My comments to the Daily Mirror of 14/03/12
Posted on March 14th, 2012

S de Silva  UK

HE The Ambassador in the UK for Sri Lanka,

“…..Sri Lankans are NOT objecting to the UN resolution because SL is  “ƒ”¹…”afraid’ of investigations into the conduct of its Forces as implied by the writer.

It is the crass double standards on a monumental scale that infuriates most Sri Lankans.  If SL forces have to be investigated so must the LTTE be investigated simultaneously.

While nominally that is also vaguely stated in the UN resolution, the amazing unstated excuse is that all the LTTE leaders are no more and no further action is practicable on the LTTE.

How convenient!  That is indeed not the end of the story.  All the LTTE supporters abroad who provided the funding to purchase extensive loads of military hardware to wage war MUST also be prosecuted.

(These military  items were NOT made in SL).  Sri Lankans should never allow any probing into so called “Accountability” issues UNLESS both SL forces and the funders for LTTE around the World are also investigated.

SL MUST INSIST THAT ANY INVESTIGATION INTO SL FORCES MUST ALSO BE PERMANENTLY LINKED TO THE FUNDERS OF THE LTTE before SL will agree to any investigation and that link must be made absolute

“”…” S de Silva – London ”

Kind regards,


S de Silva  UK

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