How US topples its Puppets
Posted on March 14th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

In this day & age when no one is to be trusted there is greater urgency to be informed and more importantly to be able to filter what one sees, hears or reads about. It is the people who become the ultimate tool for the coups that take place by powerful nations and they enjoy using the “masses” to advance their agendas.

 We all know that countries that utilize covert regime change strategies outsource these roles to intelligence units who spend at times years to build the foundation towards that change. So when a seemingly popular government suddenly becomes unpopular amongst the masses that unpopularity hasn’t come automatically and has come about due to the hardwork of these intelligence agencies.

 Here are some clues to look out for. Please note these are the entities that will be targeted by these intelligence units to eventually help bring a government down even if that government has been on the favored list once upon a time.

 First place that intelligence units will work upon is the Opposition“¦naturally because in a country the opposition is the first to want to chase out a government in power. Look out for sudden funds that are flowing in, geared up campaigns, sudden foreign trips, certain political lines & statements adapted by the Opposition “”…” these have all been spoonfed by these foreign intelligence units.

 Then comes the motive, the basis on which the government must go. These motives are sometimes real but inflated and at times simply concocted ones. The weapons of mass destruction was used in Iraq. Among developing countries the economic issues, human rights, denial of expression have proven excellent ingredients. This is intermingled with the covert/overt action plans. India trained Sri Lanka’s rebels in India, the US refused to give $500m in aid to Haiti that sent the economy into chaos, Hosni Mubarak found there was a different meaning to “democracy” inspite of being a US poodle for decades.

 With the motive in place there has to be channels to carry out the message amongst the masses and so we now come to the media“¦the paragons of virtue who have been either bought over or infiltrated and they do a magnanimous role in painting the saint as the sinner and vice versa. They do have their sour moments. Reuters news agency had to apologize for providing photos on Lebanon & claiming these were from Syria. Similarly, Danish TV also admitted that images of torture supposed to be happening in Syria were actually those taken in Iraq. There are plenty more examples that can be given. Just think.

 These intelligence operatives will also begin to work on the rich elites who are totally unaware of them being roped into their gameplan since they are busy thinking of only profits.

 What’s ironic is that most Americans don’t even realize what its government is upto overseas! They see every foreign country leader as “murderous dictators”, they view America as the only democracy, they see human rights violations taking place everywhere except their own country”¦ they would be shocked to even hear or read about the US using chemical weapons including agent orange & napalm & spreading acres of land with chemicals that have destroyed land in Vietnam and subject the Vietnamese people to health hazards. The similar options were used in Bosnia & Iraq. They would even excuse US/NATO forces for purposely targeting civilian infrastructure in all these invading bombing campaigns.

 Another alternative is to infiltrate the unions and in Asian countries protestors are easy to come by “”…” how else would politicians be able to bring bus loads of people to listen to their speeches right before election time! These union protests are soon followed by funding opposition to carry out rallies, create an unruly situation provoke easily provokable police to hammer a few protestors perhaps a shooting & a death is perfect reason d’etre to cry foul and begin the blame game. This provides the perfect setting for foreign leaders to come into action following diplomatic communiquƒÆ’†’©s citing the “horrendous situation” that has erupted in these countries. The examples are too many to recall but readers would immediately be able to link a few past instances. This is not to excuse any government or its police but is meant to also show that everything that happens is not simply black of white.

 The situation that arises from some of these high intensity situations are perfect to next organize opposition rallies against the crime that has taken place joined by the infiltrated & paid media and the rest we can all imagine. The predicament of any government is sadly that it is powerless “”…” when a government has been sidelined to be overthrown, that government whether it does good or bad will be faced with what Sri Lanka’s government, the Syrian government is facing and may likely to lead to what happened to 3 governments in the Middle East!  

 The next set of people that enter the fray is the moderates who give an “intellectual” explanation for why the present government should be toppled. Needless to say some of these comments have been paid for in dollars.

 All leaders who are eventually captured are generally bumped offer “”…” we all know what happened to Allende of Chile, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Gaddafi of Libya”¦

 Another clue to look out for is when the countries staging coups condemn the situation taking place and appeal for “normalcy“ and continuously claim that they support “peaceful” efforts. We are only too aware of these repeated diplomatic statements over 3 decades juxtaposed with their links to the LTTE inspite of coming forward to assist the Sri Lankan Government to eradicate terrorism.

 For these reasons all the while people must be alert to outside elements that are working on targeted nations. They can be everywhere”¦ functioning as English classes, training institutes and look after for foreign funded units, even those that are currently in Sri Lanka to supposedly learn from the military “”…” the military may find that they are being taught in return! In Sri Lanka’s case it is the youth that needs to be watched for it looks like Sri Lanka’s spring will arise from the university!

 So should we be surprised who was behind the Venezuelan student rebellion?

Thousands of students marching through the streets for “freedom of expression” wherein the opposition stayed out of the “spotlight” to ensure that “spontaneousness” of the protests yet the student leaders were very much tied to the opposition. The key word at all times is “spontaneous” and this needs to be conveyed locally & internationally. We can look out for such moments in Sri Lanka in the days & months to come.

 We know too well that democracy was never meant to take place in any of these nations that had been targeted. Enough weapons & ammunitions were supplied in order for anyone to take out their vexations against the other. Just see the situations in all the countries that the US invaded “”…” are these people actually better off? Syria & Yemen are revolting against the West but it is only a matter of time. Syria is flocked with foreign mercenaries, foreign intelligence forces all setting up the chaos “”…” even the media helped by relaying false images. In Yemen, student revolution is on the way. A Yemeni activist not surprisingly won the Nobel Peace Prize! We know what the Arab world offers “”…” oil will make any coup a worthwhile effort!

 Lets just see some of the examples or rather lies that had been used to topple governments or stage a regime change. Sun Tzu said that “All war is based on deception” “”…” we know how true this is!

Outraged Americans believed President McKinley when he announced that an American ship had been sunk in Havana Harbor which started the Spanish-American War. The Spanish had not put a mine to sink the ship as was alleged. 

Hitler lied to invade Poland claiming Germany was attacked. In Iraq it was weapons of mass destruction, in Afghanistan it was to avenge the killings of Americans in the Twin Towers although not a single investigation was held prior to the launch of the invasion & aerial attacks. We now know that the American people & the British were fooled into Iraq by Bush & Blair & his elite corporate support base. Weapons of mass destruction, vx nerve gas, gallons of anthrax were read out at the Un to support the invasion. Nothing was ever found.

 Here’s the ironic situation. Foreign Governments will fund dictators, will watch these leaders engage in corrupt practices, they wouldn’t say a word when these local leaders fleece the nation, kill its people so long as they allow these foreign entities to also have a share in the natural resources of that country but the moment they come in the way of these foreign nations “”…” what Gaddafi & Saddam faced will happen. Therefore, if mighty dictators like Gaddafi & Saddam fell as they did “”…” our leaders must at all times keep this at the back of their mind in everything they do. What a catch22 situation!

5 Responses to “How US topples its Puppets”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Multi-party politics is there to divide and control. They call it democracy. How ever, Under that system, politicians kill each other because if they reach to the top reward is worth everything they did. Politicians are naturally very greedy and have very high egos.

    So, In Sri Lanka Southern politicians are not united. Even the govt gives lot of fodder to any one who wants to undermine and destabilize the country.

    If the leaders are evil and if they think only and do only evil what ever we say for the betterment of Sri Lanka, they take it in the wrong way, and they take the country more towards disintegration by every way.

    We cannot blame every one else for ever and stay without criticizing ourselves too. That is not going to work for ever.

  2. agboh Says:

    And anyone remember Clinton visiting the governor of tamiladu some time back. This resolution against srilanka has been planned in advance. Shame that our politicians in the opposition do not sing from the same sheet when it comes to matters of national interest. God help Sri Lanka

  3. jayt Says:

    popularity and unpopularity of government is well planed out for years. Here is some to add to it.
    Why other intelligent agencies of other countries do not know about. Unlike western countries, intelligent in other countries depending on their political leaders who does opposite. In Western countries, same group of spies work for life in the same agency and advisers to every government-it does not matter who come to power and government have to go spies way, and if not Politician will be subjected to a scandal and overthrown if they do not go their way on foreign matters. THe western public know this well and they know western spies with their funding illegally operate and kill million of people in other countries to rule the world but this western public offer no solution to it however, if t was expose by a hearing and evidence start to surface of conspiring against and killing they will not go free either.

  4. jayt Says:

    the other problem is they do have sophisticated communication technology that other countries cannot track their conversation. During war period, Tigers were given different communication equipment plus they west used other espionage methods such as intermarriages were used to avoid tracking them.
    they infiltrated to prez Rajapakse family and tricked one of his niece to marry to a Tamil. they have been working on for this years with tigers to hurt Sinhalese pride and feeling for maximum and to remind Sinhalese what happened in kadyian kingdom. Also, it is a part of many plot to overthrow government using kandyan kingdom as an example.
    After, they do this kind things to degrade and humiliate Sinhalese, they massages through news papers to Sinhalese.
    About tree week ago, that these spies created an event in Tamil Nadu to send a message to Sinhalese that a tamil is marriaged To Prez’s niece. It did not happened in tamil nadu natural but created by this spies to tell Sinhalese who do not know about this in different way. Also, they helped a tiger in Toronto to trick a Sinhalese lady who is a daughter of a minister of misers Bandaranayake govt. to marry. THis was publish by this spy agency about two years ago.

  5. jayt Says:

    I am waiting to see that global funding for a larger Sinhalese org will kick off the very first day of that proposed meeting. Everything else is not problem afterward.

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