Israeli war crimes on Palestinians UN ignored its own reports and resolutions?
Posted on March 16th, 2012

By Latheef Farook

 Why does the United Nations remains silent on its own report on Israeli war crimes   on dehumanized and starving Palestinians in Gaza? Where are United States and its UNHCR resolution on Israeli war crimes?

 These are questions no one dare ask. Raising such questions means paying heavy price- be it UNHRC Commissioner Navi Pillay, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon or even US President Barack Obama-as former US President Bill Clinton paid his price in the form of Monica Lewinsky scandal when he confronted the Jews during his so called peace talks between Palestinians and Israel.

 Under such circumstance no one wanted to confront the mafia style Jewish lobbies which rule the US, Britain, France and other European countries. Perhaps this is the reason why President Obama asked UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon to ignore the report to please his Jewish masters.

 On 27 December 2008, Israel, using its most sophisticated and destructive fighter planes and weapons supplied by US, started its genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, which was turned into a slaughterhouse.

 During the 22 days of its carnage Israel killed 1,334  Palestinians-  one-third of them children ,injured 5,450 injured including children, displaced 100,000 , made homeless 50,000 , destroyed 4,100 residential homes and buildings   ,  damaged 17,000 building  (  accounting for 14 percent of all buildings in Gaza),destroyed 29  educational institutions including the American International School, destroyed or damaged 92 mosques, destroyed 1,500  shops, factories and other commercial facilities, 20 ambulances, ruined 35-60% of agricultural land and caused an estimated damage of  $1.9 billion  .

 The destruction was suspended only in time for President elect Barack Obama to take his oaths as the new President of the United States.

The UN prepared two reports on Israeli war crimes on Gaza between December 27th 2008 to January 18th 2009.First one was by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay while the second was by South African jurist Richard Goldstone who presented his report in mid September 2009.

In her report  UNHRC Commissioner Navi Pillay, lambasting the “nearly total impunity” for the violations, stated that” there is significant evidence that Israeli forces violated international law and human rights in their invasion of Gaza compounded by the blockade that the population of Gaza endured  which continues”.

These violations included arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment, extrajudicial execution, forced eviction and home demolition, settlement expansion and related violence and restrictions on freedom of movement and expression.”While these violations are of deep concern in their own right, the nearly total impunity that persists for such violations (regardless of the responsible duty bearer) is of grave concern, and constitutes a root cause for their persistence,” Navi Pillay   said. 

These observations were reiterated by yet another UN Fact-Finding Mission report which concluded that Israel committed “war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity”. The members of the Fact Finding Mission included Justice Richard Goldstone, Head of Mission; former judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.   

 The report, called Goldstone report   concluded that the Israeli military strikes was directed at the people of Gaza as a whole, in furtherance of an overall and continuing policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population, and in a deliberate policy of disproportionate force aimed at the civilian population. The destruction of food supply installations, water sanitation systems, concrete factories and residential houses was the result of a deliberate and systematic policy which has made the daily process of living, and dignified living, more difficult for the civilian population.   

According to the report “Israel deprived Palestinians in the Gaza Strip of their means of subsistence, employment, housing and water, denied their freedom of movement and their right to leave and enter their own country, and limited their rights to access a court of law and an effective remedy. All these acts could lead a competent court to find that the crime of persecution, a crime against humanity, has been committed”.  

 The Mission recommended that the UN Security Council require Israel to report to it, within six months, on investigations and prosecutions it should carry out with regard to the violations identified in its Report. If   within six months there are no good faith independent proceedings conforming to international standards in place, the Council should refer the situation to the International Criminal Court ,ICC, Prosecutor.

 However, to the shock of the international community, the United States which preaches human rights to the world while committing worst type of crimes against humanity rejected the UN Missions’ report to please the Jewish state. Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, rejected the Fact Finding Mission’s proposal to compel Israel and Hamas that controls the Gaza Strip, to conduct credible investigations into war crimes or face possible prosecution by an international prosecutor.  

 Another report stated that the Obama administration will not allow the Goldstone report to reach the International Criminal Court and was ready to use the U.S. veto at the U.N. Security Council to block such a move .They also made clear to the Palestinian Authority that Washington was not pleased with its petition to bring the report’s allegations against Israel to the ICC.

Summing up the situation courageous Israeli journalist Gideon  said in the Israeli daily   in Haaretz:” it was an unrestrained assault, another Sabra -Chatilla- on a besieged, totally unprotected civilian population which showed almost no signs of resistance during this operation”.

It’s not so easy to dismiss these findings. For one thing, the report is carefully documented and comprehensive, and is based on field visits, public hearings, almost 200 individual interviews, photos, videos, satellite imagery and a review of more than 300 other reports. For another, its head, Goldstone, is one of the most respected and experienced international jurists. In fact Goldstone himself Jewish and, according to his daughter, is a “Zionist, loves Israel and serves on the Board of Governors of Hebrew University, “I know that if he thought what he did would not somehow be for the sake of peace for everyone in Israel or that it would have hindered such efforts, he would not have accepted the job.”  

In yet another article under the title “Israel-Increasingly becoming an international pariah” Juan Cole wrote” Amnesty International   endorsed and defended the conclusions of the report, and Human Rights Watch also been a supporter of Justice Goldstone. Even the British House of Lords debate on this issue displayed a determination that there be no double standard and that Israel be held accountable for any crimes it committed— likewise Hamas.   

On September 25, 2009 the Human Rights Watch urged the European Union to endorse the Goldstone report and “promote an international order where no state is above the law” and asked them to support a resolution at the U.N. Human Rights Council endorsing the Goldstone report “in its totality.”  

 While the international community was trying to bring Israel to book in a   disgraceful move typical of Palestine Authority Mahmoud Abbas helped Israel bury its crimes in Gaza and sold the  suffering and helpless Palestinians whom he claim to represent. In this regard Ali Abunimah, had this to state in the Electronic Intifada, on 2 October 2009;

The Abbas delegation to the United Nations in Geneva (officially representing the moribund Palestine Liberation Organization) sunk to the lowest ebb when it abandoned a resolution requesting the Human Rights Council to forward Judge Richard Goldstone’s report on war crimes in Gaza to the UN Security Council for further action. Although the PA acted under US pressure, there are strong indications that the commercial interests of Palestinian and Gulf businessmen closely linked to Abbas also played a part.

The PA’s betrayal of the Palestinian people over the Goldstone report, as well as its continued “security coordination” with Israel to suppress resistance and political activity in the West Bank, should banish all doubt that it is an active arm of the Israeli occupation doing tangible and escalating harm to the Palestinian people and their just cause.

As a result Goldstone report is gathering dust today in UN shelves and no one talks about war crimes of Israel which is preparing for its next bloodbath in Iran. Since their advent in Palestine in the early 1930s Zionist Jews committed massacres and genocides on Palestinians starting from Deir Yassin to Gaza carnage.   The UN has passed numerous resolutions accusing Israel of war crimes. All these resolutions were vetoed by US.

Up to date no action taken , leave alone a UNHRC resolution  , to deal with Israel “”…”an entity established in the plundered Palestinians lands by means of violence, lawlessness, deceit  and destruction. Instead, the shameful state of affairs is such that Israeli President Shimon Peres and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, both soaked in Palestinian blood, lectured the gullible Americans last week of the need to destroy Iran under their design to rule the Middle East and the world.

This is international justice?  Peace will remain a mirage so long Zionist, US and European war mongers remain at the helm deciding the destiny of the world. Ends

4 Responses to “Israeli war crimes on Palestinians UN ignored its own reports and resolutions?”

  1. helaya Says:

    No pont of talking about this situation. All the politicians are after Jewish votes. Obama is the worst. He ignored the Lybian revolutinarists killing all the balck muslims. Western media not talking aboutthis

  2. aravinda Says:

    USA, France, UK, Canada and their European lapdogs have a value system for human beings. It depends on pigments of your skin and religion you believe in . Also flatness of nose and thinness of eyes help too. How else can we understand this double standard?

  3. TheAZCowBoy Says:

    “Every dog has his day.”

    The Germans enjoyed theirs, the Jews are having a great time and one day the Arabs will see a giant kosher confetti cloud raising high up 90,000′ into the stratosphere over that 1/2 acre of Zionist hell and shout: “Free at last! Free at last! A Judenrein Middle East will indeed bring an end to 63+ years of Kahzarian war crimes and the torture of the downtrodden people of Palestine and at last the world will realize that the ancient Hebrews translating the Holy Scriptures from the Greek truly fooled the people of the world with their chutzpah riddled lies about ‘Chosen’ people and sacred Bible demons.

  4. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Zionism was created by Theodor Herzel and others at the end of the 19th Century, and in that era it was commonplace to be colonialist, to be racist, to be super-nationalist, to adore the nation-state,so the idea of France for the French, Germany for the Germans, and then some state for the Jews. This all formed the basis for Zionism.
    Zionism and Judaism are contrary to each other. Because Judaism is universal and humane, and Zionism is exactly the opposite. It is very narrow, very nationalistic, racist, colonialist, and all this. There is no “National Judaism.” There is Zionism and there is Judaism, and they are completely different.

    Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. Because Judaism – a Reform Movement- that is highly, highly ethical. And so, you cannot connect Zionism with “highly ethical.” You can only connect the words “aggressive,” “oppressive,” “stealing,” “robbing” with Zionism. But not “highly ethical.”

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” Menaheim Begin, 6th Prime Minister of Israel.

    Does this narrative sound familiar to you? Think Nazi

    Judaism in its correct form is not a religion of hate any more than are Christianity, Islam or Buddhism. Zionism, however, is a secular, geopolitical system of hate…it is NOT a religion. It is a power cult (hiding behind the Jewish faith) of death, greed, lying, avarice and self-aggrandizement which views with contempt and derision all who do not subscribe or submit to its dogma.

    Today’s Zionists are largely the descendants of the hideous butchers who slaughtered over 30 million Russian Christians to force communism on Russia. These are the descendants of the murderous thugs who murdered 1.2 to 1.5 million Armenians and do not want to ‘talk about it’. Just this year, Congress voted to recognize the Armenian genocide but the AIPAC and ADL Zionist gangsters swung into action and forced the cancellations of the Resolution.

    And the US wonders why Armenia does not trust Zionist Jews and US at all.

    These are the conniving, lying, genocidal beasts who wanted Iraq stomped to death by US and UK so Iraqis could not benefit from their own oil and natural gas wealth.

    These are the same demented nuclear terrorists in control of 500-600 thermonuclear WMD who are now trying to force a war with Iran…even though Russia is already on the record saying that ANY attack on Iran will be viewed as an attack on Russian interests.

    Zionists are always chattering about ‘peace’ but, in reality, it is the LAST thing they want. Peace is not profitable and is simply not going to pave the way for Zionism to dominate the planet. However, divide and conquer just might. This is even all the more mind-boggling to most clueless Americans who cannot understand how a minority group of Zionists within the world’s total Jewish population of about 15 million can have come to control so much of the Western world.

    Long ago, there was a Medieval Kingdom of Khazaria, 652-1016 AD that included part of modern day Russia, Ukraine, and a sliver of what is now Kazakhstan. This area was somewhat interesting in history because when considering the choice of Islam, or Christianity or Judaism the leaders of this ’empire’ decided to declare themselves Jewish. That was a very odd choice in an area of the world which was predominately Islam and Christian.

    The Khazaria Empire could not extend any further south because the Tatars and Turkmen proved to be about as obstinate as the Afghans have been throughout history.

    The Khazarian ‘Jews’ are NOT descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel and their world view and lack of truly, pious spiritual Judaism have created conflict within that religion ever since.
    To a great extent, these are our current day Zionist Jews (including Neocons, of course) who have formed a world power banking, extortion cult of war and death that has little or nothing to do with being devout adherents of Judaism. These are the folks who think nothing of breaking the law, lying (Kol Nidre), stealing, graft, corruption, assassination, blackmail, extortion or destroying tens of millions of people to get their way.

    Throughout the past century, they have done just that in directly and indirectly liquidating over 100 million people. These soul- less ‘reptilian’ killers obey only the Talmud, not the laws of the lands they live in. This very behavior and ‘ethics’ appear, in fact, in the Talmud as Rabbinical teaching. Most pious Jews of good heart and conscience who follow the Torah know that such is not the way to achieve civilized, enlightened society.

    This is, in part, one of the reasons “Jew haters” have often been unable to differentiate between the truly religious descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel (the ones the Old Testament of the Bible is about) and these squatters and interlopers who came from Central Asia and have, for the most part, taken over their religion and turned it into an evil club of power manipulation, greed, money, war, death and destruction.

    Many true Torah Jews are highly-offended at the atrocities these Zionist Khazars Talmudic Jews have inflicted on mankind. From the huge massacre of Russian Christians, to the mass starvation holocaust of 20-30 million Ukrainians, to the creation of Nazism/fascism of World War II, to the mass slaughter of Christian Armenians, and to the current day blood-lust genocide of Iraq. These Zionist Khazars have made it abundantly clear, to the tune of over 100 million dead, that they have nothing but murderous contempt of Christians and Muslims.

    The problem is not ‘the Jews’…the problem is the KHAZAR Jews who are THE power behind Zionist Israel, the UK and US.

    Just as the Himalaya Mountains are the geologic division between the continent of Asia and the continent of India, the Caucasus Mountains separate Central Asia and Europe. Geologically and geographically speaking, Georgia is NOT part of Europe.

    Georgia was apparently never part of the Khazar empire and was predominately Christian until recent times. Most of what is now Ukraine used to be part of the Khazaria Empire. Georgia – a predominately Muslim, non-European nation that grows steadily more under the control of Khazar Zionist US Jews and their Muslim confederates.

    What is going on in Georgia – and the constant provocation of Russia – the Russia has put up with all of the shit from the Zionist West it intends to tolerate.

    Georgia is a good place to set up basese to wage covert war and black ops against Russia, which is now geographically sitting on what used to be the Khazaria Empire. That is why there are thousands Israeli and Blackwater mercenaries in Georgia now.

    The deep seated hatred of Russia by these Khazars goes back over 1,000 years when Russia crushed their empire and many of them fled to Europe into the areas now called Poland, Romania and Hungary, and Ukraine. Those who remained were under Russian rule for a while but even that changed in about 100 years time.

    During the 10th century, the East Slavs were united under Scandinavian overlordship. A new nation, Kievan Rus, was formed by Prince Oleg. Just as the Khazars had left their mark on other peoples, so too did they influence the Rus. The Rus and the Hungarians both adopted the dual-kingship system of the Khazars. The Rus princes even borrowed the title kagan. Archaeologists recovered a variety of Khazar or Khazar-style objects (including clothing and pottery) from Viking gravesites in Chernigov, Gnezdovo, Kiev, and even Birka (Sweden). The residents of Kievan Rus patterned their legal procedures after the Khazars. In addition, some Khazar words became part of the old East Slavic language: for example, bogatyr (“brave knight”) apparently derives from the Khazar word baghatur.

    The Rus inherited most of the former Khazar lands in the late 10th century and early 11th century. One of the most devastating defeats came in 965, when Rus Prince Svyatoslav conquered the Khazar fortress of Sarkel. It is believed that he conquered Itil two years later, after which he campaigned in the Balkans. Despite the loss of their nation, the Khazar people did not disappear. Some of them migrated westward into Hungary, Romania, and Poland, mixing with other Jewish communities.

    Both the Russians and remaining Khazars had to flee for their lives when the Mongol hordes took over most of Asia under the leadership of Genghis Khan, 1161-1227. Many of these Khazar Jews had no choice but flee with the Russians northeast, and have been a murderous pain to Russia for much of its history since.

    These were the “Jews” that came into power in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution, and Lenin needed their help to topple Tsar Nicholas, the last remnant of the Romanov dynasty. They helped overthrow Tsar Nicholas because he was not friendly to the Khazar Jews. These were the Zionist Jews who set about forcing communism on Christian Russia and murdered 30-40 million Russians who refused to give up their land or bow down to Bolshevik-Zionism-Khazarian- Communism.

    These were the same Khazar Jews – later called the Trotskyites after exiled Leon Trotsky – who fled for their lives when Stalin came to power and tore that evil out of the heart of Russia to a large extent. Many of them fled to Germany, and UK and the US to seek safety. They are now the Zionist Jews who are causing the most problems in this world.

    These are the same people who have pushed all the “hate Russia” crap in the media and in US foreign policy to the point of ad nauseum even after the Cold War ended.

    It was this group of Khazar Jews that aided and abetted the formation of Nazism as an ideological counter to what they viewed as ‘un-pure communism’ under Stalin. Communism is communism, their real axe to grind was Stalin sent them fleeing and had many of them put to death or sent to the gulags of Siberia for orchestrating the slaughter of tens of millions of predominately Russian Orthodox Christians. Stalin was also most displeased that the Trotskyites helped to form Nazism in Germany. That wound up getting another 20 million Russians killed in World War II.

    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was born in Georgia, not Russia proper.

    The US Neocons, and those of the UK and Israel, are to a large extent Trotskyites, Zionist Jew or Christian Zionist Sheeple who do not know enough about history and the legacy these Khazarian Jews have left in their path. There are huge differences in the Biblical 12 Tribes and these Khazars who have embedded themselves into Judaism like a tick on a hound dog.

    They have been so despicably murderous to Russians that a special word just for them was created: zhids.

    Did they change when they fled Russia? Not a chance. These people have always had visions of rebuilding the grandeur of their Khazar Empire for over 1,000 years. It is this group of Jewish squatters who pushed the hardest, and in the most evil and deceitful ways, to get the UN, US and UK to establish Israel in 1948.

    Most of us Baby Boomers, now age 50-65, have now witnessed 60 years of atrocities by ‘poor little Israel’ and these Zionist Khazar thugs but that was preceded by the colossal atrocities of killing about 50 million Russians, another 49-55 million killed in World War II, and the list goes on and on.

    The part of the Turkic Jews, also known later as Crypto Jews who perpetrated the genocide of 1.2 to 1.5 million Armenian Christians in the early 1900s. The Rothschild and Rockefellers wanted the Armenians out of the way so they could get large amounts of oil from Azerbaijan through Armenia to the Black Sea. Such was the legacy of the Ottoman Empire.

    If you want to get a history lesson as to why Ukraine was almost always a sub-district of Russia, check into the Battle of Izmail, named for the Ottoman fort that was conquered by who may be the greatest of all Russian czars, the German-born Catherine the Great.
    The Russians have had to defend Russia against the machinations of these Fake Jews for 1,000 years.
    Even the famous “Steps of Potemkin” in Odessa, Ukraine (very close to Izmail, Ukraine) are in honor of a paramour of Catherine the Great and his contribution in defending Ukraine and Russia from the Ottoman-Khazarian hordes that were trying to take over Europe and Russia.

    These Khazar Jews constitute nothing but psychopathic, warmongering, blood-thirsty evil on feet. They now control the power structure of the US and UK. Part of their deep-seated hatred for Russia goes back 1,000 years when Russia upended their empire and sent them packing. Then Genghis Khan sent many of them and the Russians fleeing when the Mongols arrived in town. Many of the Khazars fled to Turkey and were intimately involved in the formation of the Ottoman Empire, the attempted conquer of Europe, and repeated attacks across the Black Sea at Mother Russia. This was yet another ‘hate Russia’ routine from these cretins.

    Chechnya, Russia is just on the other side of those Caucasus Mountains and was part of the Khazaria Empire until Russia crushed it. Russia knows all too well – and remembers all too well – who was behind the Chechnya War that they had to fight twice within the past 20 years.

    Ingushetia, Russia is just on the other side of those Caucasus Mountains and was part of the Khazaria Empire until Russia crushed it. Dagestan also used to be part of the Khazaria Empire, and the US has waged covert ops to try to take that area over so they can build a pipeline from Kazakhstan to Georgia to the Black Sea.

    These people have plotted and schemed for 1,000 years to get their Khazarian Empire back, and now that the entire world knows that the historical area of Khazaria is sitting on a mother lode of oil and natural gas, they really want it back. They salivate like Pavlovian Dogs and have wet dreams of dollars and shekels about all that oil and natural gas in what used to be their Khazarian Empire, long since dead and gone except in their delusional minds.

    Many of the DNC Zionist Communists who defected to the RNC in 1996, are Russia-hating, Zionist Khazarian Jews. They have now defected back over to the DNC and backing Obama…the sock puppet of the pathological Russia-hating Zbigniew Brzezinsky and George Soros.

    Many of the Zionist Jews in power in Israel, the UK and US cannot trace their roots back to the 12 Tribes. Many of the dual citizen, wanted criminals Israel is harboring are Khazarian Jews, not descendants of the 12 Tribes. Many of them are from Russia after Genghis Khan sent both Russian and Khazarians fleeing.

    We witnessed Georgia attacking Russian Orthodox Christians in South Ossetia, aided and abetted by the US, Israel and Ukraine.

    North Ossetia used to be part of the Khazarian Empire and the North and South Ossetians are ethnically the same people.

    There are growing border problems between Ukraine and Russia, both areas formerly part of the Khazarian Empire. Ukraine had the audacity to inform Russia it could no longer park its Black Sea fleet at Sevastopol, Ukraine. The Kiev government is firmly under the control of Zionist Jews, as is the Tbilisi, Georgia regime.

    In both Georgia and Ukraine, the dirty hands of George Soros can be found because he has been pushing for ‘White Stream 1 and 2’ pipelines from Georgia to Ukraine as a supply link to the EU to lessen the growing energy might of Russia. George Soros is Hungarian by birth, of Khazarian Jew origin.

    This entire area that used to be Khazaria is loaded with oil and natural gas and these Khazarian Jews have had an axe to grind with Russia for over 1,000 years.

    Can these Zionist Khazarian Jews do it alone? NO! They absolutely have to have the muscle of the United States to pursue these stupid, petty, long-since-dead illusions of grandeur and empire.

    There are many wonderful people of the Jewish faith and heritage who are tired of being used and sacrificed by Zionism and they are doing everything possible to put a final stop to it and awaken people to the REAL problem.

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