Sri Lanka’s L.L.R.C. Report and U.K.’s “Bloody Sunday” Report
Posted on March 5th, 2012

By Albert J. Fernando, Canada

Britain, out of the various Western countries, had taken a leading role in criticizing and condemning Sri Lanka for alleged human rights abuses, and alleged war crimes, including alleged shooting down unarmed civilians.

Before the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (L.L.R.C.) was appointed, it asked Sri Lanka why there is no such inquiry panel appointed; but when it was appointed, London was worried that the Commission was taking a long time to complete the hearings and issuing the report. After the Report was issued, British Government, while thanking the Sri Lanka Government for making the report public, declared its concern that the findings are rather disappointing.


L.L.R. Commission was appointed by Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse in May 2010 to look into the Eelam conflict that was prevalent in Sri Lanka from late 1970’s to 2009 and to make recommendations for healing and peace building. The 8-member Commission, chaired by former Attorney General C. R. De Silva, submitted its report to the President on November 15, 2011 and was issued to the public on December 16, 2011.

The “Bloody Sunday” Report of United Kingdom

It is relevant to compare the performance of the UK Government with regard to the “Bloody Sunday” inquiry and report. For readers who are not familiar with this subject, this is a massacre that took place on January 30, 1972, in Northern Ireland. There was a protest march by Catholic civilians against the suppression of human rights by the Protestant-dominated UK authorities. It took place in Derry neighbourhood of Bogside. Troops of the elite First Parachute Regiment soon descended on the peaceful march by Catholics and started firing at them, resulting in 14 deaths of Catholics. Some were shot as they were fleeing from the troops. That is why it came to be known as “Bloody Sunday.”

A 3-member tribunal was appointed by the British Government to find out what exactly happened and to make suitable recommendations. The Chairman of the tribunal was Lord Saville, Justice of the Supreme Court of United Kingdom and hence the final document was referred to as “Saville Report.” However, it came to be popularly known as “Bloody Sunday Report.”

Here’s great news for the British Government: Saville Tribunal was appointed only in 1998, 26 years after the Derry massacre! This is the Government trying to express concern about the sad situation in Sri Lanka!

Hold on, there is more exciting news for British Government that showed much impatience that Sri Lanka’s L.L.R.C was taking a long time to complete the findings and issuing the report. For those bigwigs in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, let me remind you that L.L.R.C. heard evidence from hundreds of witnesses and issued the report in 18 months. On the other hand, the “Bloody Sunday” Report was issued only in June, 2010, that is 12 years later!

Some findings of “Bloody Sunday” Report

Here are some startling conclusions revealed in the “Bloody Sunday” Report:

· “None of the casualties shot by soldiers of Support Company was armed with a firearm or (with the probable exception of Gerald Donaghey) a bomb of any description. None was posing any threat of causing death or serious injury. In no case was any warning given before the soldiers opened fire.”

· The Report also said, “Many of the soldiers have knowingly put forward false accounts in order to justify their firings.”

Col. Richard Kemp of the British Army responding to the Report said, “I think the actions we have heard described are like the actions of Nazi stormtroopers than British paratroopers.” (“Bloody Sunday soldiers acted like Nazi stormtroopers, says ex-Army Commander.” The Telegraph, June 16, 2010).

So this is the very same UK Government that said, following the release of Sri Lanka’s L.L.R.C. report:

“The British Government is, on the whole, disappointed, by the report’s findings and recommendations on accountability.” Alistair Burt, Minister with responsibility for Sri Lanka. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. January 12, 2012.

“Bloody Sunday” or Saville Report was issued in 2010, 38 years after the massacre (1972) and 12 years after the Tribunal was set up (1998).

What happened to the soldiers who shot unarmed civilians without giving even a warning? Your guess is as good as mine.

9 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s L.L.R.C. Report and U.K.’s “Bloody Sunday” Report”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is what SL should do. Why try to be the exception?

    If the soldiers were 30 years old in 1972, by the time the report came out they are 68 years old!

    Nothing happened for 2 years since 2010 until 2012 that means they are 70 years old. Delay another 10 years and they will all be dead and that is end of the bloody sunday incident! We have nothing of that sort to hide but we should copy the example by UK. DELAY any BS investigation for 40 years. Who cares about terrorists anyway! They are in Tamil Elam now, finally home.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Well, here it is, an absolute example of the utter hypocrisy and the double standards of the UK and CH4, if one needed any- The Milibands, CH4 and the Labour Party: here are some choice words for you to eat! You have so much to eat that you may never go hungry again for the rest of your lives!! – S de Silva – London

  3. jayt Says:

    However, if US go for what they say now, they will damage the relation with general Sinhalese to the worst and will never have an opportunity repair it. They can’t impose a friendship on anybody under cover which they did with prez Rajapakse last-week by threatening him to put on war crime and to scare him and getting him to agree to install American military spies in American embassy.

    After provoking Sri lanka with war crime charges, they came out and tell the world, “No, it is a friendship training program to fight terrorists” So, where the terrorists are? Israel are telling Sri lanka American and European going against sri lanaka because Tigers are lobbying. So American are showing power to Sri lanka?
    In any case worst is to come yet if American did not drop the case at UN

  4. Rohan8 Says:

    Hello jayt the damage with the US Govt has already been damaged, it happened a long time ago. Becuase the US is an imperialist nation like the UK and Sinhalese to my knowledge have never liked imperialist nations. Wether they be United States or United Kingdom. A positive development happened in Russia this week with Putin. Who also shares with the Sinhalese a dislike for Imperialist blood thirsty arrogant warmongering nations like the US and UK. Almost 95 percent of all problems in the world all the wars all the bloodshed all the terrorist groups all the unbelievable misery these two nations have inflicted on the world can be traced directly to the United States and United Kingdom. Anyone who doesn’t say so is blind to whats really going on in the world.

  5. Marco Says:

    Would i be wrong in saying that you are not so blind in packing your bags and moving to Russia from the UK?

  6. jayt Says:

    You are straight forward correct, I just tried to see if they will go away without creating more hate among us, that is far better for them than for ourselves but one day Sinhalese have no choice but will have to go for a direction that they will not enjoy if they want save SL

    damage, Yes, 99 % 0f Sri lanka social crime against Sinhalese and against Sinhalese in middle East and many part of the world orchestrated and frame up by an agent or agents as part of war covert operation to put down Sinhalese and fall onto somebody’s trap to get Sinhalese agree to go with their program.
    Promoting social crime is very popular western war operation method used in every country to make society fall apart and then public lose moral and then they will tell their leaders to go with western demand of any kind.

    In India, They used terrorists bombing and Tigers to get Indian leaders agree with their demand. Mirss Indra Gandi and Rajive Gandhi both want to keep Indian Independent from West, but they eliminated them because they knew they could not buy India from them.
    Both were forced by western operators to be appear as Tamil supporters but who really did the job in Sri lanka is West and I can prove it in any court in any part of the world.
    Mirs Indra Gandi had sisterly relationship with Sananayakes and Bandaranaykes. She gave some shelter for some tigers but underneath that real training given to tigers by West. West use propaganda against India to distract Sinhalese from West. What dear Franz said is true. West Uses distraction mainly propaganda to close once’s eyes and achieve their goal.

    By the way, I forget to mention how an agency infiltrate into personals lives of other people in other. They access to all countries from modern internet and regular and cell phone technology.
    For a example: Today Sri lanka is one of many countries who one agency want to bring sinhalese moral down. so what they do is they learn two persons’ quarrel and approach one person and give him or spacial drugs directly or indirectly using third party. this powerful deadly drugs begin to effect person’s mind in second or minutes and change the mind into a deadly criminal killing
    any person whoever around by using any weapon what ever available. Last two week deadly killing in Sri lanka are related this. They do it to Tamil too to avoid any suspicion. Then people think oh! this is not happening to just Sinhalese This happen toTamil too.
    The cases in Korea. New zealand, Bahrain and Tamil lady case in Colombo hotel are all same pattern.
    I wonder why Sri lanka did not have one single Sinhalese who felt suspicious on this pattern of crime which is obvious to anybody from outside sRi lanka why it happened.
    And i bet that Sinhales ever had discover this and had good technology adopted by police intelligent, CID, to test blood of crime committing person, Sri lanka had all evidence on their hand.
    Finally. Chinese, Indian Russian Pakistanis Sri lankan are all too innocent. and unless they wake up and learn to counter modern internet and cell phone spies. they will be destroyed forever.

  7. jayt Says:

    I always supported good side of UK and US if they do fair business and not involve drugs smuggling to destroy a society in the meantime. Sinhalese are today friendly to UK. So,why they do not want keep it way?

  8. jayt Says:

    if anybody do wrong, anybody have write to oppose it no matter where you live. Western politician do not ask their own citizen to go live in Iraq when people oppose killing innocent people
    for false wmd

  9. Rohan8 Says:

    @Marco yes I will pack my bags to go live in Sri Lanka! LOL!

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