SL and not long afterwards, there were demands for the Kinniya Navy Camp to be removed from an area renown for smuggling!

    There is one major difference between the west and the middle east. You never hear of people returning from the west with nails in them!

    PS: I must emphasize the word “fundamentalist” here. No offense to those who are not. It is a known fact that that you cannot be a fundamentalist and patriot at the same time because fundamentalists are always loyal to Saudi Arabia (or the country that funds them). Ever noticed how many fire crackers light up from certain areas of SL when Pakistan wins a cricket match?

  9. mjaya Says:

    **but we have a government and set of Laws (including our Constitution) that is secular and in no way shape or form based on any Religion or Religious Law.**

    You are spot on Devinda! Everyone in SL is equal in front of the law. Unfortunately we can see Sharia law creeping in….(just read the wikipedia page on Madawala Bazaar) In Saudi Arabia a non-Muslim cannot testify against a Muslim. A women’s testimony is only worth half that of a man and a rape victim needs for male witnesses or else will be charged for fornication or adultery! This is the type of legal system Rizana Nawfeek is going through!

  10. wasantha Says:

    Sri Lanka is not a Buddhist state. nor England, Australia, or any other European country is a Christian republic. But there are unwritten rules and taboos more powerful than the written laws. In most Western countries by law any act of racism is illegal. But practically everybody is a racist.
    Somebody else said here that if we dislike the West why we live here. Didn’t the West occupy (by force of course) many Asian and African countries and pillaged and carried inexcusable atrocities for generations. What is wrong we come here and benefit from the loot they carried away from our countries. Anyway Australia is in Asian region and we are Asians; we can go anywhere in Australia.
    Mjaya was trying to say that Muslims are not friendly to Sri Lanka. This is a typical Western and Christian ploy. They are masters of the policy of divide and rule. This they almost succeeded with Hindus. They were successful in driving a Wedge between Hindus and Buddhists. This came to climax when the Catholic Chelvanaikkam was sent by the church from Malaysia to lead the Federal party which. was until then was a mainly a Hindu party. The LTTE was entirely run by the Chutch.
    Muslims were living in this country from time immemorial. The Chinese traveller Fa Hien has mentioned about them in his records. Many Kings in the past have used Muslims as body guards for their well-documented loyalty. Eeven to Muslims are loyal to the country than Christians. It is shown in the last war. However in the present times the biggest danger to the country is from the Church. They have tried this several times. The last war by the Church proxy LTTE and the 1965 coup attempt are few examples.

  11. mjaya Says:

    **Mjaya was trying to say that Muslims are not friendly to Sri Lanka. This is a typical Western and Christian ploy. **

    Muslims have lived in Sri Lanka for generations. Absolutely true…. I have highlighted the fact that Col. Fazly Lahir (who formed the SL Special Forces) was a Muslim before.

    Unless you haven’t been living in Sri Lanka (or brain dead), you will have noticed how Muslims in Sri Lanka have changed a lot during the past 10-20 years. Prior to this Muslims were well integrated in to SL society. There were no “Gonibillo” or “Osama Bin Ladin” impersonators 20 years ago. Back then, Muslim women were happy dressing up in sarees just like others (often you could hardly tell the difference). It all changed.

    **They are masters of the policy of divide and rule. **

    There is no need for that now! Thanks to Islamic fundos the Muslim community in SL is rapidly becoming isolated and self segregated. This is what Islamic fundos need. In order to spread their message of hate, they need the Muslim community to be isolated from the rest of society. That segregation is maintained by making Muslims dress differently and strict antisocial rules. Muslim children are more likely to go to exclusive Madrassas than mix with other communities in public schools.

    At one time Muslims and Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka used to exchange Kewum and Watalappan. This tradition is fast disappearing thanks to good for nothing, misogynistic, hypocrites funded by Saudi petrodollars.

  12. wasantha Says:

    As I said it doesn’t matter what Muslims wear or do. They are not a threat to us at the moment. We have whole history of problems Christians. It is from them we have to protect the country. We are neither brain dead or our memories are dead. We know our history. Don’t try to teach us BS.
    “no need for it now” You must be dreaming. We have not forgotten how the last pope John Paul attacked Buddhism in his book.

  13. mjaya Says:

    **We have not forgotten how the last pope John Paul attacked Buddhism in his book.**

    True! the church was one of the main supportors of the LTTE. They were forced to change face when the public opinion turned against them. Most of all they were insulting all of the Catholic people who fought against the LTTE.

    **We are neither brain dead or our memories are dead. **
    Well Rip Van Winkle was in a deep sleep! Sweet dreams!

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