The Suicidal 13th Amendment: No and Never!
Posted on January 19th, 2012

Janaka Yagirala

The 13th Amendment (13A) was forced upon us by India. It has caused enough trouble and waste. Billions of taxpayer’s rupees are squandered every year to keep these white elephant Provincial Councils afloat. A province in Sri Lanka is minuscule compared to a typical US state or Chinese province but for each province we have a laughable post known as a ƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ…-governorƒÆ’‚¢ƒ¢-¡‚¬ƒ”š‚ thanks again to the 13A. The best thing for Sri Lanka is to abolish the cancerous 13A altogether the same way our war heroes rid our motherland of the LTTE pestilence (also created by India!). Unfortunately our politicians seem to be caving in to Indian demands to implement this suicidal amendment.

India has plenty of problems and priorities to address before meddling with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka or other neighbors like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Kashmir needs a proper political solution before anything else. No cities in India have a continuous water supply according to the 2007 Benchmarking and Data Book of Water Utilities in India published by the Asian Development Bank. As reported in the Los Angeles Times on March 22, 2010 an estimated 638 million Indians lack access to basic toilet facilities. The World Food Program states that 230 million Indians go starving which corresponds to a quarter of the starving population of the entire world. According to the World Bank 37% of Indians over 15 are illiterate, which would translate to around 300 million (and the gold medal for illiteracy in the world). Under such conditions it is surprising how India is capable of giving “aid” to other countries. The Dalits of India still face the most inhuman discrimination anyone can imagine.

Since created by the British, India has always been the bully of South Asia. Bloated by Mahabaratha mythohistory, it is a known fact that India uses arrogance to cover its shear incompetence when it comes to a real challenge. When the Maldives was invaded by a few PLOTE mercenaries in 1988, India played the role of the Raksha prince saving the damsel in distress. However India fled the Chinese invasion of 1962. Little Israel awed the world with the daring Operation Entebbe on 4th July 1976, carried out 4000km from home to save the hostages of Air France Flight 139. On 24th December, 1999, when Indian Airlines 814 was hijacked many would have expected the same. Instead three of the worst terrorists were released, to the dismay of all those admirers of screen only Bollywood heroism.

All Indian politicians should realize that appeasing Tamil Nadu is a double edge sword. If Tamil racism gets its way in Sri Lanka, it is only a matter of time before the cancer spreads to India. Tamil Nadu, Assam and Kashmir will lead the Indian balkanization program. In a country with a triple figure list of secessionist, extremist and insurgency groups, the domino effect of balkanization is a realistic threat any wise Indian wouldn’t ignore. Similarly the role of lackey of the Neocolonial Western world is only good as long as India is useful for their agenda. The lesson of South Vietnam is a good reminder of the fate of a nation once abandoned by the West in a haste. Wisdom is not something that can be gained by bathing in the Ganges.

Indian politicians pressing for 13A solution should get the message that Sri Lankan politicians can promise anything but it is the people of Sri Lanka who voted for them and decide their fate in the next election. We will never ever bow down to Indian hegemony like Sikkim. We will never ever let any foreign nation carve enclaves for racist minorities on our soil united once again by the blood of our war heroes.

We the people of Sri Lanka are as unwilling to accept the 13A solution asƒÆ’-¡ƒ”š‚  an average Indian is unwilling to touch an untouchable.

26 Responses to “The Suicidal 13th Amendment: No and Never!”

  1. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Janaka,

    WHY on earth our Sri Lankan masses of all ethnicities ACCEPTING this unpopular, divisive ammendment. Are Sinhalese MOSTLY tired of taliking & appeasing the great masters of political field.

    In India although we don;t agree or accept or even SAY that we have any connection to this MASS hypocracy feeding the appetite of WEST. They have become a tool JUST becauuse there is CHINA, out manuvering them at every stage. In the 1962 WAR between CHINA & INDIA, SRI LANKANS POLITELY TOOK CHINESE SIDE & quite rightly so.

    Even IPKF which is always reminded to us, as a gift or concerned neiughbour doing us a favour, WAS TOTALLY rejected & now they say that INDIA should be charged as a war criminal. None other than their OWN creation LTTTE now criticizes what happened in the North & East of Sri Lanka. Raping, mass killings and much more damage done NOT only to LTTE, but also to the so called tamil community as a whole.

    Yet our ploiticians beleive it is alright to succumb to India than facing charges by Int. Community (mainly India, again) with few western backers.

    This is a false assumption, once this amendment is enshrined & acted upon, we as a Sovereign Naton will be gone for ever.

    I admire your comments & please continue to write & wake up our sleepy Sri lankans to rise up against 13 or 13A ammendments.

    Thanks for the opporunity express my opinion……..Gamunu Alahakkone. P.Eng Canada-retd engineer

  2. sena Says:

    The underline theme of this push is the economy. India with possible backing of the West have a very strong hold on SL economy. West with India as its correspondent may be forcing this issue which any SL government (even MR’s) has a hard time resisting. This is partly blamed on ourselves. After the defeat of terrorism the government had a golden opportunity to ride the feeling of patriotism for economic and social development but looks like it has failed to a great extent and corruption, mismanagement and lawlessness prevail as before. Although the writer is warning about the people ability to remove the politicians there is no accountability or civilian input once they are elected. They behave as if they own public property and there is no mechanism to check or punish such actions (laws have been adopted that even naming the offenders can land one in prison). Most SL politician’s actions will land them in jail if they are in a western country. The other offender is the educated people in SL. After about eighty years of higher education there is very little input to the economy. They play the system to their advantage and rely on the productivity of blue collar workers who carry the brunt of the economy. Most of the foreign exchange burden is because of the needs of these people. Now one can bravely face any economic pressure and resist the push to implement these changes. But I think the ruling class and the educated will rather have their bacon than keeping the 13 amendment out.

  3. jayt Says:

    what sana tell is a fact but still responsible Sinhalese intellectuals are missing the core the very basic problem. This problem is a global problem. It is not just limited to Sri lanka. These all problems are created, process and put into work by the top place on earth where all global wars engineered-that is West.

    India is right or wrong, Sri lankan specially Sinhalese should not be looking at it in a small or narrow mind. India is a mini-supper power in economy and militarily, but India is not a supper power in intelligent. Pakistan is not a supper power economically and militarily but they have nuclear weapon to replace military and also, they are a supper power intelligently.
    India’s supper power stories promoted by Western propaganda news which want to keep India bribed orally in order to size Indian own business from Indian hands.

    West have to play small one or two or three tricks. These tricks are playing China card, Pakistan card and from the south is Tamil Nadu-separation card. And when West plays these cards plus another Bombay-terrorists-attack card, India scared and collapsed in from of the West
    and open the door to the West to rape India to the end.

    So, the west put the giant India down first and then possible get control over Russia and china and then Sri lanka which is nothing.
    Also, west intention is to keep India and Sri lanka divided, that’s way Sri lankan won’t share any intelligent information useful to India with India.

  4. Ben_silva Says:

    As a number of writers have pointed out, global politics are having an influence in Lanka. It appears that , our living space is an ‘invisible war zone’ due to various forces after our resources.. We need to wake up, as Gamunu6 pointed out, and develop what ever skills needed to survive. If we allow 13th a, it is an accelerated path to the decline of the Sinhalese.

  5. mjaya Says:

    **develop what ever skills needed to survive**
    That we have, no doubt about it, or else would we have defeated the LTTE? Would we have survived for 2500 years?

    We should be most careful about people with hidden agendas who have jumped onto the patriotic bandwagon ;)

  6. mjaya Says:

    Really good to see more and more articles against the 13th Amendment poison. As Prof. Hudson has pointed out, if only Pres. Rajapaksa would get some proper advice from Lankaweb. Like Fran mentioned we should gain momentum, protest and do whatever we can…..

    **We the people of Sri Lanka are as unwilling to accept the 13A solution as an average Indian is unwilling to touch an untouchable.**
    Now this sums it all…….

  7. Dham Says:

    Gon Silva did not develop any skill. He lost his skills and embraced UK skills.
    More than the “invicible war zone” there is clearly visible enimies of the Sinhal Buddhist. India is one of them and MR knows this already ( no need for Gon’s advice he too is an enemy).
    I think he will not give 13A but if he does he too will join the list of “enimies of Sinhala Buddhist” and join GS clan.
    Sinhala Buddhists will defeat the enemy.
    If MR joins Ben it is not due to his loving of Nibbana, it is the sheer selfish, self centred ambitions and supreem greediness. These are the qualities Gon want us to develop.

  8. Ben_silva Says:

    Last time when confused Dham fool made an abusive comment, I appealed to God to save his soul. It did not work. Confused Dham fool appears to be mentally sick or a drug addict/alcoholic as he just cannot stop making abusive remarks. I will now resort to Buddhism and wish that this mentally sick person achieve mental peace and Nirvana. I will not be responding to this persons involuntary abusive remarks, as this person is too mentally sick and cannot control it. May Dham achive Nirvana and achive mental peace free from hatred and abusive thoughts.

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    Ben_silva & all others- 13A
    I don’t think that Sinhala nation will vote aginst this. Let support a united SriLanka. Let achieve Unity in diversity

    Together (Sinhalese , Tamil & muslim) We will develop our Mother lanka better than singapore over night !

    Let divert Mahavali River ( Kangai) to end at KKS than bring all product from North& East to Hampanthodai by Yale devi !!!!

    Together We can kick out Indian out from our Mother Lanka !

  10. Marco Says:

    It is clear MR via his brother BR gave various undertakings and pledges (Implementation of 13+, political settlement after the defeat of LTTE) to India during the last stages of the war thereby stopping Indians interfering (at the behest of US?).
    India has images via satellite that may or may not prove human rights violations. (Recent wikileaks cables prove that both India and US were watching the unfolding scenes). Naturally, India is using this as leverage.
    Isn’t it surprising that MR with his 2/3 majority has not repealed this amendment from the Constitution. Could the reason be the Indians will no longer sit on the fence on human rights allegations against MR if such an event took place.
    India should be thankful to MR GOSL for getting rid of LTTE.

    It remains to be seen how long MR can delay implementing the pledges/undertakings and possibly on a personal level risks further exposure to HR violations.

    MR is indeed the only SL leader with the strength to stand up to and defeat the LTTE, would he have the same strength and vision to stand up to the Indians?
    Only time will tell.

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    Fully agreed –
    MR only need time to fool this Indian ( 13A , 13+ etc.etc…. eg: He is not implementing 13A but he is promising 13+ ….common wake up …… Bros …)

    I am comfident MR have strength to suceed with out implementing any think to any one for ever !!!

  12. Marco Says:

    If i may copy and paste from the Calcutta Telegraph:-

    The recent visit of the minister of external affairs, S.M. Krishna, to Sri Lanka falls into the set-pattern of bilateral behaviour which has been apparent for a while now. Yet, there is an unmistakable heightening of the pitch with which India, once again, pressed upon Sri Lanka the importance of working out a political solution to its ethnic problem. This is perhaps because India understands Sri Lanka’s predilections well. With the United Nations Human Rights Council scheduled to start its session later next month, Sri Lanka would need India’s support to ward off international pressure to begin investigations into war crimes. Unlike before, Sri Lanka now has the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission to brandish before the council. But given its rejection by the Tamil National Alliance, the umbrella organization of Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka, the Mahinda Rajapaksa government seems unwilling to leave anything to chance. It has tried its best to shore up relations with India over the past year, and India, on its part, has obliged. Apart from taking up a large share of the post-war reconstruction through house-building and rail and road construction activities, India has seized the chance to increase its diplomatic presence in Sri Lanka through the opening of new consulates. Mr Krishna’s recent visit was a continuation of that effort. India has taken on fresh responsibilities to rehabilitate the internally displaced people in Sri Lanka, besides stepping up commercial ties with the country.

    India has also taken the opportunity to stress on the devolution of powers to the north as a major task before the Rajapaksa government. The Sri Lanka administration, as before, fully concurs with India on it, but that is where the matter rests. The Rajapaksa government insists that it is committed to implementing the “13th Amendment plus”, but does not seem to be in a hurry to promote the consensus that it believes is essential for the plan to work. The government’s negotiations with the TNA, which has the mandate of the Tamil population given its landslide victory in the recent local body polls, are deadlocked over trivialities. Meanwhile, the sense of betrayal among Tamils and Muslims seems to be deepening. India has always been a good judge of this mood. Perhaps Sri Lanka should heed the urgency in India’s advice.

  13. Ben_silva Says:

    My opinion is we need more integration rather than separation. 13A promotes separation.I have acknowledged the contribution made by Tamils and unfortunately it is a few racist Tamils that cause misery to many Sri Lankans. The Sinhalese have a legitimate fear of devolution due to the harm done to Sinhalese by Prabakaran and other previous Tamils. I have Tamil relatives and friends who are very good people.

  14. jayt Says:

    13th should be opposed but what power Sinhalese have to oppose it? President can say ‘No’ to it but how long? I suggested Sinhalese right direction but no Sinhalese respond, that mean Sinhalese gave negative message to me and to the world.
    to get the feeling of set up a world origination, there must be people who has motivation and ambitious, but Sinhalese do not have them except for a few people.
    I have ever met a Sinhalese with dreams to build power in the world, Sinhalese today never face what Sinhalese are facing today.
    Tamil have build a economic and intelligent power in the world but Sinhalese have nothing because vast majority of Sinhalese were educated by their parent to be individual liberators while very few Sinhalese families educated their children to be patriotic; to work for the country but not for personal liberation.

  15. mjaya Says:

    jayt, you may be referring to the Colombo class Sinhalese who have absolutely no patriotism. Patriotism is indeed lacking among the middle classes as well who are only thought to selfishly climb the social ladder. However, patriotism is strongest among the rural and working class Sinhalese. Most members of the army are from this category. Assuming you were in Sri Lanka at that time you would have noticed that the most diehard supporters of our soldiers were the common working class Sinhalese such as three-wheel drivers, pavement vendors who started putting up the national flag in support of the war against the LTTE long before the others.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    ref:we need more integration rather than separation.- Agreed
    but to acheve unity with diversity !13A option is the best option !

  17. Dham Says:

    This is the first time I am talking to you direct.
    I commented only on Gon Silva. So you are thinking you are tha Gon by responding to me.
    I do not have any problem with you, because Gon or Dham do not exist.
    How many times you promised not to respond to my “abusive comments” ?
    Try to be a man, FOOL.
    I never abused you, I call you FOOL, the word Buddha used to call foolish, unfortunate people like you.
    By calling Dham “mentally sick or a drug addict/alcoholic ” will not affect me because I am against someone who abusse Buddhism. It is you who will collect bad kamma by calling Dham “mentally sick or a drug addict/alcoholic “, because I am just the opposite, I never drink alchohol or drugs not to mention my efforts to maintain truthfulness. Get ready to collect the results within 3 months and please keep in mind and appologise. I challange you that if you did not get the results, you can freely keep your mery way to promote foolishness- you have the right for that.
    However, as I do not want you to suffer, I shall refrain from using your christian name “Gon” in the future.
    May you too attain Nibbana one day.

  18. Dham Says:

    Even now “Provincial Councils” are a waste of money and created another level of paga taking and another barrier against sucess. How can TNA murderers bring you diversity and integraion ? They will surely destroy the Tamils by taking more paga and enjoying every crime, like what Prabha did.

  19. Christie Says:

    The island is too small for separate states that is provincila councils.

    India is big enough and it was never a unified state before the British made India.

    We should remove the 13th amendment and go back to the Sirima Shastri Pact and send as many Indians as possible back to India.

    Those who want to stay back should integrate.

    India and Tamils want separate govenment for the area that they are the majority. So look at the demographics and see what provinces will be unde Tamils and India.

    Let us unite and demand our freedom from Indian imperialism and colonialism.

  20. jimmy Says:

    (1) Sue the monsters who speak or write against the mother land Srilanka or against the races whether tamil or sinhala or Muslims or Bergers or against religions. Make these scumbags Penniless

    (2) spoken Sinhala and Spoken Tamil to all schools in Lanka

    (3) zero tolerance against racisim Severe punishment against the troublemakers

    (4) Encourage Meditation for all ages
    when bad evil thoughts comein replace this shit with positive kind thoughts

  21. ranjit Says:

    The people who loves this land will be with you Janaka.I dont think anyone will raise their hand in favour of 13Aor B,plus or minus. It should be abolished once and for all.No need to talk or please any mother’s son for any benefit. We beat the hell out of LTTE and now we got the peace let’s live all unitedly in one land together hand in hand. One Government,One Law, One flag one national anthem and that will be called SRI LANKA.

    Our Sinhala heros sacrificed their lives fighting the cruel monster Prabakaran for thirty long years and still we cry for our sons and daughters so forget the 13A or B. If anyone tries to give an inch from our land or any powers to any ethnic race we will fight again and beat the hell out of them. I dont think Our President will give in to any outside or inside pressure and give away our freedom to any group or groups. So let’s wait and see how he acts in this drama and then we will decide because he already knows the majority were against this unlucky number for our Motherland. SCRAP AND FORGET ABOUT NUMBER 13 FOR GOOD. To ordinary Sri Lankan mind India was our enemy for many years and it will be the same many years to come. Surely they are not our true friends. MR should take a stern decision on this, siding with the majority if not his downfall will be not far away.

  22. aloy Says:

    We did not have a proud history of 2500 years as someone said. Out of that 2500 years we were subjugated by the western powers for 500 years. The last 30 years was another form of subjugation aided and abetted by the west. When our village boys under the guidance of MR,GR and SF came on top, they are now bringing in HR charges. They have cleverly divided the team with the help of our own traitors. This is inevitable. Failing with that, they will mislead our village youths to revolt against the state which will be a repetition of 1971 and 1987 rebellion and create a Libya like situation for their intervention.
    Our leaders should carefully untangle the SF factor and then seen to be leading the country on the path of prosperity.

  23. lingamAndy Says:

    How can TNA murderers bring you diversity and integraion ?- Agreed any rasist party never bring permant peace!
    but by implement 13A SLGO can convinse Tamil & Muslim voters to vote for UNP or SLFP (DD). & also agreed with all these separation support parties to signed in agreedment to give up separation (eg: Nherhu done it in India- We can follow same procetures – eg: any political party support separation is illegal in India )
    Otherwise TNA & MC use same old rasist card forever !

  24. nandimitra Says:

    Sycophancy and the Rulers philosophy that I alone knows what is best for the country has been the cause of most of the problems of Sri Lanka. The sycophancy that the rulers expect very blatantly seen in the comments on this site (where they try to defend the indefensible) is for the poor citizens that elect them but when it comes to India they show the same Ehei Hamuduruwane mentality that they expect from their constituents. What is needed for the thirteenth amendment is a referandum and finaly lay to rest the very unfair changes to our constitution.

  25. jimmy Says:

    Hi Ranjit

    you said “Our Sinhala heros sacrificed their lives fighting the cruel monster Prabakaran for thirty long years and still we cry for our sons and daughters”

    very powerful statment. I totally understand .

    We all should live in peace under united Sri Lanka. Life is too short . no more hatred but love and respect each other

  26. ranjit Says:

    Jimmy it’s true my brother. What we need in our lives tell me? to be happy and to live peacefully helping each other isnt it? We love our parents and we love our children and they need good schooling,good health facilities,good future,jobs etc. We need peace to to do our tasks and achive our goals. Without peace we cannot do anything except live in fear and sad.

    Our heros gave us the opportnity to live in peace for everyone irrespective of race,color or religion. We must thank them and the Government for giving us a new life. We should not fight each other instead we should make our beautiful land a land of PEACE,LOVE AND UNITED without killing,fighting,mud slinging,raping etc. Dont allow Mother Lanka to cry again. We must fight together all the enemies of the land within and outside. The evil enemies in the west are jealous of our achievements after the war and the big bully neighbour is eyeing to put their big finger again to our affairs and ruined our unity, freedom and peace. This is the time we should be united as one and stay alert to monitor the evil minds. 13 amendment should be null and void no argument about it.That’s the choice of the majority citizens of our beloved Motherland.

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