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When the Commissioner of the UNHRC is directly or indirectly a party to an issue under investigation, then he or she is not in a position to act impartially, hence has no moral right to act as the Commissioner unless that person has no personal sense of honour and dignity, has no sense of shame to abuse one’s position to allow an advantage to a party that the Commissioner supports or wishes to win.

It has been reported in the media (The Island Newspaper “”…” 25.02.2012) that Ms. Pillay had been a judge of the ICC, an acting Supreme Court Judge etc, Therefore, when somebody has clearly forwarded an argument against her ability to be an impartial Commissioner, she must effectively counteract that argument by giving reasons as to why she is not a party to the issue under investigation. Her credentials are far too strong to dismiss an accusation against her by ignoring it. If she does not counteract, but continues to acts as the Commissioner of the UNHRC when issues against GOSL are taken up, then the credibility of the UNHRC would be in doubt.

The reason why Navanidem Pillai cannot act impartially because she is a Tamil by birth therefore directly a party to the issue that is due to be taken up in the coming sessions of the UNHRC against GOSL. Similarly a Sinhala UNHR Commissioner too cannot act impartially when a case is taken up against the GOSL.

The issue to be taken up against Sri Lanka is said to be some human rights violations done by the Sri Lankan Army against the LTTE (an exclusive Tamil terrorist organization) and against a majority Tamil civilian population who were with them and nourished them for over a period of thirty 30 years. What that means? It means a clear evidence of a conflict between Sinhalese and the Tamils of some sort. The substance of the conflict is not the issue here but the fact that there exists a conflict between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. A conflict does not exist among ordinary Sinhalese and the Tamils who are living as neighbours, doing business together, playing games etc in Sri Lanka. But a political conflict exists between the so-called Tamil Diaspora, the Tamil political representatives in Sri Lanka and the Sinhala politicians and a power sharing conflict between the Sri Lankan politicians. The GOSL accepts the fact that there is a conflict of some sort exists between the Sinhalese and the Tamils because it has appointed the so-called Lesson Leant and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to solve the Tamil Question.

 Therefore, there exists a political conflict that go beyond the borders of Sri Lanka between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. It is the Tamil Diaspora that intends to present a case against the GOSL through a UN member state. If there is no such conflict exists, then why Tamils living far away are unhappy about defeating a Tamil terrorist outfit. Therefore, when a million strong Tamil Diaspora rallies against the GOSL, Ms. Pillay, herself a member of the Tamil Diaspora, can then she say, sorry I am not part of that Diaspora? If she is an exception, then what are the grounds for it? The fact that she being a Tamil in itself is sufficient ground for the Sinhalese to feel unhappy, uncomfortable about her being the Commissioner of the UNHRC that is poised to investigate allegations against a military force consists of 99% Sinhalese.

GOSL has already accused her being bias but no Tamil organization has ever accused her for being bias and that means she has been bias towards them and the only reason that one could think is the fact that she is a Tamil.

We as an organization most respectfully call her either to resign or to make a statement giving acceptable reasons as to why she is an exception within the Tamil Diaspora.                           26.02.201

 THE ISLAND NEWSPAPER “”…” 25.02.2012

Pillay disassociates from resolution against Sri Lanka

February 24, 2012, 9:54 pm

By Shamindra Ferdinando in Geneva 

 UN Human Rights Commissioner South African Navanethem Pillay yesterday distanced herself from the anti-Sri Lanka resolution, which the US intended to present during the course of 19th sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) scheduled to begin on Monday (Feb. 27).

  This transpired during a meeting between Sri Lankan delegation led by External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris and HR Commissioner Pillay in Geneva. Responding  to Sri Lanka’s strong condemnation of the US-resolution, Ms. Pillay said that she had nothing to do with it. 

 Pillay succeed Louise Arbour as HR Commissioner on Sept. 1, 2008 for a four-year term. 

 The HR Chief alleged that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) had failed to address accountability issues. The government strongly countered the allegations, highlighting  the shortcomings in the so-called Panel of Experts’ (PoE)  report, with a decision to keep the identities of those who made the allegations under wraps for 20 years a major fault. While reminding Ms Pillay of her judicial background, Prof. Peiris pointed out the PoE had reached far reaching conclusions on the basis of information, which couldn’t be verified for 20 years. Pillay didn’t respond to Minister’s remark. 

 Ms. Pillay had been a judge of the Appeals Division of the International Criminal Court in the Hague, president of International Criminal Court for Ruwanda and Acting judge, Supreme Court of South Africa et al before taking over UN HR Chief’s position four years ago. 

 Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, who was accompanying Prof. Peiris warned that US move could derail the country’s national reconciliation process, thereby cause irreparable damage to post-war recovery process. Minister de Silva also reminded Pillay that the UNHRC had nothing about HR violations committed by the US, including execution of Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Pillay disassociates from resolution against Sri Lanka”

    This is not what she said.

    “Responding to Sri Lanka’s strong condemnation of the US-resolution, Ms. Pillay said that she had nothing to do with it.”

    She only said she had nothing to do with it. That doesn’t mean she disassociates herself from it!

    She had nothing to do with it but WHEN PRESENTED she will not shoot it down. She will do her job as her masters want her.

    Good move by GL and Nimal.

    If witness accounts are not available to us for 20 years, the so called accountability process is delayed by 20 years!!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes, she should resign from her position. She is a Tamil and a Tamil cannot look into Tamil BS allegations of Tamil bogus sufferings.

  3. Marco Says:

    Does one then infer that a Sinhalese cannot look into a Sinhalese violation of bogus human rights BS?

    Going around in circles makes me dizzy!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    When matters are discussed at international level there are people belonging to THOUSANDS of other ethnic groups. Why a Tamil from THOUSANDS of other ethnic groups have to look into alleged war crimes BS by Tamils on Tamils?

    e.g. IAEA investigations into Iran are not carried out by Israelis!

    Within a nation it is a different story. ALL nations do their investigation by their own countrymen no matter what ethnicity it is.

    e.g. US internal investigations are done by US officers

  5. stanley perera Says:

    Pillai must resign. GL Peiris must tell UNHRC that GoSL will respond only in another 20 years time or response to be opend in 20 years time.

  6. Ben_silva Says:

    The article is written as ‘Sinhala Nation’ Sri Lamka is the only home country for the Sinhalese. If we lose Lanka, we will have no where else to go. We have already lost the North,East, Hill ciountry and even large chunk of Colombo.
    We have lost a major chunk of the coast line. There are many Tamil orgs to represent the interests of Tamils and Muslim orgs to represent the interests of Muslims. Do we have a single org to represent the interests of Sinhalese ?
    We need an org. now to stop further decline. Even the MP of Nuwara Eliya is a Tamil. Why are we sleeping ?|
    Time to give up Indian myths that has delivered the kiss of death to their believers. Time to stop giving up desires and aim for Nirvana. If we give up desires we end up as nobody. Time to realise the world is like a war zone and develop appropriate skill to survive than get depressed and seek to terminate the birth/rebirth cycle.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    In peaceful times, most Tamil leaders are busy designing ways to carve out an Eelam area in Lanka from N&E, supported by various outside force wo want our ports. Sinhala leaders are busy trying to please the Tamil community within Lanka to win votes for the next election. Some Tamil Nadu leaders too are quietly operating to get slices off Lanka. Lanka leaders have to do their homework within Lanka first. It is senseless to weep after the ‘milk is split’. There is a lack of awareness here at local level of what really matters.

    Re investing in Lanka, a sense of Security a must before people can invest.

    We have to put laws in places to protect the Nation.

    * Stop illegal migration, mainly from Tamil Nadu, and deport all illegal migrants in Lanka.

    * Remove 13-A. Have a Referendum to do so.

    * Have an Oath of Allegiance, to be taken by one and all.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Navi Pillai and others are merely a symptom that we have not secured the Nation.

  9. mjaya Says:

    **Time to give up Indian myths that has delivered the kiss of death to their believers. **
    Don’t worry, the Sinhalese people aren’t stupid to drink cow urine like Indians do. Also there is no risk of Sinhalese people getting cholera by drinking water from the filthy Ganges.

    **If we give up desires we end up as nobody. **
    Really?? Had our brave majority Sinhalese-Buddhist soldiers not given up their desire for life before facing the enemy, (when some of us fled Sri Lanka to London of course!) we would have truly ended up as nobody…

    **Time to realise the world is like a war zone and develop appropriate skill to survive than get depressed and seek to terminate the birth/rebirth cycle.**
    Did the LTTE survive? In the best interest of the Sinhalese it is best to terminate the anti-Buddhist Ben Silva copy-paste cycle.

    **Do we have a single org to represent the interests of Sinhalese ?**
    Ever heard of the JHU? Champika Ranawaka was the only minister to boldly say that the government has no mandate to give the 13th Amendment. Ever heard of Ellawala Hamuduruwo who went against the LTTE to save Buddhist monuments from certain destruction? Ever heard of Soma Hamudurowo? Ever heard of Prof. Nalin Silva or Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara?

    Again, nice crocodile tears for the Sinhalese people Ben Silva! After all there is nothing more surprising when someone like innocent Prof. Shelton Gunaratne who probably wouldn’t harm a fly being worse than the LTTE!

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    I would like to draw attention to a news clip from LankaPage re figures released by the Dept. of Census & Stats. which may be used to push for Eelam during UNHRC meeting.

    re statement from LankaPage : ” …. (Census & Stats.) Department records a total of 22,329 deaths in Jaffna, Mannar, Vavuniya, Mullativu and Kilinochchi districts during the five years before the end of the conflict in May 2009 and nearly 8,000 deaths due to the fighting during the first five months of 2009. The Department had carried out the census project of Enumeration of Vital Events (EVE-2011) in the Northern Province from June 10 – August 15″.

    Please consider the following points :

    – The period under question is five years before the conflict ended in May 2009, i.e. the period from 2005 to May 2009.

    – The C&S Dept. has not taken into account that the CFA was on from 2002 till Jan. 2008 (post Mavilaru), which period is FOUR YEARS of the 5 yr period under consideration for the death toll. There was NO WAR, AND NO DEAD FROM WAR during that FOUR YEAR period. Prabhakaran held the North during that time and no war was going on as the CFA was effective. No one died in the whole 4 yr period in any war, as no war was happening. The actual war happened from Jan 2008 to Mar 2009.

    So, the figure of 22,329 ‘dead from war’ has to be after Jan 2008 (post Mavilaru) till Mar 2009, when the actual war did take place. But, there is a contradiction here, as the C&S Dept. says that the ‘dead from the war’ is about 8,000 (from the ltte side). In that case, what really happened to the 22,329 people from the North ? They did not die. They simply DISAPPEARED from the North – trickled down South !

    – Our Dept. of Census & Stats. should take into account the influx of Tamil people in the last many years into the city of Colombo and other major cities in the country. Colombo itself had up to 55% Tamil and still has about 48-50% Tamil. Where did these Tamil people come from ? They have obviously come from the North mainly, and possibly some from the East as well. This is how most of the 22,329 people from the North ‘disappeared’.

    – It is more than possible that the those who died in the Tsunami have been added to plump up the number to 22,329.

    With UNHRC sessions on in Geneva, figures of the ‘dead’ in the North will be plumped up by interested parties.

    For most Tamil people wanting to leave Tamil Nadu, it is illegal migration into Lanka that keeps giving hopes of Eelam & migration to the west as ‘refugees’. Lanka is also used as a trampoline by Lankan Tamil Economic bogus Refugees, create a ruckus here, to go west & also get Eelam.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    P.S. : The Tsunami dead of the North area cannot and should not be included in the death toll of 22,329 figure as the Tsunami was in Dec. 2004, and therefore not within the period under consideration, i.e. 2005 to May 2009.

  12. jay-ran Says:

    NaviPillai should resign as she has disgraced the prestigious position by being a biassed Tamil Raciast and behaving like a PRxxxxxxTE.

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