Tag Wrestling in Sri Lanka Theatre – President Mahinda Rajapaksa vs Domestic/External Teams
Posted on January 13th, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

Having noted the  civilised, constructive, balanced, 25 responses until 13.01.2012, by the LankaWeb Readers to my article-;
Flickering Fire of LTTE-TNA-Eelam & Explosions of Sinhala Terrorism. Bring Back the Death Penalty!
Posted on January 9th, 2012
the Readership mainly supporters of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa supporters and sympathisers, offer various dimensions to the current political situation in Sri Lanka. By looks of things to come, Sri Lanka may have another opportunity to entertain the World with a series of Tag Wrestling encounters.
Watching Tag Wrestling is great entertainment for the wrestlers and specially for the audience.
Most likely, the best Tag Wrestling partner for the President may be his highly intelligent and competent brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Forget spineles cameleon GL who might jump ship at any opportune moment.
Lets consider the competing Tag Teams on the Stage-;
Team One: UNP Team – Sajith Premadasa & Karu Jayasuriya (Ranil is out. So is John Amaratunge the ageing Catholic cable to the Vatican. By the way – I am a Catholic who does not agree with current Church policy)
Team Two: Sarath Fonseka & Tiran Alles, Raging Vengeance, with or without UNP
Team Three: LTTE, TNA & Company – Creating Ripples inside and out of SLG
Team Four: Western Government expat Political stooges in UK, USA, Canada, ANZ, France etc
Team Five: Global Media Hype
Team Six:  Sinhala “Friends” of Government – Murder, Rape & Thuggary on Rampage
Where does President Rajapaksa start with?
I am certain that the Readers of LankaWeb have their own Positive Contributions and Considerations, and may I kick-start with my own thinking!
Law & Order in the Country should be the Number One Priority.
Col. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa – Defence Secretary, is the best, capable, trustworthy, competent candidate.
The scourge of Sinhala “Friends” of Government – Murder, Rape & Thuggary on Rampage should be given an ultimatum, with hard labour and Death Penalty should be re-applied at least for a defined period.
I humbly suggest that the President confers the values with Gotabhaya and Basil on the quality, and the applicability of the advise of the political advisors who are trying to be “Cat’s Whiskers” by giving unsound advise, such as, Visa Tax over Internet, Minimum Room Rates for Tourists, etc, making Presidential Decrees a joke-about-town.
If a Presidential Pardon is requested by Sarath Fonseka, he should be given a Conditional Pardon, details at the descretion of the President. Better to have Fonseka making a fool of himself in the open arena than creating a sympathy field around him in Welikada Jail. Fonseka could be sent on Communal Duties in the North East.

Incidentally, where is the son-in-law and his buckets of loot?

Fourth-; No matter what projections are made on the resurgence of the LTTE Terrorism,  USA, EU, India would love to see instability mushroom in Sri Lanka, in order to create their own fields of influence.  Better create a stronger alliances with Russia, China, Pakistan. American puppets in the Middle East will toe the USA line since their very survival depends on Europe & USA, despite the US Marines pissing on Muslims, Dead or Alive.

And now Japan curls-up like a poodle at the command of “His Master’s Voice” and heeds to boycott of Iran.

Once again, Colonel Gotabhaya Rajapaksa should use his balanced weight to use the military might where and when needed, with a Community Welfare doctrine.
Fifth-; Is the Foreign Secretary capable to lead his Missions Overseas with guidelines on Press & Public Relations, not defensive but aggressively following Black Spots?  Its obvious that most of the Political Appointees in Sri Lankan Diplomatic Missions are “green” on handling journalists. Each major country demands “Custom Designed” strategy, to identify both Positive and Negative Target areas.
Whilst, the LTTE-TNA are a major nuisance, there are areas which could give positive contributions in Inward Investment, Tourism, Value-added Export development, Education & Training of the Youth, which require more professional addressing.
There are Sri Lankan experts in many countries whose energies could be harvested, if approached by Special Presidential Ambassadors with the right message.
Sixth-; Now may I appeal to the LankaWeb Readership to make their own Thinking Aloud!
Says: January 9th, 2012 at 5:33 pm
douglas Says: January 10th, 2012 at 12:51 pm – Thanks Douglas. I read all the comments.
Lorenzo Says: January 10th, 2012 at 3:27 pm  – Excellent analysis.
Dham Says: January 12th, 2012 at 1:54 am – Why send “Ponseka” to Sentosa and spoil all the fun of Singapore kids?
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16 Responses to “Tag Wrestling in Sri Lanka Theatre – President Mahinda Rajapaksa vs Domestic/External Teams”

  1. Marco Says:

    It is interesting the author chose “Tag Wrestling” as an example.
    Rather unfortunate choice.
    Tag Wrestling is the No 1 “fixed” televised sport to suit the punters. (local gallery)

  2. stanley perera Says:

    The forces had a two years of rest after the war ended. GoSL must make use of the man power of the forces to rebuild North and East and in that process GoSL can win the hearts and minds of the people. At the same time the families of the forces should reside in the two provinces so that the monopoly of the Tamil people are broken. This plan was suggested by GR after the war and the TNA objected to it and the proposal died a natural death giving into racist TNA. Basil has become very unpopular in Gampaha electorate as he cares two hoots about the constituency. The champion in crossovr rouges is not toeing the line. If he does’nt want to do his job effectively the chap must leave and bring in Bogollagama with a limit on his party expenditure and the number of vehicles. However Bogolla was a good ambassador.

  3. douglas Says:

    I agree with Marco. “Tag Wrestling” is an eye wash and it only entertains the stupid audience. In Sri Lanka this is like the play called “Magodi Sellama” in a Temple Perahera (procession). For your understanding this is what it is: The two human beings are dressed as lions parade the procession in a fighting show, pouncing at each other to make a kill of one or the other. The people who are lined up along the road watch in horror that one lion will somehow or other kill the other. But to the surprise of everyone no one gets killed. Yet it is interesting and most thrilling to see both the lions at the end the of the procession (perahera) which ends up at the beginning point embraces each other and wash off the clourings (paints) on the bodies and depart in a friendly manner. But this ending does not happen in the eye of the public.

    So this is the Tag Wrestling, called “Magodi Sellama” named by my native villagers, that is being played at all stages of the Government of Sri Lanka. This great drama of hoodwinking will gone on until such time the real lion pounds and makes a kill of the crooks, criminals, corrupts, thugs, etc. and cleans the society so that the citizens would be able to live in peace. Will that happen or will it end up as the “Magodi Sellama”?

    Dear Stanley- I am surprised of your view re. Bogolla. What a crook he was? He went even above Obama. We Sri Lankans will have to make arrangements to have Birth-Day Cakes in every country he visits to celeberate the B-Days of his sons and daughters and relatives. My hats off to MR on what he did to him. He nominated him to contest a seat in Colombo and the people overwhelmingly rejected his bid to a set in Parliament. So enough is enough.

    So in the end: Who is the real “Lion” who will say good bye to the “Magodi Sellama”. Let us watch.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Copied from the previous comment.

    The saddest and silliest part of it is if this nonsense continues, MR and his entire family will face bogus war crimes charges. How?

    Tolerating thugs within UPFA and in the society at large has already dented the popularity of the UPFA. Contrary to expectations, there is no peace dividend for the majoryt. Only Tamils enjoy the peace dividend in Jaffna and Colombo. At this rate UPFA will lose the next national election. No immunity thereafter.

    The political opposition (UNP, TNA, JVP, Fonseka group), the NGO opposition, the LTTE opposition (LTTE, British Tamil Forum, Global Tamil Forum, TGTE, Tamil Diaspora) and the neo-colonial opposition (USA, EU) are gunning for Rajapakshas’ blood even today. When he is weak this will increase.

    Even within the UPFA there are ambitious politicians (and former politicians – CBK clan). They know they have no chance as long as the Rajapakshas are there. They too will join the bandwagon when the UPFA is weak.

    UNP, SLMC, JVP, LTTE junk is in UPFA. They have no regard for the Rajapakshas. They are there for the money. They will jump ship at the earliest indication of weakness of the UPFA.

    Although he is not comparable to these, what happened to Saddam, his sons; Osama, his sons; Mubarak, his sons and Gadaffi, his sons will happen to MR and his entire family. In addition all army, navy and air force high ranking officers will also be charged for bogus war crimes.

    Therefore, the Rajapakshas must realize that good conduct of all UPFA activists and its popularity is essential for their right to life.

    All political thugs should be punished immediately and econmoic benefits should be channeled to those people who voted for him in 2005 and 2010 at the expense of others. Keep them happy and Rajapakshas will be safe. That is all. It is a very easy task.

    If the government has no regard for morals; fine. At least think of their own survival and do the right thing or face war crimes charges.

    Now government tries hard to please the TNA but when Rajapakshas are in the opposition, TNA will be at the forefront of war crimes charges. Ban TNA now (when it is do-able) or face the music.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Those who clap for unpopular moves by UPFA politicians and the government are trojan horses. There is a proverb that says, when your enemy is doing something wrong, don’t disturb him.

    However there is another side to this. Making use of these deficiencies to push defeated political agendas is worse.

    The rules are simple. Listen to the voters and do what they want. They certainly don’t want these abuses. On the other hand JVP, UNP, TNA voters’ aspirations can be totally disregarded. It is not worth wasting limited resources on them.

    For instance implementing many LLRC recommendations will make the UPFA more unpopular than Duminda Silva, Mervin Silva or Sampath Vidanapathirana’s actions. If politicians feel the pulse of the people they would know. When the war restarted in 2006 some pundits said it would make the government unpopular as previous governments held on to the CFA. But the opposite happened. The war made them the most popular government in history.

    Identical to 1956 and 1977.

    Find what ticks voters and do it. Today voters are not after short term benefits. They understand the difference between short term and long term benefits. That was why they rewarded the war and punished the ceasefire, repeatedly.

    If the government fails to identify what ticks and unticks their voters, all the Rajapakses and top military officers are in for war crimes charges (not mere allegations). This is the gravity of the situation. Pleasing non-voters is equally stupid as displeasing voters. Refrain from both.

    Now is the opportune time to consolidate power on nationalists and weaken others.

  6. Sirih Says:

    “stanley perera Says: However Bogolla was a good ambassador.”

    Good lord, Bogolla is the most corrupt and incompetent fool we have ever seen as FM.

    No wonder that we are in a mess with this kind of comments. Existing one is completely brain dead and have no idea how foreign policy suppose to work or he does not understand the challenge that come with the job.

  7. Christie Says:




  8. stanley perera Says:

    Douglas and Sirih, sorry for the unnecessary comments of mine about Bogolla. I take back the two good words about him.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Thanks Prof McLean.

    Agree with your analysis.

    Adding to my previous comment, paramilitaries were set up under the law by the government AFTER they handed over weapons in July 1987. We should never forget this fact. They were and still are armed by the government. They don’t get weapons from anywhere else. They play a VITAL part of law and order.

    Violence against TNA and TNA voters is NOT violence because they are enemies of the nation.

    Only the ministry of defence approved actors with arms should be allowed to use violence. All other violence must stop.

  10. Christie Says:

    It ios easy to make fun of a stuation and enjoy the joke and give advice.

    If you look at similar situations around the world among similar groups of people, then the fun, joke and advice may change.

    The joke is on the Sinhalese people.

    Take natives of US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and see their behaviour which is similar to the Sinhalese.

    Take Fiji and look at the plight ofthe natives.

    In Sri Lanka (Ceylon, the land of Sinhalese) homocides, suicides, rape, and other crimes rates are higher among the Sinhalese comapred to Tamils and other Indians.
    Take life expectancy, birth rate, rate of employment etc they are lower than taht of Tamils and Indians.

    This is well explained by the fact when 300,000 so called dispalaced Tamils were in the camps their above rates were better than the wider population that included them.

    The same applies to engagement in businesses and land ownership.

    All sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays have to unite and form one tag team to take on Indian hedgemony (jadawadaya), colonialism and imperialism.

  11. Marco Says:

    Can you point out which law of the country set up the “paramilitary” in 1987? And which paramilitary group is supplied arms by the government?
    As far I know there are 3 official Paramilitary groups set up by the Ministry of Defence. STF, SL Coast Guard and I cannot recall the other.

    If you are referring to the unofficial paramilitary playing a vital part of “law and order” it only creates further problems for MR and the country as a whole as we have witnessed.
    It’s only a matter of time….

    It’s interesting that you say.” Violence against TNA and TNA voters is NOT violence because they are enemies of the nation.”
    So are you advocating violence against a democratically elected party and the people who voted for it?

    “Only the ministry of defence approved actors with arms should be allowed to use violence.”
    Have we not seen an exhibition of the approved actors in action recently?

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    There are NO ILLEGAL paramilitary in SL so your question doesn’t arise.

    “Violence against TNA and TNA voters is NOT violence because they are enemies of the nation.”

    ALL the nations in the world APPROVE violence/war/etc. against enemies of those nations! SL MUST NOT be the exception.

    “Only the ministry of defence approved actors with arms should be allowed to use violence.”

    NOTHING whatsoever! NO ONE was approved to carry out any violent act apart from legitimate military and paramilitary. MISUSING weapons provided for SELF DEFENCE carry NO approval whatsoever. That is why ALL (except one) is now in PRISON.

  13. Dham Says:

    Lorenzo, Marco,
    How about DD’s thughs ? I thought Lorenzo meant to say these lot.
    As I agreed or disagreed, although there was a time these people were imperative, time has come to dissolve these and strengthen laws to enforce a wider range of crimes ( I mean crime against nation)

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    There are NO illegal paramilitaries.

    Before them there are other thugs that needs to be disarmed and/or punished.

    e.g. Ranil who killed thousands of civilians
    e.g. Somawansa who also killed civilians
    e.g. TNA that supported LTTE crimes

    Don’t put the cart before the horse.

    It is damn foolish to think the security threat has disappeared!

    Anyone thinking so should get their heads, ETC. checked.

    Listen to Gota’s speech recently. It is still there. EPDP is our frontline working WITHIN the Jaffna Tamil society because they are PART OF IT. No intelligence agency can be part of the Jaffna Tamil society. Without being part of it, there is no way vital intel can be gathered.

    TNA is a very violent group of terrorists, still. Lambs stand no chance against tigers! Tigers can be mauled by tigers!

  15. Dham Says:

    I agree but intelligence units are parts of government and that should be official. Thuggery is a different thing. For example Moda Silva is a governement minister but he has his own thugs. He too behaves like an idiot. Similarly a lot of minsiters have thugs.
    If DD’s thugs can be officially recuited to GoSl Intelligence unit I have no problem.
    Thugs don’t work for government, they work for individuals.

  16. M.S.MUdali Says:

    DD is a minister from Jaffna voters. Please prove your claims if DD has thugs like Silvas in the south!

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