Facts are sacred – comment free!
Posted on March 8th, 2012

Dr.Tilak Fernando

The UNHRC with the backing of USA and its stooges’ persistence to probe Sri Lankan affairs is a clear cut indication to destabilise one of the fast developing countries in South East Asia. It is apparent that supporters of this dubious claim is due to nothing but bruising of their ego from the time Sri Lanka created history in decimating the LTTE, a ruthless terrorist organization that displayed high level of barbarism. It butchered all its rivals, gunning down moderate Tamil intellectuals, suppressing democracy, killing innocent Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim civilians, decapitating mothers and infants simultaneously, executing Buddhist clergy in Saffron robes, blasting Sinhala leaders and politicians with suicide bombing, devastating soft economic targets and sought refuge of ceasefire agreements only to re-group, re-arm and strengthen their brutal activities.

Many successive governments’ zealous optimism of bringing peace only became prey to LTTE tactics (from 2002 and 2006 ceasefire agreements). Prabhakaran’s callous strategy buckled with the closure of Mavil Aru sluice gates which threatened a mammoth humanitarian disaster for a good section of the population in the East (Tamils, Muslims and Sinhala alike). These very poodles who have emerged now as bastions of human rights, shedding crocodile tears for a megalomaniac who carried an additional sin of making young children cannon fodder, complacently turned a Nelsonian eye at the time terrorists not only massacred humans but the very word they use now Human Rights Violation!

Turning point

When President Mahinda Rajapaksa was faced with an alarming humanitarian crisis with the closure of Mavil Aru, he had no option but to resort to an irreversible offensive to free Sri Lanka from the terrorist grip. Fortunately Sri Lanka has always been a blessed island from time immemorial. With such blessings and fortitude of the three Security Forces, President’s resolve came true.

Recreational facilities for Northern children

During final stages of the war when international pressure was thrust upon Sri Lanka to bail out Prabhakaran, Tamil Nadu politicians on the other hand pressurised the Indian government, in a typical vote gaining exercise. Naturally India became trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea as the timing of Tamil Nadu strategy was such that India headed for a general election at the time. As expected, the Indian Congress Party did not want to upset the political applecart by alienating the Tamils with a huge voting chunk. The issue thus became politically sensitive and made India to help Sri Lanka covertly.

With the international pressure building up, Sri Lankan Security Forces were left with only a breathing space to go on a “ƒ”¹…”bulls eye’ attack to finish the war and rescue innocent Tamil civilians who were trapped in terrorist control areas. With diligence, finally they managed to crush terrorism from its roots and bring about peace and harmony to citizens of this country.


In any given war situation no one can ignore the occurrence of a certain amount of civilian casualties. In the case of the LTTE warfare, terrorists should be blamed for forcing and using their own civilian people as humanshields.

When the war zone was cleared more than 11,000 LTTE cadres surrendered to the Security Forces out of which 6,100 adult cadres have been rehabilitated and released by June 2011. Five hundred and ninety five child soldiers who surrendered have been reunited with their families within 12 months. Rehabilitation programmes are continuously running at an enormous expense to the government which is an arduous task especially when it comes to people who from their childhood had only seen killing and smelt blood instead of going to school.

Out of those LTTE hardcores who surrendered, George Master and Daya Master have spoken openly about the LTTE atrocities as well as the effective and compassionate rescue operation conducted by Security Forces during the last stages of the war. Today those rescued Tamil peasants are coming out openly on TV and thank President Rajapaksa for creating not only an atmosphere to move about freely within the country, but with the clearance of thousands of mines their ability to move into once war torn areas and cultivate crops and earn a living which was denied by terrorists who pretended as their liberators for a long time.

There had not been any statistical records of people who lived in the North at the last stages of the battle as a large number of Tamils had left Sri Lanka illegally as refugees to foreign lands during the battle time. An estimated 100,000 refugees (LTTE cadres inclusive) have left for India. Presently large numbers are living in other countries as refugees, particularly in the West, at the cost of tax payers money and formed what they call a “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Expatriate Diaspora’ to keep on feeding the poodles with wrong information for the very detriment of their own folk in the North and East. Many have fled to other parts of Sri Lanka and engaged in entrepreneurial activities and living comfortable lives in Colombo.


What is the real reason behind hypocritical behaviour of US and UNHRC stooges against Sri Lanka? It could be Sri Lanka’s refusal to comply with a US request to engage Sri Lankan highly trained troops to combat guerilla warfare in Afghanistan immediately after the LTTE elimination. India, China, Russia and Pakistan are fully aware of this, as such, Sri Lanka can depend on them if it comes to a UN Security Council vote. Going by facts and not by hearsay third party information, the UN probers should listen to their own conscience first, rather than continue to harass a sovereign nation where her populace is completely contended with the freedom they now enjoy.

Perhaps American pretenders and their UN cohorts may have got the meaning of the word “ƒ”¹…”Human Rights’ wrong by looking at their own makings in Libya, Palestine and Iraq where hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were killed in the name of human rights operations and are studying blue prints right now to do the same in Syria.


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  1. ranjit Says:

    Doctor For these barbarians in the west human rights wont apply. They think they are the masters of all masters. We need people like Putin,Chavez, Castro etc more to face this unfair,unreasonable white monsters who bully the smallest democratic nation who ended thirty long years of barbarism killing innocent children,men, women monks and even nation leaders.

    Now they talk about invading Syria and Iran. How many more they will kill the same way they have already killed in other parts of the world. Not hundreds,Not Thousands but in millions. Did any human rights organization or the UN questioned them or took any action against all those who did wrong to the human being? Truth does not have a place in this world except fear and corruption. Money and power runs this world. We as a nation must get united and fearlessly should face this enemy till we get full freedom and peace. Idiots like Ranil and those Rowdy JVP should show more responsibility towards the country they were born to rather than helping our enemies who were trying to destroy our homeland.

  2. Christie Says:

    The writer’s focus is very narrow and is trying to let India off the hook.

    It is India who trained armed and managed the Tamil terrorist outfit.

    It is using non-violent aggression and oppression to wipe out the non Indian of the island.

    It is India behind the US submission.

    Navi Pillai is an Indian colonial parasite from south Africa and is out to help India and Indian colonial parasites in the island nation.

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