A Good explanation of why Channel 4 are producing documentaries about Sri Lanka Called “ Sri Lanka Killing Fields” Using UK tax payers money .
Posted on March 15th, 2012

The BBC reported http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-12216603

Channel 4 will take more risks in an attempt to find new hit shows to fill the gap left by Big Brother, its chief executive has pledged.

David Abraham said money previously spent on the reality show was now available for experimental new shows.

Money has gone into “documentaries and factual as well as entertainment and drama,” he told the Nations and Regions Media Conference in Salford.

He added that advertising revenue had also “picked up reasonably robustly”.

The long-running reality game show, which came to an end in September, had been a summer staple on C4 since 2000.

“So what you’ll see is this shift from a schedule that was – for at

least a third of the year – very dominated by Big Brother to one where all of these genres, and all of the commissioners in the genres, have got more opportunities to take risks and to experiment.”

The channel 4 production of Sri Lanka killing fields is one of those programs produced to replace the Loss of BIG BROTHER show

David Abrahams admitted this at

House of commons (UK)



Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Witnesses:  Lord Burns, Chairman, Channel 4, David Abraham, Chief Executive, Channel 4, and Anne Bulford, Chief Operating Officer, Channel 4.

Members present:

John Wittingdale (Chair)

Dr ThĮՠթrĮՠլse Coffey

Damian Collins

Paul Farrelly

Mrs Louise Mensch

Mr Adrian Sanders


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