Sri Lanka Tourist Package – Hotel Rates, Visa Tax, Sex, Violence, Return flight in a Coffin.
Posted on January 1st, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

Government officials and Ruling Party members of the government getting involved in violence, leading to throat-slitting of a British tourist, raping his Russian partner has hit the headlines in many Western and Russian media.

High on the heels, the “Big-empty headed” officials not only slam an electronic Entry Visa, which apparently does not function, but on top of that intoduces a mandatory minimum Hotel Room Rate of US$100-;/day on the tourists. These are definitely counter-productive measures to development of tourism.

The Hotel rates should be left at the discretion of the operators to follow a market forces oriented “floating” rate.  When the government introduces a statutory rate, then they are down to a very “Soviet” style of domineering dictatorial control.

I hope the recent electorial victories and a return of RanilW to lead the UNP, which by default guarantees a trouble free run for President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ruling party has not gone to the “bone heads” in the Party.

Looks like Sri Lankan policy towards Tourisn & Investment is getting the wrong end of the stick with Hotel Minimum Fixed Rates, Electronic Entry Visa which does not work, Government Party heirachy engaged in Murder, Sex and Violence on the tourists, will give a boost to safer, better value-for-money tourist destinations in South Asia, and neighbouring sites.

Unfortunately, looks like the Sri Lankan Pride is taking over, just before a mighty fall!

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11 Responses to “Sri Lanka Tourist Package – Hotel Rates, Visa Tax, Sex, Violence, Return flight in a Coffin.”

  1. Raj Says:

    It is insane to prescribe a minimum fee. A maximum fee might be appropriate. Who are these idiots trying to kill the industry.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    The ” Big Empty Headed ” Officials are mostly Political Appointees who are trying to do something, of which they have no understanding and insight about the Industry they are dabbling with. Whom are these people trying to impress?

    The new breed of Political Green Horns, appear to go to town, in Tourists Resorts, getting drunk, and looking for free SEX, which is an invitation for a brawl, leading the Tourists who resent to go back in a coffin.

    The President is making great efforts to put Sri Lanka in the limelight, but these uneducated political drunks are negating the efforts. The Police should wipe these fellows out, irrespective of their political affiliations.

    Time has come for the Government to ensure that POLITICIANS DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE POLICE. The IGP should insist that they should be protected by passing Legislature to this effect, in Parliament.

  3. Leela Says:

    This is the second time within months that a government politician used guns to settle inter-revelry brawl. This time it was in a hotel and tourists got entangled and one got killed another seriously injured. A minister is said to have assured future safety of tourists but what about the safety of ordinary Sri Lankans? For one thing, if the government wants to remain popular, it should disarm all politicians immediately for it is they and their body guards and their cronies that carry guns and use them at will. Disarming them shouldn’t be postponed on the pretext of terrorist threats.

    If ordinary mortals like us could go about our business with no arms or guns, there is no reason why politicians whether they are village council chairmen, parliament members or indeed ministers need guns to do their daily rounds in Sri Lanka. There are no armed terrorists or suicide bombers roaming about anywhere in Sri Lanka now. It seems only gun totting politicians their thugs and their robber barons want protection but from whom is the question. Is it not from each other?

    If a foreign tourist is not safe at a hotel from gun totting elected thugs of the government, to whom shall we ordinary folks turn for our safety? Leela

  4. nandimitra Says:

    A sorry state. The rulers at the top must take the blame it is their policies that is the cause of this evil that is leading the country to a lawless state. SAD!

  5. sena Says:

    Nandimithra is right. Where as what Susantha says in contradictory. If president is serious in maintaining integrity, law and order so that productive and creative entrepreneurship is functional, he should take immediate action on these marauding politicians and corrupt officials instead of the prevailing situation of impunity. The very person who is responsible for this heinous act which has the potential to cause more harm than that of any LTTE faction, has been many times accused serious crime including murder before and no action has been taken.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “The very person who is responsible for this heinous act which has the potential to cause more harm than that of any LTTE faction, has been many times accused serious crime including murder before and no action has been taken.”

    Are you drunk?

    NO ONE can cause more harm than the LTTE or Tamil nationalists (ultra criminals). Get real without talking rubbish.

    Law and order MUST be implemented to the letter against ALL criminals. If the 6th amendment, PTA and ERs are implemented to the letter, ALL TNA criminals should be behind bars by now. You can’t SELECTIVELY implement laws.

  7. Jayantha Says:

    After a much hard fought victory Sri Lanka is wasting away a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sri Lanka can have everything a sophisticated tourist would enjoy. But alas thuggery by high handed politicians have during the past about 6 months or so brought such disrepute to this country it is really sad.

    Can the President do something about it?

    JP – USA

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Prison term with Hard Labor should be brought in as a deterrent to thuggery and other such negative acts damaging society and Lanka reputation. Our roads are in need of repair in lots of places. This work and other hard labor can be performed by prisoners who get terms with hard labor and this can be performed with prison official/Army supervision.

  9. Christie Says:

    It is something that should not have occured. I am sure and hope that those responsible are punished.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka’s system of just who is allowed to contest National & Regional Elections needs to be re-vamped, fast. Allowing each and every person to contest elections has led to politicians protecting criminal elements. Here are some ideas on how to make matters better.

    * For all law breakers, the Law of the land has be upheld over political protection. We have undergone 30 yrs of bloody terrorism in this country and are just now emerging out of the mess. It is inevitable that there will be ‘mopping up’ operations to be done after the war with the ltte. We had a lawless period during those 30 yrs. Removing political protection for criminal elements will be one such operation.

    * Sri Lanka has over one hundred political parties existing at the the moment. By law, we ought to have a ceiling on the number of parties in our Register, say, 20. This will automatically eliminate this absurd over growth of people wanting to lead political parties in an ad hoc manner. Also, party Manifestos should be published prior to actual Registration so that the People can judge what a political party is trying to achieve. Any party that does not achieve a certain number of seats or achieve at least one major goal stated in their Manifesto within a specific time of, say, 10 yrs., should be struck off the Register.

    * Minimum education qualification required for all MPs should be at least the GCE (A.L.), irrespective of whether they are from the cities, suburbs or rural areas, unless they have the equivalent status such as being an Ayurveda doctor, respected person with a proven record for leadership in any field of human endeavor, etc. There has to be some sort of Panel within any GoSL to decide on such a matter. Also, police records on the MPs have to be made public, even if it is only a parking ticket.

    * Prison terms for extreme anti-social behavior should be met with Hard Labor. If people are physically able to rape, rob and plunder at will, they will have enough energy to do Hard Labor repairing our road, de-silting our water tanks etc. Hard labor penalty will act as a deterrent to crime.

  11. Marco Says:

    I read this on Adaderana and tagged this to the above

    (The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau, Sri Lanka Convention Bureau and the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority will be combined to form a new Sri Lanka Tourism Authority, Secretary to the Treasury Dr. P.B. Jayasundera said today. He added that this decision was taken for the upliftment of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.)

    Not sure why the Sec to the Treasury is making such a statement. Should it not be the Minister of Tourism? Is the Minister Achala Jagoda on a fact finding mission visiting various tourist resorts around the world with his deputy Faizer Mustapha.

    Interestingly have these “Bureaue’s” performed any functions apart from the obvious?

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