After burning Holy Korans, and urinating on Dead Afghan Talibans, USA Champions Human Rights in Geneva.
Posted on March 6th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

 That is the irony of USA and the West.  They do all the violation of human rights, and war crimes  and put the blame on others, pretending to be  ” peace loving Nations which Stand for Democracy, justice and fair-play.”

 Who are they trying to fool ? 

 Are there Countries naƒÆ’†’¯ve enough to believe them and blindly follow them ?  I hope not. Kneeling to power and aggressive talk is over.  

 Of course the Western Countries and European Union equally blind to the true meaning of Human Rights may vote for the anti Sri Lanka resolution of USA, with at least a few of them despite their reticence to do so if they have  feelings for fellow humans, and understand in their true sense the  meaning of  “justice and fair-play “.

 If not for Navi Pillai’s partiality towards Tamil terrorists, she would not have even included Sri Lanka in the Agenda of the meetings of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

 What did Sri Lanka do to deserve the wrath of the International Community?  

 Is it that Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism without their assistance ?  Do the countries that  look up to USA for its Mighty Armed Forces and dwindling wealth, see the incomprehensible , insensible, pervert attitude of USA and its allies ?

 Sri Lanka was a country that suffered for  30years under a brutal and ruthless terrorism. Finally , having failed in all democratic efforts to come to a peace settlement with these ruthless demoniacs of  terrorists,  as a last resort to end the continued suffering of the people of Sri Lanka under terrorism, Sri Lanka government turned to a  military solution.

 After 30 years of stress, fear and tragedy the people of Sri Lanka wanted  peace to live  without fear , bring up their children, educate them in a climate of safety, and the peasants wanted  to cultivate the fields earn a living and look after their families.  Therefore the military operation against the terrorists was a necessity to provide the terror weary people a  peaceful existence.

 The Sri Lanka terrorists happened to be Tamils, therefore there is a false interpretation that fighting against the terrorists had been  fighting against the Tamils.  There is no logic in that because  Sri Lanka did not accept all Tamils living in Sri Lanka were terrorists.

 The expatriate Tamils try to give this wrong impression to the outside world.  Expatriate Tamils have had no contact what so ever with the Sinhala population of Sri Lanka and therefore they believe that the Sinhala are anti Tamil.  So was in fact the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  He did not live in the South and never had any contact with the Sinhala people, other than as a terrorist.

 The Sinhala always treated the Tamils as “our people“. Therefore  for the Sri Lanka Armed Forces too the Tamil people were “our people“

 That is the fundamental  difference with the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists and the war against terrorism by the USA and its allies, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya, and in Vietnam. 

 The USA and Western Armed Forces do not have the feeling of “our people“ towards the Afghans, Iraqis or Libyans.  If they had they would not have killed the Afghan Civilians for fun to cut off fingers as trophies, tortured the  Iraqi prisoners in the Abu Ghraib prison, or bombed Libya without the least concern for the Libyan people.

 Hence, the USA politicians who try to treat the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, to those of  the  Armed Forces of USA and it allies, should understand that fundamental different between their armed forces and those of Sri Lanka in fighting terrorism. 

 It is only then, that  they can understand the mentality of the Soldiers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces who while fighting the terrorists rescued over 300000 Tamil Civilians kept as human shields by the terrorists.  If the Sri Lanka Soldiers did not have that sense of “our people“ to the Tamils, they would not have rescued the Tamil civilians  but killed them all shooting haphazardly and with the determination to kill.

 A soldier of the Sri Lanka Armed forces would have for nothing in the world killed a  Tamil Civilians to cut a finger to take it away as a trophy as they are “our people“, as the Soldiers of the US Armed forces did to Afghan Civilians because they were not “their people”.

 Therefore, if in the last phase of the Military operations by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the terrorists some civilians were to have been killed it was “not  intentional“. If that “element of intention ” was not their  the Sri Lankan Armed Forces cannot be accused for  violation of human rights or war crimes.

 But on the other hand  the soldiers of the USA Armed Forces had killed Afghan Civilian and cut off the fingers or urinated on the dead bodies of the Talibans, with “the intention“ to kill and humiliate.  Therefore the American Armed forces have through the agency of their undisciplined soldiers, committed war crimes by killing Afghan civilians “with intention“ and violated human rights  by “intentionally” urinating on the dead Talibans and “intentionally” burning the Holy Korans.

It is difficult to imagine the President Barack Obama’s USA has fallen to such law depths as to send one of its senior Administrators to Human Rights Council in Geneva to  pass a resolution against Sri Lanka from which Country the President Barack Obama could learn many lessons.

USA cannot hide behind the fact that it stands today condemned  by the peace loving people of the world as the country that has committed most heinous crimes defying the basic laws of human rights and has committed  more war crimes , yet  claiming to be  the  leading Nation of the world. 

But USA never had the guts to appoint a Commission, like the Small country “Sri Lanka” did after eliminating a ruthless terrorism to appoint the LLRC.

USA has much more than Sri Lanka to learn from its  past wrongs to the peoples of the world, be it in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and its complete “loss of reason” to continue on the same path of destruction now planning wars in Iran, Syria, Yemen and North Korea, and discrediting and destabilising Sri Lanka for its just “war” against terrorists..

It was with that “blackened past ” of USA  that Maria Otero, US Under Secretary of state for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights of the US, shamelessly stood before  the 19thth session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday 2,2012 to speak against Sri Lanka, despite the shameless past of USA still to be investigated by a Commission, said  that ” the international community waited nearly three years for action and the United States is concerned. We know from experience that there can be no lasting peace without reconciliation and accountability, but the United States is concerned that, in Sri Lanka, time is slipping away,”

This is USA with its pants down, accusing Sri Lanka and demanding Sri Lanka to implement its own  report of  the LLRC- the Commission which was appointed by the President Mahinda Rajapakse without any one’s demand to do so , and the recommendations of which the Sri Lanka Government has already begun implementation.

USA now comes with a resolution, as if it is they who are forcing Sri Lanka to implement Sri Lanka’s own Commission report  the recommendations of which have already being carried out, asking Sri Lanka to implement the recommendation of the LLRC. USA really takes political leaders of the Countries present at the UNHRCouncil for “fools”

In reality USA has not even the  right to be present at the UN Human Rights Council to move a resolution against Sri Lanka, as USA has already withdrawn its Budgetary Contributions to UNESCO putting it into great financial difficulty, for no other reason but for accepting Palestine as a members State.

Is it not a violation of the right of a Nation to be a member of the UNESCO, what ever reasons USA may adduce for its withdrawal of contributions to UNESCO ?

This is  another “war” of USA against UNESCO . It is a violation of the human right of poor nations’ need for assistance.   UNESCO is an organisation that has been doing a great service  in Education, Science  in the poor and developing countries for years and done remarkable work in the field of Culture, and protection of National heritage.

In an age USA  sends men to the moon, it still functions on out dated  laws of protectionism. In 1990 USA   had adopted a law  to prevent any UN body accepting  a non-state entity as a member to receive budgetary contribution from USA.  USA went to “war” with Chile under such a law of protectionism-the Monroe Doctrine.  It is not just and fair that USA today applies same laws to restrict the smooth functioning of UNESCO a non-political world body that stands for all Nations in the World.

It is said, that ” the Obama administration accused Unesco of doing lasting damage to the Middle East peace process by rejecting US and Israeli demands to oppose the Palestinian bid ”
Is it defending  Human Rights of a nation of people,  to sacrifice one Nation- Palestine,  for the wellbeing of another Nation- Israel.

It has been said  in a blog,  “”¦.Throwing the future of the body(UNESCO) into doubt, the US State Department announced a halt to funding of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation just hours after it became the first UN body effectively to grant the right of statehood to the Palestinian people.

Despite the  US threat of a financial boycott, just 14 states voted against Palestinian membership, with 107 backing the bid, easily clearing the two-thirds majority needed for the Palestinian Authority to become a member of any UN body for the first time.”

This is the understanding of Human Rights by the USA of President Barrack Obama , who has still not halted the torture camp of Guantanamo.

It is time that the President Barack Obama reviews  the aggressive  discriminatory past of USA and  revitalise America as a forward looking peaceful Nation shedding its egoist protectionism and open itself to the world in complete political  transparence.

USA is trying to draw parallels with Darusman Report of UNSG Ban Ki Moon and LLRC. It is  therefore necessary to point out that  this “foolish” attempt on the part of both USA and UNHRCommissioner Navi Pillai is a revolting exercise of  giving respect to an irresponsible report, which does not stand equal to the Report of LLRC.

The Darusman report is an imaginary investigation without the   Commission members even setting  their foot in Sri Lanka to meet and interview real players in Sri Lanka’s  30 years of terrorism and those who suffered from it. The Ban Ki Moon Panel lead by Darusman depended solely on the interviews with  anti Sri Lanka elements with prejudiced minds, anti Sri Lanka and pro-terrorist Websites, and reports, without any transparency even keeping secret the names of those who gave evidence and provided documentary material.

Above all the Ban Ki Moon’s Panel refused an invitation by the LLRC to attend its sittrings.

It is a shame on the part of the USA or Navi Pillai to even refer to the Darusman report in view of the LLRC Report which is a complete document prepared after meeting the people concerned and interviewing people in various part of the country who suffered under terrorism. It is an open transparent investigation, which can be accepted by the intelligent and rejected by the less intelligent.

USA cannot evaluate the LLRC Report as such an investigative Commission has never been appointed by any country in the world after the end of a military struggle to learn  lessons from how the war was conducted and what effect it had on the ordinary people.

7 Responses to “After burning Holy Korans, and urinating on Dead Afghan Talibans, USA Champions Human Rights in Geneva.”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    It is the complete opposite in the modern day living that one who preeches must be practiced. What a comedy USA is playing together with the west? One point you missed Charles is about the BLODDY SUNDAY MASSACRE BY BRITISH ARMY. With that your report is 100%. Otherwise you get 99.9%.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    This RACIST bishop should be hanged.

    From BBC

    One of Sri Lanka’s governing parties has called for the prosecution of a leading bishop after he condemned the government’s human rights record.

    The Roman Catholic Bishop of Mannar and 30 priests wrote to the UN Human Rights Council calling for an inquiry into the legacy of Sri Lanka’s civil war.

    But Sri Lanka’s Buddhist nationalist JHU party accused the bishop of sympathising with separatist rebels.
    Correspondents say his comments have also led to a rift within the church.

    The bishop of the northern diocese of Mannar, Rayappu Joseph, supported by 30 priests, signed a letter sharply critical of the Sri Lankan authorities.

    Apart from calling for an independent international inquiry on the legacy of the war and the need for truth and accountability, the letter condemned what it described as continuing human rights abuses.

    The signatories also blamed the government for recent abductions of human rights workers and “vicious hate campaigns” against its opponents.

    It has prompted the ire of the strongly Buddhist nationalist JHU or National Heritage Party, which told the BBC that the government should prosecute the bishop.

    Church ‘rift’?
    The bishop’s comments also contrast graphically with those of the top Catholic hierarchy in the country. The BBC’s Charles Haviland in Colombo says the differences have laid bare what appears to be a split in the church in Sri Lanka.

    A statement by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, who heads the church in Sri Lanka, accused Western countries of meddling in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty by planning to table a resolution on Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council, which is currently convening in Geneva.

    It said this was “an insult to the intelligence” of Sri Lankans.

    The diametrically opposed messages from senior Catholics here point to a rift in the church, even though the cardinal, then an archbishop, worked with the same Bishop of Mannar a decade ago to try to mediate between the government and the Tamil Tigers, our correspondent says.

    The church also made a joint presentation to the government-appointed war commission, noting that a priest was among many people who unaccountably disappeared on crossing into government territory as the war ended.

    But activists say Cardinal Ranjith should be more vocal on human rights problems.

    Catholics straddle the ethnic divide in Sri Lanka and among the church’s members are several ministers and the wife of the President. (BBC)

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    I give Charles 99.9% for not bringing Hilary Clinton’s active involvment in Tamil Nadu with the visit to jayalalitha’s office. But Stanly, I give you 99.9% for your article; “File action against TNA MPs”. Can this be successful in SL? In Spain it can be. Judge Baltasaa Gazone was convicted and kicked out. He can no longer practice law in Spain for 20 years. What Judge Baltesaa did was to go beyond his mandate, so was the LLRC; (Champica Ranaweke openly said this at many public meetings) they went beyond the mandate. Now why did US pick up LLRC report? It is because there was nothing else to harp on at the UN human Rights Carnival in Gevena!
    Next item, Stanley, this article is totally focused on US and if one tries to mix British issues, then the article would have been too long and might get defocused away from US clowns like Maria Otero who has a very funny title to her name and none of them has any meaning as far as Sri Lanka is concerned! As a Sinhala American, I can say what she did in Geneva, was to act like a Circus Clown on behalf of BOSTON TAMIL SANGHAM.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    KitAthul, your view is appreciated. Class action is progressing well.

  5. thurai Says:


    we can wake a mann who really sleep but we can`t who pretends as sleeping. Western countries know very well
    many Tamils from Sri Lanka misuse the Asylum rights in the western countries. Peoples of the western coutries
    also know they are Economic refujees. Unfortunately they don´t know many of them have bad habbits (cast sytem)amog them and heartless (they love money more than own husband or wife or children).

    Do we want to keep such community among Sri Lanka? They make themself as stateless even they have
    foreign nationality. By Burnig Koran one US soldier incite whole islamic world against USA.
    Tamils in front of UNO in Geneva want to incite Whole Sinhalese aginst Tamils who live peacefully
    with Sihalese and other communities. We can decide one US soldier is Mentally effected.
    How can we accept whole Tamils and Western countries are mad to allow such unwanted
    actions without considering the Peace in Sri Lanka?

    Do UNO and western countries really work for Peace or want unrest, vilonce,war,deaths and poorness?

  6. Rohan8 Says:

    Yes, British Military, American Military and Israeli Miliatary. Can bomb, murder, destroy entire countries kill thousands of innocents if not millions.
    British and American Military – Destroys the entire nation of the state of Iraq with estimated 3 million dead since 2003.
    Israelis can bomb and strafe – Lebanon or Gaza killing thousands. (Although the Israeli military got hammered militarily by Hizbollah in 2006). Yet they wrecked Lebanon.
    Then these three criminal nations are protected by the United Nations Organisation without any criminal charges, so they can continue to bomb any country they choose.
    Who is going to stop them bombing their next target Iran in their huge list of criminal warcrimes.
    Blair, Bush, Brown, Cameron, Obama and Netanyahu should be hauled before a world criminal court and tried for warcrimes.
    Bush and Blair are almost billionaires today living in palaces off the blood and theft of oil revenues in Iraq. Is this the world we want to live in. Where they profit from their criminality?
    If not criminals will continue to do what criminals do and commit more horrendous warcrimes.
    Are we going to wait till they commit the next act of criminality. That is attacking Iran?
    A country which hasn’t attacked anyone in 300 years.
    Or is the world going to say enough is enough, stop picking on Sri Lanka who ended a domestic terrorist problem.
    We are in fact going to prosecute the leaders of Britain, USA and Isreal for their horrendous crimes in the last 200 years. I think an entire library could not be filled which listed all the crimes of Britain let alone USA or Israel.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Current British PM, David Cameron, said some months ago that ‘most of the problems in the world today are due to Britain’. Full marks here for honesty.

    I might add that the concept of Empire building by force is the most miserable concept created by mankind. Any country should only present good ideas to another and hope that they are accepted. Diplomacy and Tact are the tools of persuasion.

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