Those who commit Human Rights abuses cannot preach to Sri Lanka
Posted on March 7th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

Sri Lanka’s delegation presently at the Geneva sessions of the UN Human Rights Council are facing a barrage of onslaughts on the theme of “accountability”. For a country that has become the only nation to defeat terrorism and put an end to sporadic acts of terror with bombs, suicide and assassination this is an achievement no other nation is likely to achieve. Instead of bouquets Sri Lanka receives bricks “”…” why because Sri Lanka jerked the happy existence of too many factions benefiting from the prevalence of terror. The whole “accountability” sing song is just a gimmick and a perfect modus operandi to strike revenge. Yet, given the limitations within our scope we have done an admirable job from the time the military took up the challenge to eliminate the LTTE to the present where people do not have to fear terrorism. Sri Lanka is not going to apologize for succeeding to achieve what the majority wanted just because it leaves a minority disappointed. Our message to the world is : First hold LTTE accountable for its crimes & then move on to accusing Sri Lanka. This is the order of “accountability”.

 The UNHRC in 2010 issued 228 recommendations on how Washington can address violations. These are violations that the US is accused of within the US. We cannot even number the violations that the US is accused of internationally.

The US has yet to close Guantanamo Bay, US tortures kidnapped foreigners  flown in private planes to Diego Garcia, there are over 2.3m in prison in the US with 3000 facing death and even children can be sentenced to life in prison. It is a country that is being run by another nation while in debt to another nation. Sri Lanka was magnanimous enough to declare that no LTTE child cadre would be sentenced for taking part in LTTE terror. Muslims in the US are being discriminated and arrested on false terror plot accusations. These are nothing but entrapments. So what has the US done regarding these UNHRC recommendations & who is monitoring them? Did Ban-ki Moon appoint a 3 member panel to investigate this? Let alone the scores of other invasions taking place without UN mandate and simply watched by nations all over the world with only condemnation statements that hardly stops the carnage taking place.

 An America that used nuclear bombs not once but twice has no moral right to be pointing any fingers. An America that invades nations simply to secure the corporate interests of a few Americans are not doing any justice to America or Americans. An America that has through over 70 covert operations killed more than 10m people can hardly comment on guestimated civilian figures in Sri Lanka. An America that has hardly settled any of the millions it has displaced has no right to be asking for statistics about Sri Lanka’s resettlement. An America that allowed 3 genocides to take place has no moral right to comment & it is  shameful of the other members of the UN to even sit and listen to US delegations uttering absolute lies or even nodding in approval when US is talking human rights. 

 A lesson we can learn from this silence is that all these nations enjoy watching US bully countries like Sri Lanka for when such countries fall into a vulnerable situation internationally & locally the other nations eagle in on countries like Sri Lanka to advance their own agendas. India is the perfect example.   

 This is the situation taking place globally “”…” so can we count on nations to look at Sri Lanka’s situation from a righteous point of view and come to our aid? Hardly, and the countries that do come forward to speak on behalf of Sri Lanka who say what they say because they genuinely believe that Sri Lanka has taken magnanimous steps following the LTTE defeat it is more than commendable and Sri Lanka salutes the support of these nations.

 Table every allegation against US on the UN floor and ask the US to explain. On the floor of the UN, every member whether large or small has an equal voice. Let Sri Lanka be heard.

 Yet, how does the US respond to these allegations “”…” it simply dismisses these recommendations & calls them political provocations by hostile countries. Its time Sri Lanka did the same”¦but then what would be the consequences?

 However, before anyone starts sentencing Sri Lanka we demand to know what accountability the UN, the UNHRC, the US and all the nations that have banned the LTTE have to say about LTTE atrocities over 3 decades where openly LTTE front organizations have been financing terror but the representatives of these organizations are treated like VIPs and documentaries that are funded by them are even being nominated for the Noble Peace prize, where documentaries that highlight contradictions, unverified & unconfirmed allegations suffices over real pictures of attacks by the LTTE on civilians, unarmed soldiers and enough of war crimes & crimes against humanity about the LTTE.

 Where is the justice for the people the LTTE have killed over the years? Why is justice for a terrorist organization like the LTTE taking precedence? First hold LTTE accountable and then come to all other issues. This is what Sri Lanka demands.

 We want to know what the world will do about the accountability of the LTTE for these crimes. The LTTE crimes cannot be allowed to get drowned or hidden by purposely attacking a Government that has every right to take the larger interest of the country into consideration to end terrorism. It is the right of any country to protect its citizens “”…” that is what Sri Lanka did. 

 Human rights cannot be used as a political football against its enemies who countries term enemies simply because they want to change its government. Sri Lanka’s government must remember at all times that the present international pressures surrounding Sri Lanka is primarily because they do not want a Rajapakse Government to rule Sri Lanka. Once international lobbies determine who they want & do not want there is little point attempting to make amends or compromises. Thus, it is in the Governments best interest to win the hearts & minds of the people of the country for their survival. Saying it simply “”…” there is no point sucking up to these nations and their representatives “”…” their plan is already laid out. You are either in or out. The word compromise does not exist in their vocabulary!




3 Responses to “Those who commit Human Rights abuses cannot preach to Sri Lanka”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Shenali -well said again! – As you say, Sri Lanka should insist right now at the UNHRC that the LTTE should first be held accountable before targeting the GoSL for accountability. The factual position that the terrorist leader has been wiped out is irrelevant – The LTTE shadow organisations have to be pursued for accountability – S de Silva – London

  2. nandimitra Says:

    why does the government call a spade a spade. Attack is the best mode of defence

  3. AnuD Says:

    Attack is the best mode of defence, that is the only left now.

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