Channel 4: Prabhakaran’s son’s killing
Posted on March 13th, 2012

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

13 March 2012

Callum Macrae

Film Producer, Channel 4

Horseferry Road, London SW 1, UK

Dear Callum Macrae:

Once upon a time, as a young Geology student at the University of London, walking into the Geology Museum at South Kensington, and being met by display case after display case of Ceylon gems and geological structures, my blood curdled with resentment towards colonial Britishers for plundering the geological wealth from my Ceylon, and I always preambled my description of these British colonial “ƒ”¹…”whites’ as “Those damn white bastards”¦”  When they left Ceylon in 1948, they did not consider having display case after display case of Ceylon gems and geological structures at the Colombo Museum, after 131 years of colonial rule.   That was my anger.

With time, and mellowing age, I grew out of that resentment, but unfortunately, I am afraid, that I have come a full circle with Ceylon now being called Sri Lanka, and  finding a new generation of  British “ƒ”¹…”white’ rascals like you trying to plunder and thrash the well deserved and earned  “ƒ”¹…”Peace’ of the peoples of Sri Lanka after a bloody 30 year long war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists who you are trying to cloak as hard-done-by  innocent babes-in-the-woods, who were eliminated militarily by the Sri Lankan soldiers.  That is a hard cock-eyed sentiment to swallow, mate.  I say, “tough-tiddy”.

An article published in the Independent says, “Callum Macrae, the British journalist-filmmaker who made both documentaries describes the scene involving Prabhakaran’s son vividly:

“A 12-year-old boy lies on the ground. He is stripped to the waist and has five bullet holes in his chest”¦” you say.

So what Callum?   War kills you fool, as we saw thousands of innocent Sinhalese and Muslims being killed by the Tamil Tiger terrorists.  That was a daily routine in this Tamil terrorist war. Do you expect me as a reader to fall on my knees place my two palms on my face covering my eyes  and sob like a baby at the death  of  this 12-year old Tamil Tiger cub in this ugly, unnecessary  war that you have made it a lucrative business padding your pockets with  Sinhala-blood soaked dough.  Shame on you, mate.

Callum, I am left with no more tears to weep for Prabhakaran’s 12-year old son, as  I  had  shed all my tears on June 2, 1987, when 31 Buddhist novice monks, all around the age of Prabhakaran’s son, who were in a bus at Aranthalawa on their way on a pilgrimage to Kelaniya, which  was ambushed by 20 of Prabhakaran’s  Tamil terrorists and went on a rampage killing 31 of them, shooting at point blank range with machine guns and chopping them with machetes,  accept three who were lucky to get away to tell us the real story.

I am a Buddhist and those killings affected me very much. And you are complaining about Prabhakaran’s son’s death.  You are being a heartless British  vindictive-rascal, Callum, for not highlighting  the killings by the Tamil Tigers of my 31 Buddhist novice monks, but trying to pull at the heart strings of the  UNHRC’s permanent country representatives to vote for the US Resolution against Sri Lanka which is cunning like you not exposing the Tamil Tiger atrocities. Ha! A  vindictive conspiracy, for getting rid of the cow that gave you all unending buckets of dollar- milk for 30 years.

Your voice over photographs of these 31 bodies in a Channel 4 video, Thirty-one young bodies wrapped in bloodied yellow robes lie outside the ambushed bus, each body having at least five bullet holes through their heads and chests, shot by the ruthless Tamil Tigers, Prabhakaran’s men, and some have their brains jutting out of their skulls like ketchup covered spaghetti, after ruthless machete attacks”¦” would have been an honest reporting by a film-journalist.  But it was not to be as this scene was not lucrative enough financially. So goes the shameless, dishonest bastardized film-journalism.  You are such a film-journalist, Callum Macrae.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It may be hard for you to take my views about your unethical film-journalism, but then that is how the cookie crumbles.  You can take it or leave it.  Or you may want to write to me and I will write you back.

Asoka Weerasinghe.


21 Responses to “Channel 4: Prabhakaran’s son’s killing”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Whoever got rid of this pieace of dirt SOB TERRORIST did a good job.

    Well done!

    His name was Charles Anthony and there is a LTTE briagede by his name Charles Anthony brigade which he was heading!

    Child soldiers was one big “achievement” of the LTTE. Well done LTTE for recruiting Tamil nationalist children into your ranks. No excuses now. Now do you see how stupid it was to have child soldiers!

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Does any one believe that those westerners and Americans truly concern about the deaths of those Tamil terrorists? It is just the LTTE money talking.
    The British and the French were pirates, who went to many countries, killed the inhabitants and stole the wealth of the those countries.They still occupy some countries (like Australia) and treat the natives like shit. So why are we getting agitated when they make loud noises. They still think they rule the whole world.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ASOKA !! When the Arantalawa incident happened, I was Manager, Walker & Greig Ltd, Kandy. A very good friend of mine, a Newspaper Reporter, Ariyawansa Jayaweera, of Kandy, brought all the Photographs of the Arantalawa Massacre to my table. It is permanently lodged in my brain, and I will remember the Gruesome pictures ever. The little Buddhist Samaneras were all in the ages of TEN to TWELVE, and they were chopped with Swords and Machetes. Guns were hardly used. There was one Samanera seated on the ground crying, with the be-headed HEAD of another Samanera, on his lap. The picture of the 12 year old son was allegedly with bullet wounds, and he would not have ever felt pain. The Samaneras would have suffered excruciating pain, from the pictures that I saw. This fellows name is not Charles Anthony. Charles Anthony is a manly big made guy, an elder son, who had his own killing brigade. He too was killed in Nandikadal. What the 12 year old son got, is only a very small instalment of retribution. There is yet the forces of the Karmic Law to enforce further retribution.

  4. Leela Says:

    If we assume ch4 video on Balachandrn is genuine for argument sake, then a few questions could be raised like this:

    Pirapakaran’s parents had walked to government refugee camp for their safety, and the government looked after them till their death. Sea-Tiger leader Soosai’s family and Thamil Selvam’s family were caught trying to flee but is also safe and well looked after even to date. And by the time Pirapakaran’s last fight took place all afore said surrenders had been transpired. And Pirapakaran should have known his parents were safe.

    If so, ch4, rump LTTE and their backers should tell us why Balachandran hadn’t joined his grandparents? If Pirapakaran let his parents go why didn’t he let his 12 year son go with them? Surely, Pirapakaran should have known his hour of reckoning is approaching fast. If he had slightest desire to save his son, Pirapakaran should have let his son go with his parents to safety. Only logical answer is Pirapakaran decided to keep him with him till the last minute, why?

    Do or die had been Pirapakaran’s theme. Entire organisation of LTTE was built on that premise. ‘Surrender’ had never been a word in LTTE vocabulary. Only traitors do surrender. No wonder so many thousands of LTTE cadres died on that premise. In that situation can Pirapakaran let even one member of his family surrender to his foe? That would be more than a shame. And that is why Balachandran opted to stay and help his father to put up a last ditch fight against his foe until white neo-colonialists rescue planes arrive.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes it is Balachandra.

    Charles Anthony was the other son who was (like Osama Bin Ladin’s son) was a military-terrorist man. He led the Charles Anthony Brigade of Tamil Tigers.

    VP’s daughter Dwarka also fought the war in the Malathi Brigade and died fighting.

    With thousands of child soldiers, VP’s son was also a child soldier. He died of gunshot wounds he sustained in war. There is nothing to suggest torture. Anyway well done! This piece of dirt is better dead than alive.

    For the crimes Tamil Tigers did, this is CERTAINLY NOT ENOUGH. Generation after generation of Tamil Tigers MUST pay for the crimes of them.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Only MODAYAS will have ANY soft corner or sympathy for these barbarians.

    The Anuradhapura massacare on a poya day, the attack on the Sri Dalada Maligawa and the Katankudi mosque massacre are other barbaric acts.

    This suffering is not enough for Tamil Tigers.

  7. Sirih Says:

    Callum started as a dustman (true) in UK and later went to Africa to make money… Guy has no intellect or any skill and one of those available for hire for terrorist cause since it is easy money.

    You can take any photograph and can make a story and we will do the rebuttal in kind since guy they hired to do the analysis is walking in the dark while making accusations based on hearsay and not based on facts.

    We will use a similar expert for the rebutttal since it can be argued from different angles since it is only a photograph.

  8. Dham Says:

    To any soldier fought in this cruel war it is natural instincts to kill this boy in front of Parayaharan. It is the only way for him to force feeling killing of hundreds of innocent children on his order.
    American soldier killed nine innocent children for no reason. He only fought in Iraq before and there is absolutely no reason for him to get mad with afgan people. Sinhala soldiers, however lived a living hell. They were all insane looking to survive and fighting for the survival of their nation. They have every right in the world to kill the son in fornt of father, the great murderer, if they wished. However, this did not happen. Parayaharan could have sent his younger cub with his father and mother is he thought of their survival. He did not. He wanted him to be killed with him and I am sure he could have showed a cyanite capsule in to the cub’s mouth as this maniac hated Sinhala people so much for no reason.

  9. Dham Says:

    I am one of those Modayas who feel for this child, whatever the way he died.
    But the our soldiers have every right to kill him, it is up to them what to do , according to their own feeling. This boy unfortunately simply lost his rights to live when he was born.

  10. LankaLover Says:

    Even if that was Prabhakaran’s son, he could have been killed by LTTE itself to avoid capture. Another scenario, he could have died in cross-fire or while fighting against the Sri Lankan Army (as many of their child soldiers died). CH-4 is a scum bag channel that tries to live on LTTE money. They know that UK does not investigate the origins of the payments they receive from LTTE sources.

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref: as many of their child soldiers died
    end of the day these childern ( 31 Buddhist novice monks, & child soldiers ) are belongs to Mother lanka ! not USA !
    As a family members We should solve our problm ourself ! But We have to accept We all are Sri lankans are Modayas !
    We Tamil can kill not 31 We can kill 31,000 Buddhist novice monks & Sinhala Bhudist can kill not 40,000 child soldiers can kill 400,000 ! but Can We solve our ethenic problm ? NO

    This is our KARMA ! We have to live with it !

  12. thurai Says:

    Pirabakaren & LTTE are enemy of all communities in Sri Lanka. Terrorism is enemy of the Whole world.
    The war in Sri Lanka was against Terrorism not aginst Tamils. Terrorist kill their own mother father,children
    or relatives. LTTE killed their own members. Until may 2009 killings of LTTE are welcomed by supporters of
    LTTE and their western partners in sometimes they celberated suicide bombings in Sri Lanka.

    Now Sri Lanka is free from Terrorim. SLG and the solidiers are brought the end of Terrorism.

    How is possible bring an end without killing a Terrorist who try to kill me?
    How can we end a war without unfortunate killings of innocent people?
    who knows who is responsible inside killings of LTTE and other murders carried out by LTTE? Anyone, anywhere
    wanted to take action aginst LTTE outside Sri Lanka?
    All spporters who carry LTTE flag must be inquired first for the last 30 years killings by LTTE .
    If anyone forget the LTTE and their Terrorism and want to accuse SLG they are just wakend from a dream.

  13. Christie Says:

    These Channel 4 videos are not a thing to worry about. It is for the consumption of Indian colonial parasites, Indians and other Indians in the West as well as our Parippuwas.

  14. Christie Says:

    These Channel 4 videos are not a thing to worry about. It is for the consumption of Indian colonial parasites, Indians and other Indians in the West as well as our Parippuwas.

  15. Voice123 Says:

    Sarath W said:
    “So why are we getting agitated when they [Westerners] make loud noises. They still think they rule the whole world.”

    Unfortunately in effect, they still rule the world. Instead of direct colonial administration, now they use economic might (trade/aid/sanctions), so-called “human rights”, LTTE rump, Sinhala modaya thugs, NGO lapdogs etc. Instead of complaining and crying how helpless we are, we should be sensible and see through their devious strategies to divide and destroy us and also identify and punish traitors in our midst. Then we can stay safe.

  16. R.M.W Says:

    The Whole of west is crying for the 15 year old boy who was executed with five bullets.

    When compared with the US Occupiers of Afghanistan who has urinated on the dead bodies of the civilians they murdered and went on to burn holy Korans, we recognize what these hypercritical preachers are all about!

    Three cheers for the professionalism of our soldiers who executed these Catholic terrorists humanely without urinating on their corpses!

    Only thing is, these Catholics were not buried in the consecrated ground, thus they would be unable to meet their Catholic father, so their soul is lost forever.

    So his execution was complete, for he would be unable enter through the pearly gates, heaven and meet the rest of the murderous gang in heaven, hence Catholic Prabhakaran’s execution is complete.

    Most normal mortals would not be able to understand what I am speaking here, but the Catholic racist Bishops will do so, and they will miss him when they enter those Pearly gates.

  17. thurai Says:

    //Only logical answer is Pirapakaran decided to keep him with him till the last minute, why?// Leela

    LTTE supporters who live around the world belived in Pirabakaren,LTTE and Tiger Flag only. If there is anyone
    murdered within LTTE noone had courage to ask why. Billions of money and assests belongs to
    the name of LTTE were in the hand of many unknown Tamils. Even some Tamils suspect anyone who
    enjoy the life with the LTTE money had no courage to complain to anyone.

    Now there is noone to claim the money onbehalf of LTTE from some persons who supported the LTTE
    only for robbing the Bloodmoney. There is possibilities of secret connection within LTTE in SL with
    those who wanted secure the Bloodmoney for themself in the western countries.

    Question is why it is not possible making films purposely of dying Tamils and Deaths bodies for propaganda against SL and guided the LTTE leaders go to the army with white Flag. Reason is do the same work around the world
    without any controll from Vanni ( Controlling the Tamils and Assets).

    For the above purpose destroying the all Family members of Pirabakaren is Important.
    Terrorism do anything anywhere anyhow.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    The LTTE used loads of children 12 years old, and even younger than that, as child soldiers. There are many Youtube videos showing these kids humping AK47’s … we have the video evidence … loads of it. Younger the better said the kidnappers!

    You can even see the angel of death Adele Balasingham handing out cyanide capsules to very young female cadre at their “graduation ceremonies” relishing the fact that mere children can be kidnapped from their parents and so easily brainwashed into killing machines. Many of the attackers who did those ethnic cleansing attacks were these mindless underage automatons. Amazing how forgetful Eelam backers are … Amazing … as a group they are suffering from an advanced state of Alzheimers!

    I don’t have an IOTA of sympathy for these LTTE barbarians or their killing machines, they received in return only a minute fraction of what they had inflicted on others.

    NO SYMPATHY … NONE…. just like dear old President Obama had NO SYMPATHY for Osama bin Laden…. NONE!

  19. AnuD Says:

    Do you think, this is all LTTE money making this mayhem and Tamils are exploiting Tamils.

    Do you think, there are no any other Stake holders in this ?

    No one in international community was not concerned ever about suicide bombers blowing up southern civilians, no one ever talked about Sinhalas and Muslims becoming refugees for decades, sabotage and destruction of govt properties and the list is endless.

    It is simply one sided.

    Only the UN talked about 100s of child soldiers. No other talked about child soldiers. At the end of the war, it was heavy fighting. It was not afghanistan where foreign soldiers looking for terrorists among civilians.

    Soldiers knew the barberic tricks of LTTE for decades. So, who in the right mind can expect soldiers to do the 100 % right thing when they are also trying to protect their OWN lives.

    The west is simply preaching. Even his Ray Mcccalum guy should have talked how British soldiers killed Iragis, afghans and Libyans most probably now Syrians.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    “I don’t have an IOTA of sympathy for these LTTE barbarians or their killing machines, they received in return only a minute fraction of what they had inflicted on others.

    NO SYMPATHY … NONE…. just like dear old President Obama had NO SYMPATHY for Osama bin Laden…. NONE!”


    This is the RIGHT attitude.

    Some bloody modayas (curse upon their clans!) sympathise on this TERRORIST who would kill TENS OF THOUSANDS of civilians, etc. if left to live and sire other terrorists.

    President Obama, Clinton, Leon Pannetta, etc. watched on TV how US marines killed OBL and family! That is the RIGHT attitude we should have.

  21. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Whatever Callum Mcrae says is not credible, as we now know that he is a disgraceful manufacturer of false stories on behalf of the Tigers. He must be making a mint out of LTTE black money and obviously does not care for the human rights of anyone butchered by the LTTE. He has absolutely no empathy for the victims of Tiger terrorists and as such he needs to be tested to see if he is also a psychopath. This is a corrupt world with many individuals like Mcrae willing to do anything for big money and that includes our own sinhalese traitors living in SriLanka and abroad.
    However, the unanswered question to me is, how did they get this photo and why did they wait 3 years to release it ? Also, could it be a child recently killed for the purpose of this latest fabrication to influence the international community.

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